Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sri Lanka's Gorbachev, What a comparison!

It was the current President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin who said that disintegration of the Soviet Union was the greatest tragedy of the century. It is indeed a tragedy felt by many third world countries that have to bear the brunt of Western Imperialism. A few examples include once prosperous and peaceful Libya, Iraq and Syria which are subjected to Balkanization brilliantly orchestrated by the Imperialists.

The Soviet Union put a firm lid on the Western Imperialists' an all-out ruining of the non-Western developing countries by orchestrating regime changes thereby setting in motion their disintegration into pieces. With the Soviet Union's break up the flood gates were open for the Imperialists to have a field day.

The Western conspirators were in search of a traitor in the Soviet Union's ruling Communist Party. They found a perfect match in Mikhail Gorbachev who was the president of the Soviet Union and the General Secretary of the party at the time of the Soviet Union's demise. The rest is history.

A perfect comparison with regard to Sri Lanka's case is presented by Mr. A. A. M. Nizam, A former Vice President of the SLFP – Matara Electorate. It is indeed refreshing to see that a patriot from a minority community coming with these strong and perfectly matching sentiments.

Sri Lanka had been on a massive development path under former president Mahinda after eliminating the most ruthless terrorist outfit which was incidentally a proxy of the Imperialists.  Mahinda became an arch enemy of the Imperialists primarily due to two reasons. He eliminated their man Prabakharan without bowing to Imperialists' dictates. Then he initiated an unprecedented development drive in the country with the support of the rising China, an all-weather and true friend of Sri Lanka. (The rise of one of oldest and glorious civilizations from non-Western world is truly a challenge to the Western domination of the world). Besides, Mahinda was becoming an example for the leaders of Asian and African countries. A couple of countries in Asia and Africa emulating Mahinda would be the last thing that the Western Imperialists want to see and would be the last nail in their coffin of world domination.

Imperialists received a turbo boost with expansionist India joining hands with them achieving their common goal. Sri Lanka's massive development was an eye sore to India which has always been jealous to see a Sri Lanka on a prosperous path. It has been a time tested habit of India to put a full stop to Sri Lanka's prosperous path when it sees the latter is indeed on that path.

Sri Lanka would be massively fortunate if she finds a Putin of Sri Lankan version when Sri Lanka's Gorbachev ends his term/terms. However, the big question is whether there will be an entity called Sri Lanka by the time Sri Lanka's Gorbachev relinquishes his office. Putin at least had an entity called Russia sans Soviet Union. By the way it is only Mahinda who can be Sri Lanka's Putin. The big question again is whether the Imperialists will allow it to ever happen.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Did Venerable Sobhitha do a U turn?

Some years back Venerable Sobhitha's political activism was portrayed by many anti-Sinhalese Buddhist elements as being an "extremist monk". This portrayal was such strong that one of his pictures, taken while making a fiery speech, found its way to the cover of the professor Tambiah's book- "Buddhism Betrayed?". The book, published in 1992, was yet another brilliant example of time tested and highly successful demonizing campaign against Sinhalese Buddhists.               

It is, however, interesting to see how Venerable Sobhitha was seen by many patriotic Sinhalese Buddhists by the time his passing away. He was seen as one of the prominent figures aligned with the anti-Sinhalese Buddhists forces such as the Western Christian Imperialists, their stooges here and Eelamist who are against the Sinhalese Buddhists. He was accused as having received a large sum of money from the NGOs held bent to demonize the Sinhalese Buddhists. He was one of the biggest pillars of strength of the present Yahapalana regime and played a huge role in ousting the former president Mahinda. 

Did Venerable Sobhitha do a U turn by selling his soul? Or Was he confused with his ideologies? Or Did he become a paid agent of the anti-Sinhalese Buddhist Forces? The history of Sinhalese Buddhists replete with betrayals of the community by both lay persons and Buddhist monks will decide the niche inherited by Venerable Sobhitha!         

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ISIS executing a "POW": a Tank turns the victim into a fleshy pulp!

ISIS has released a yet another video clip executing a "POW"(A Prisoner Of War). It is many times horrifying than beheading their previous victims. It shows a nineteen year old suspected "military spy" (Air-Force) of Syria being run over by a Battle tank. (He is just a kid for me.)

One of the chains of the tank weighing few tons crushes the victim who was asked to stand in front of the oncoming tank. The innocent "kid" literally becomes a layer of fleshy pulp and his head a layer of flesh spread on the ground. Even the onlooking ISIS carders seemed horrified by what lay on the ground. 

It does mean to me that Putin will soon become a world hero. Will he be able to stall the grand march by the Western Imperialists led by the Vatican to recreate the Roman Empire? ISIS is just a proxy of that grand strategy of which one part is Balkanization of the Muslim world. A part of that grand strategy also includes mercilessly hunting down those who stand against it. One of such cases in point is Sri Lanka's former President and the Security Forces of sovereign Sri Lanka who eliminated the Western Imperialists' one of the proxies-LTTE. 
You may watch the clip clicking to the following link. Please refrain from watching it if you are faint-hearted.

The video clip courtesy of AMAZING BANTA 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Upcoming parliamentary election is going to be THE election deciding Sri Lanka’s future!

The upcoming parliamentary election will certainly decide the fate of Sri Lanka. It will undoubtedly decide whether Sri Lanka will end up becoming a divided country on ethnic lines and the 30th federal state of India. In other words what we knew as the patch of land as Sri Lanka for 2500 will no longer be as it has so far been in the event of a UNP led government coming into power. There will undoubtedly be a host of profound political, demographical, sociological and economical changes in such an eventuality.  

1. In a few years' time, Eelam would be an inevitable realty. The federal status for North and East has already been promised. Merger of North and East provinces would be precursor for this as claimed by Tamil National Alliance.  

2. Sri Lanka will literally become a yet another state of India given unprecedented influence it wields on the country's affairs. Catastrophically harmful CEPA agreement would be the launching pad for this.  Sri Lanka will be a worse position than Nepal and Bhutan, two weak countries in South Asia which have become unfortunate victims of India's hegemony. The two countries have virtually been strangled economically and politically for many decades now. Among many other debilitating effects on Sri Lanka, there will be an exodus of millions of Indians to Sri Lanka for employments without visas as has been happening in Nepal and Bhutan. Statistics would throw some light on the matter. India is home to 56 million jobless people while Sri Lanka's is 500,000 as per Shenali Waduge's this excellent article which details out many other devastating impacts that will decapitate Sri Lanka. There will be a demographical change in a massive proposition. Indians would settle in Sri Lanka illegally and legally in thousands resulting in inevitable tensions among people. India has already got loans approval from ADB for the land, tunnel and rail link between the two countries. This link will exacerbate in many folds the devastating impacts above described.            

3. The biggest causality would be the national security which was preserved with paramount importance during president Mahinda's tenure. LTTE and Tamil Nadu are hell bent to see a lapse on the part of Sri Lanka's security. Removal of some military bases in North and East, some located in strategic locations such as Sampur (Samapura) naval base, would reverse all the gains made at the expenses of  nearly 30,000 lives of Sinhala youth. Sri Lanka already reaps the fruits of easing the naval petrol in Northern and Eastern seas by way of poaching by Tamil Nadu fishermen in massive proportions.  

4. Sri Lanka will be a yet another fully fledged stooge of Christian Western Imperialists. (It is the same case now as well).  The Philippines, an ex-American colony is the biggest Roman Catholic state in South East Asia while South Korea which had over 90% Buddhist population when Korean War started in 1950s has by 2005 only 22.8% Buddhists. The remaining are Christians.          

If a majority of Sri Lankans takes a wrong decision on 17th August that will certainly be similar to the event that happened 200 years ago in 1815 when Sinhale was fully subjugated by Western Christian Imperialists.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why is tomorrow’s rally in Matara going to be historic?

Ven. Baddegama Samitha is an erudite, well respected, patriotic, anti- imperialist and one of the most principled politically active Buddhist monks in the country.  His this appeal is suffice to explain why all patriotic Sri Lankans should turn up in numbers to  pro-Mahinda rally to be held in Sanath Jayasooriya stadium in Matara tomorrow.

So no lengthy elaborations are needed to explain why tomorrow's pro-Mahinda rally is going to be historic as I did previous occasions when similar mammoth rallies were held in Nugegoda, Kandy, Ratnapura and Kurunegala.

In nutshell tomorrow's rally is going to be yet another important milestone in our struggle against the imperialism by the Christian White West and Indian expansionism.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Who is in more danger? Mahinda or Gotabhaya?

There have been some concerns on the part of certain segments of the patriotic people in the country that the former president Mahinda's life is in danger. There is no doubt that the White imperialist Christian West, their local stooges here, Eelmists and Indian expansionists are hell bent to eliminate both Mahinda and Gotabhaya. The above mentioned anti-Sinhalese Buddhists forces are steely determined to take revenge from both the personalities for eliminating the Tamil terrorism, the proxies of the imperialistic Christian West. Yes, in that case they will try their best to eliminate both of them.  

If we forget the revenge factor and consider the strategic factors, then they are badly desperate to eliminate the latter than the former as they know very well that Mahinda, if elected, can be in power for only one more term due to his age. On the other hand Mahinda would most likely be the Prime Minister unless yet another major constitutional change takes place.

In case of Gotabhaya, however, they know that he has many years and huge potential to be the ruler of the country given the enormous popularity he enjoys, as same as his brother, among the Sinhalese Buddhists. Besides, his capabilities are legendary. Gotabhaya should really be careful.  What happened to Ven. Soma should be a lesson to him. Invitations to other countries for work or otherwise must flatly be turned down! Needless to say about other security measures that should be put in place!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Eelamists demand an absence of Sinhalese Buddhist heritage in N& E: A case of undoing what Mahinda did in reviving Buddhist heritage in the regions?

As was quite expected Eelmists have started demanding an absence of any signs of Sinhalese Buddhist heritage in the North and East. This news item is about their demand to stop the construction of a Buddhist temple in the North by requesting from the current president. President Mahinda Rajapaksha ' s administration did a great deal of work in renovating some destroyed Buddhist places of worship with the support of Security Forces. Protection for a considerable number of ruins of Buddhist temples was given deploying Security Forces and members of Civil Defence Force, especially in the East. This is precisely one of the reasons why the Eelamists, the Western Christian Imperialists, their stooges here and Muslim Fundamentalists loathe Rajapakshas. It is certain now that whatever Mahinda's administration did in reviving the lost Sinhala Buddhists heritage in the North and East will get undone. 


It is primarily the bogus and fabricated history of Tamils in Sri Lanka, especially in North and East that has been keeping the Eelam dream alive. As is common knowledge to many the history of much of the Tamils in North and East doesn't go beyond the Dutch period as it was the Dutch Colonists who brought the largest chunk of Tamils from South India to cultivate tobacco in the North and East regions of the country. 


Erasing and distorting original Sinhala place names have been a time tested modes operandi by Eelamists when inventing a fabricated history of Tamils in the island. Most of the original place names in the North and East in general and in Jaffna peninsula in particular had Sinhala names which have been Tamilinized later to support a bogus history. 


I highlighted this in my numerous posts in the past. Following is one of such posts that show how such original Sinhala place names have been Tamilinized. 


 Tamilinized Sinhala place names in Jaffna


The Tamilinzed Sinhala place names and the Buddhist archaeological sites in the North and East of Sri Lanka has always been an interesting aspect of study for anyone interested in learning the true history of this country.  


It is a well recognized fact that the bogus Tamil homeland theory in the North and East of  Sri Lanka is a just a creation of power hungry elite Vellala and Christian Tamil politicians of Jaffna as highlighted by Tamil scholars themselves. Blinded by this illusionary theory the Tamil community in Sri Lanka had to bear the brunt of the destruction for the last three decades.


The names of the places in Jaffna specially shed more light to unearth the true history of the country. Following example show that the most of the Sinhala names' latter part has been Tamilinzed while the first part remains in most of the cases in the original forms:


Sinhala                                  Tamil


goda                 -                     kotteai

gama                -                     cam

gala                  -                     kallu

puraya              -                     puram

maluwa             -                     malai

amuna              -                     munai 

watta                -                     thottam

deepa               -                     theev

ganga               -                     aru

wava                -                     kulam


Following examples of places in Jaffna district show how those place names got the Tamil names for Tamil usage.


Sinhala                                  Tamil  


Yapa Patuna                           Yalpana Pattanam

Dambakola Patuna                  Sembilthurai

Hunugama                              Chunnakam

Gothamaluwawatta                  Kattupulam

Virala                                     Viralai

Vadumakaduwa                      Vaddumakaddu

Uduvila                                  Uduvil

Kodiyawatta                           Koddiyawattai

Malalagama                           Mallakam

Budugama                             Puttur

Mahiyapitiya                          Mahiyappitti

Nilawara                                Nilawarai

Puleliya                                 Pulloli

Velipuraya                             Vallipuram

Develdoova                           Delape-Nenedatheev (Delft)

Uthirapura                             Uththipuram

(G)Kilinike                             Kilinochchi

Puvangudeepa                      Punkudutheev

Kadurugoda                          Kantharodai

Dunukava                             Nuthukkai


[More Tamilnized original Sinhala names in the NE Sri Lanka along with the Buddhist archaeological sites with their histories will follow with subsequent posts.]  


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Though vilified as “militarization’ Colombo city development drive turned the city into the fastest growing tourist city in the world!

With the Colombo city being ranked the first outsmarting mega, glittering and wealthy cities like Abu Dhabi, Osaka and Tokyo as the fastest growing tourist city by MasterCard, based on the data collected during last 06 years, yet another outstanding achievement by former president Mahinda Rajapaksha's administration gets highlighted despite a sustained and vicious vilification and hunting down program that has been unleashed against the Rajapakshas, his family members and his loyalists. As per CNN "Sri Lanka's capital city of Colombo is first in growth with a staggering 21% surge, with Chengdu, the capital of China's Sichuan province, following in second". Capital Colombo receives these accolades at the backdrop of the city fast losing its grandeur created by the previous government. This was recently reported in media too.

The city of Colombo used to be one of ugliest and garbage filled cities in Asia for many decades until it tuned into a garden city after Urban Development Authority was taken over by President Mahinda's brother Gotabhaya Rajapaksha. When it was raining there wasn't hardly a road that was not flooded in many parts of the city and its suburbs. Even the areas in which affluent residents lived were not spared and were affected by floods leave alone low lying areas where the low income earning segments of the city dwellers lived. Huge Garbage Mountains dotted many parts of the city and suburbs creating a huge health hazards to residents and those who enter the city daily. Either side of many roads was littered with many days' old garbage dumps.

The metamorphosis undergone by the Capital Colombo under Gotabhaya's wings was in many forms. The floods that made the city a living hell during the rainy season was a thing in the past, huge garbage mountains were disappearing one by one, beautiful, lush green and clean parks were dotting many parts of the city and suburbs, old, dilapidating and crumbling colonial buildings were undergoing facelifts which made some parts of the Colombo city to have a colonial outlook-a major attraction for European tourists to Colombo, the slums homed to the low income earning dwellers were disappearing one by one and they were being settled in multi storied apartments, the water bodies, canals and water ways which were polluted, stinking and clogged were seen filled with pristine clean water, clean and beautifully paved pathways and walkways were to be seen in many places in the city and suburbs and many roads had been widened with paved sidewalks and tree lines or flower plants planted either in the middle of the roads or on their sides.

While this metamorphosis was underway in Colombo city and suburbs Rajapaksha administration in general and Gotabhaya in particular were subject to an intense, nasty and sustained demonizing campaign by the White Christian West, their local stooges here, Eelamists and Indian expansionists. Rajapakshas were being vilified claiming that they were "militarizing" the society and military personal were being utilized for menial jobs. This was, however, quite expected. What anti-Rajapaksha forces wanted was to find an excuse to demonize Rajapakshas no matter the quality and volume of the splendid work they did to the country.  

However, as the saying goes, "You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time. But you can't fool all the people all the time". Right thinking people are now beginning to realize that Sri Lanka was fast heading towards an unprecedented and mammoth development drive under Rajapakshas.  Transformation undergone by Colombo city and the acclaim that it received are just a couple of examples. The results of the massive development drive initiated by Rajapakshas since 2010 will continue to bear fruits in coming years. The vicious foreign conspirators and their local lackeys here knew very well in advance what Sri Lanka was heading for. They will continue to undermine Sri Lanka's prosperity and  sovereignty!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why have the protests in the North taken an unusual intensity?

Attacking the Jaffna Court Complex and the hartals which have been in progress yesterday and today in the Northern Province and some districts in the Eastern Province are claimed to have been to pressurize the authorities to take strict actions against the perpetrators who ganged raped and killed a teenage school girl in Jaffna.  

Staging protests demanding justice being delivered is a right of the people in a democratic society. But why is it in such a violent manner and massive scale going to the extent of attacking courts and launching widespread total hartals making day today affairs of people standstill? Why don't we find these types of strong, widespread and highhanded protests in other parts of the country despite the type of heinous crimes such as the one in question are reported many times frequently in those parts?      

Do these protest coincidence with the total elimination of LTTE terrorism from the shores of Sri Lanka exactly 06 years back of which remembrance of the dead took place the day before yesterday? These actions have eerily resemblance to the manner in which Tamil militancy led by LTTE was launched in late 70s and early 80s.       

Saturday, May 9, 2015

“The East Asian race has kicked the white race’s ass while the South Asians have traditionally licked the white race’s ass”

The following is a post that I published back in 2010. I reproduce it now as it is relevant very much to the context which we are in now than we were back in 2010. The context we are in now is a one in which we have become a fully-fledged ass- lickers of the White race. Back in 2010 we were refusing to lick the asses of the White and kicking their asses. We have now not only become the ass-lickers of the Whites but the Indians as well who have traditionally been the greatest ass-lickers of the White race for ages!        

"The East Asian race has kicked the white race's ass while the South Asian's have traditionally licked the white race's ass"

How true!I saw the below quoted comment posted in response to an article written comparing military strengths of China and India. The author of the comment explains why the US is interested in strengthening India's military. The comment tells it in nutshell: the mentality of the most of the South Asian countries who were the former colonies of the West. They have for long been the 'yes' men to the West. This is very much true as far as Sri Lanka is concerned.

This mentality, especially among 'Kalu Suddas' in Sri Lanka, has cost us dearly. Until president Rajapaksha came into power our political elite licked the asses of the West and in turn what we got was 30 years of war which was being fuelled by them with their hypocritical actions. The West's hypocrisy has been well exemplified on numerous occasions, the most recent instance being the treatment meted out to the SL's president when he made a visit to the UK. The president was humiliated as he got balls not to lick the West's asses.

Following is the said comment.      

"The reason why the western world, in particular the neo-conservative factions are hyping up and siding with India while trying to put China down is because of a historical fear the white (caucasian) race has of the yellow (oriental) race. Throughout history, from the Huns who humiliated the mighty Romans, to the Mongols under Ghengis Khan and his grandsons to the Japanese at Pearl Harbour to the Vietnamese in the Vietnam war, the East Asian race has kicked the white race's ass while the South Asian's have traditionally licked the white race's ass. Therefore the western fear of China's rise as a superpower that could challenge the western world's global dominance.

The west courts India not because India has any true superpower potential but because Indians are sycophants and willing lackeys to the white race, is conviniently located right next door to China and more that willing to take orders from the whites."

It is again the lackeys of the Sudda's in Sri Lanka who shout from the roof tops against present Sri Lankan government's foreign policy in tilting towards true friends like China rather than licking the asses of the White.

What will the West and India have up their sleeves against Mahinda’s return after yesterday’s mammoth rally in Kurunagala?

The massive crowd that thronged to yesterday's rally in Kurunagala organized in support of former president Mahinda must certainly be forcing anti-Mahinda foreign conspirators and their local lackeys here to change their existing strategies or make them more systematic and effective. An unprecedented number of 56 MPs attending the rally must have made matters worse for them. That number is more than the number (47) of the ruling minority UNP government led by Ranil Wickramsinahe as was revealed by MP Wimal Weerawansa at the rally. On top of all those MPs and individuals included some prominent figures hitherto unseen in pro-Mahinda rallies such as Professor. G.L Peries, the veteran trade Unionists and SLFPer Alavi Maulana, Dalus Alahaperuma and A.H.M Aswer.  

As has been proved with many examples throughout the world the Western conspirators always have a plan-B. They might take a U-turn of the existing strategies in operation or either make it more effective. As was pointed out in one of my previous posts the White Christen Western imperialists and Indian expansionists wield and carry a massive amount of power, influence and wealth at their disposal.

While the existing strategies are made more systematic and efficient some new and innovative ones would be applied. The existing anti-Mahinda strategies would certainly have a renewed vigor. They would include, among others, as follows:   

(1)   Intensifying the campaign aimed at hauling Rajapakshas and other war-heroes to the International War Crime Tribunal in Hague through UNHRC. The so called local investigations to the alleged war crimes to be initiated by the present ruling UNP government will have innovative strategies which will give a turbo boost to the former strategy.

(2)   Intensifying by many folds the ongoing nasty demonizing campaign aimed at Rajapakshas. Millions of dollars would be pumped into traditionally anti-Sinhala Buddhist media aligned to the Christian establishment of the country. The part of this would be unleashing a decapitating demonizing campaign through Social Media aiming the youth as happened during the last election that unseated the former president. NGOs play a huge role in this regard as their resources, money and professionals would truly give a tremendous boost achieving this. This vicious campaign aimed at Rajapakshas has given brilliant opportunity to the long and well established vilification campaign against Sinhalese Buddhists as I pointed out in one of my previous posts.    

(3)   Intensifying the current spree of putting Rajapakshas and their loyalists behind the bars. There will be a marked intensification in this regard specially aimed at those who spearhead the ongoing campaign to make Mahinda the Prime Minister.

There have been numerous examples throughout the world that the foreign Intelligence agencies, the Western ones in particular physically eliminate the characters undesirable to them in case other strategies aimed at achieving their desired goals fail.    

Friday, May 8, 2015

Why is today’s Rally in Kurunagala going to be historic?

The previous two rallies out of three held in support of former president in Nugegoda and Kandy have been historic with the former witnessing the biggest ever crowd that drew to a rally in recent history while the latter having more of a historical value due to the very place it was held. I said in my previous post on the subject as follows.

"It was exactly 200 years ago we Sinhalese Buddhists lost our sovereignty to the British Colonists when our last king was captured in Kandy. Exactly 200 years later we are again going to lose our sovereignty to the Western Imperialists.  200 years before it was the local cronies of the colonists who betrayed us which paved the way for the White Christian Colonists to subjugate us. Again two hundred years later it is the local cronies of the very same White Christian Colonists who are going to sell our country to their masters. It is ironical that we are going to have again a historical moment while marching towards again to defend our sovereignty in the historical city of Kandy which was sadly, 200 years earlier,  the venue for the beginning  of the end of our sovereignty for almost  one and half centuries".  

Today's rally is held in Kurunagala, the capital of the North Western province which is home to the largest number of members of armed forces among all the provinces in the country. By default the province becomes the home to the largest number of valiant soldiers, sailors, airmen, policemen and members of the Civil Defence Force who made the supreme sacrifices by laying down their lives and losing limbs to preserve the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of our beloved motherland against the Tamil terrorism, a proxy of the White Christian Western imperialists.  

The gap of two months period from the day the rally in Kandy was held showed us in style the sheer intensity of the involvement of the White Christian Western imperialists and the Indian expansionists in the country's internal affairs. The patriotic Sri Lankans should make note that the recent visits by a US Secretary of State and an Indian Prime Minister in a gap of some 40 years and 28 years respectively aren't mere coincidences.  

So while marching towards again to defend our sovereignty today's rally is held in a historic location which gifted the largest number of true sons of the soil who made the supreme sacrifices to our motherland's sovereignty. Above all it is held in support of the person who gave the valiant leadership to that epic, arduous and painful struggle to preserve our sovereignty by defeating the forces hell-bent to subjugate us through their proxies. He eventually paid the price on 08th of January this year for not bending to the dictates of those nasty forces.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Yahapalana regime would find it the easiest to resettle Sinhalese in the Northern Province!

The present Yahapalana regime is best qualified to resettle the Sinhalese in the Northern Province as it is the only Sri Lankan government that got the largest ever mandate from Tamils from North and East.

Since the end of war many attempts were made without successes by the previous administration to resettle Sinhalese who were ethnic cleansed from the Northern Province. This was due to intense protest made by Tamils themselves, NGOs and the Eelam supportive Western states who claimed that "the Sinhala racist Mahinda Rajapaksha was trying to colonize Tamil Homeland with Sinhalese to create a demographic imbalance". However, Muslims who were ethnic cleansed by the LTTE was allowed to resettle in the Jaffna peninsula and other parts of the province without a whimper of protest from the NGOs and the Eelam supportive Western states. In fact, the latter segments played a huge role in resettling the Muslims.    

Though anti-Sinhalese Buddhists elements and Eelamists would chest-beat in protest based on a mythical Tamil Homeland and a fabricated history of Tamils in Sri Lanka, they are depriving the rights of inhabitation of the original inhabitants-Sinhalese Buddhists in the province. In this backdrop I feel it is pertinent to reproduce some posts of mine appeared back in 2010 to discussing the topic. The following is one of the posts in which I discussed the subject. More such posts follow.

More on Tamilinzed Sinhala names in Jaffna……

As a further elaboration to my previous post, the current post too deals with place names in Jaffna which originally had Sinhala names but has been Tamilinized  later. These original Sinhala names were in use as late as Dutch period where they appear by the same names in the maps used by the Dutch colonial government.    

Original Sinhala names                                          Tamilinized names  

Oorana                                                                   Urani

Palyala                                                                   Palali

Kottegampala                                                          Koddagapulam

Karadiva                                                                 Karativ

Katuwana                                                                Kadduwan

Godigama                                                               Kodikamam

Kapudoova                                                              Kapputhoo

Vaslawatta                                                              Vatharavathai

Varan Yattala                                                          Varani  Iyattalai

Mirivila                                                                   Mirveli

Javakachcheriya                                                     Chavakachcheri

Kokilana                                                                 Kuppilan

Navandara                                                              Navanturai

Sorowila                                                                 Suruvil

Udupaella                                                               Oddupeli

Maavanpoluwa                                                        Maravanpulavu

Avusala                                                                  Usan

Kudameeya                                                            Kudamian

Tambagama                                                           Tampakamam

Buthpura                                                                Buttur

Hirivila                                                                   Siruvilan

Madurusala                                                             Munasal

Araella                                                                   Arayali

Punnalakaduwa                                                       Punnalaikkaduwan

Itththavila                                                               Ittavil

Addaravaella                                                           Arukuveli  

Punranna                                                                Poonaryn

Mavankulissa                                                          Maravankulissa

Sandilipe                                                                 Sandilippai

Sankavaella                                                            Sankuveli

Thalapura                                                               Tolopuram

Athureliya                                                               Achchelu

Kumburukanniya                                                     Chempankundu

Deduwankotte                                                         Tadduwankodddai

Alapitiya                                                                 Allaipiddi

Vasavila                                                                 Vasavilan

Katuwana                                                               Kadduwan

Peduru Thuduwa                                                     Point Pedru

Kokkuvila                                                               Kokkuvil

Mandadiva                                                              Mandatiuv

Vaevunkaduva                                                        Veddukkadu

Neliya                                                                    Neliyan

Batakotte                                                               Vaddukoddai

Vaelivaetithara                                                        Valivatithurai

Karanaeba                                                              Karanaval  

Karavaedda                                                             Karaveddi

Dambakolathota                                                      Kankasanthurai

Colombathora                                                         Colombothurai

Urathota                                                                 Kayts


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Demonizing of Sinhalese Buddhists has taken a renewed vigor while propagating hatred towards Rajapakshas!

The White Christian West and its cohorts here make it a point to take every bit of advantage to attack Rajapakshas in these days. This has given them yet another chance to vilify Sinhalese Buddhists.  NGO funded journalists and media wasted no time to shout from roof-tops to attack people who thronged in large numbers to protest against summoning of Mr. Gotabhya Rajapaksha at the Bribery Commission the other day. Carrying National Flags sans colors denoting Muslims and Tamils by a few individuals among the crowed is trumpeted out of proportion claiming that those who gathered at the protest were rabid Sinhalese Buddhist racists. This vilification was such powerful that the former minister Dalus Alahaperuma and Provincial Councilor Udaya Gammanpila had to tender formal apologies.        

Unusually large crowds that throng whenever Rajapakshas go out seem to have become an eye sore to them. So unleashing of a barrage of vilification aimed at Rajapakshas at the drop of the hat has now become order of the day. Free flow of cash amounting to millions of dollars makes this viscous propaganda very efficient and effective. So the usual demonizing of Sinhalese Buddhists has taken a renewed vigor while propagating hatred towards Rajapakshas.

However, how the national flag is hardly hoisted and the national anthem is rarely sung at the functions in the North & East and the Plantation Sector never get publicized.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Will the foreign forces that ousted Mahinda allow him to make a come-back?

While there have been strong signs emerging that the former president Mahinda would make a come- back to rule the country again, the massive movement behind this effort seems to have overlooked a very powerful factor that would stand in their way thwarting their goal. They are the powerful foreign forces which had been instrumental in ousting the Sinhalese Buddhist nationalist Mahinda as the president. These forces would do their best to prevent Mahinda from taking the reins of the country again.

The lethal combination: White Christian West and India

These external forces have become frighteningly deadly and powerful as they are a lethal combination-the White Christian West and India. The former being the most powerful political, economic and military entity in the world at the moment while the latter being a regional powerhouse with strong signs becoming a great power in the near future. The massive influence the former force wields in every sphere of political, social and military arena in the world has truly been enormous. The best case in point is that none of the countries or political entities or individuals which defied the West's dictates in the post-cold war era could escape the wrath of it.

The most powerful personality or the entity that emerged and defied the West after post-cold war has, undoubtedly, been the Russia Federation under Putin. Every trick under the sun from economic embargoes to encircling Russia with NATO is being used to unseat Putin. Another best case in point is Iran which has been defying the White Christian West since 1979 Islamic Revolution.  Alleged development of a nuclear arsenal is being used to destabilize Iran which is the same case with North-Korea. How the bogus claim of possession of WMDs by Iraq under Saddam Hussein was used to eliminate its leader is well known. At the same time alleged violation of Human Rights were used to eliminate Muhammad Gaddafi of Libya.        

The West loathes Mahinda as he did not obey their dictates. In the White Christian Western eyes Mahinda is yet another pariah dog like Putin, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, North-Korean regime, Iranian regime and Venezuelan regime under Hugo Ch├ívez and his successor.  Mahinda who defied the West eradicated the LTTE, one of the main proxies of the West which was being used by them to destabilize the South Asia. So the West is firmly determined to eliminate him by hook or by crook. As has been the case elsewhere Human Rights were being used and continue to use as the main weapon in their array of arsenal to take on Mahinda and the United Nations Human Right Commission (UNHRC) has been and continue to be the launching pad for that.


The post- independent India always cultivates a jealous feeling towards its weak and small southern neighbour who has a huge potential to achieve vast economic and social goals surpassing many times the former. India had been watching worryingly in each passing day the giant economic steps being taken by Sri Lanka under Mahinda since end of terrorism in 2009. These vast economic strides were made with the generous economic support by China, an all-weather friend of Sri Lanka. China's influence in Sri Lanka was made use as an excuse by India for ousting Mahinda. At the same time India generously supported the West at UNHRC to push Mahinda's regime to the wall. On the other hand India has never given up its persistent effort to make Sri Lanka yet another puppet state of it like Bhutan and Nepal of which final goal is to make these countries federal states of India.Tamil separatist forces were the proxies used to achieve this goal and Mahinda was clearly spoiling this grand strategy.             

Local lackeys 

On top of all this lethal combined force is not without an all-out local support here which is spearheaded by anti-Sinhalese Buddhists Forces. These include an array of NGOs, Eelamists well supported by its wealthy diaspora, Christian bodies and powerful individuals well supported by the West and a host of anti-Sinhalese Buddhist politicians who are hell bent to destroy the Sinhalese Buddhist heritage. These forces wield massive amount of power, wealth and influence at their disposal.

So the big question is whether Mahinda and the massive popular support he enjoys would be able to successfully counter these very powerful and lethal forces. As things stand out at this moment as far as hostile foreign forces are concerned Mahinda stands no chance to make a come- back to rule the country again. No sooner than such a move is made public a massive and decapitating force would be unleashed to nip such a move in the bud. Even now an unprecedented and a huge vilification campaign against Rajapakshas are underway through media especially on social media which must be lavishly funded by millions of dollars. The determined and relentless witch-hunt unleashed aimed at imprisoning the Rajapakshas will also continue unabated as it is one of the prime goals of the foreign forces hostile to Rajapakshas.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How can the National Anthem be further Yahapalanized?

Sri Lanka's present Yahapalana government made yet another ground-breaking change. This change is indeed trail-blazing and historic in the sense no country in the world has ever even attempted to do.

Sri Lanka's National Anthem will be sung in Tamil language too which is spoken roughly one tenth of the  speakers of the Sinhalese language, the original language in which it was composed and sung for 67 years.  

At this backdrop we need to take a brief look at how the National Anthem is sung by the foreign backers of the Yahapalana government as these very forces must have played a vital role in introducing this radical change.    

The largest concentration of Tamils in the world is found in Tamil-Nadu in India which is the Tamil-Homeland of which the population is over 62 million: roughly 31 times bigger than Sri Lanka's Tamil population. Yet the Indian National Anthem is sung in the state of Tamil Nadu in Bengali in which it was originally composed.  This is not confined only to the state of Tamil Nadu. Irrespective of the state an individual is coming from whether he or she is a Dalit or an untouchable or a Brahmin or a Muslim or a Gujarati or a Bengali or a Jew or an Eurasian or one belonging to a scheduled caste or an unscheduled caste or one coming from vast number of tribes each and every 1.3 billion Indian sings Indian National Anthem in Bengali. 

How the national anthem is sung by the other foreign force behind the present Yahapalana regime, the West is no different than India. Whether you are a Hispanic, an Anglophile, or an African-American or a Chinese or a Burmese or a Vietnamese or an Indian   etc the US's National Anthem is sung in English, the original language in which it was composed and sung since the US's founding. So has been the case in the UK, France and other Western backers of the present Yahapalana regime.            

Since Yahapalana regime steadfastly stands for equal treatment for each and every individual as its very name suggests and trumpeted from every roof-tops before 08th of January, there should be no room for discrimination owning to this issue of singing the national anthem.  

The best way to do is to sing it in each and every speaking language found in Sri Lanka which is home to the speakers of Malay, English, Portuguese and Vadda(Adi Vasi) though the speakers of those languages are numerically small. The national anthem can be composed in each of those languages.  It has already been composed in the Vedda language as quoted below. It is, indeed, brilliantly done. This is the one of the best ways to yahapalanize Sri Lanka's National Anthem which would truly help in ensuring reconciliation among all the ethnic communities in Sri Lanka.  

PS: We assume that Yahapalana big- wigs have already planned it and would be implemented in the near future.  

National Anthem in Vedda was taken from (



Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why is the Rally in Kandy on 06th March going to be historic?

If the rally held in Nugegoda on 18th Feb was historic in many terms as I pointed out in one of my previous posts, the one which is to happen on 06th March 2015 too has differently unique historical value. This is, however, due to very location that it is held. The former rally had more of a ground breaking quality primarily due to the massive crowed that thronged there while the latter marks a coincidence of an event that made a revolutionarily catastrophic and tragic impact to the country and its people. 

It was exactly 200 years ago we Sinhalese Buddhists lost our sovereignty to the British Colonists when our last king was captured in Kandy. Exactly 200 years later we are again going to lose our sovereignty to the Western Imperialists.  200 years before it was the local cronies of the colonists who betrayed us which paved the way for the White Christian Colonists to subjugate us. Again two hundred years later it is the local cronies of the very same White Christian Colonists who are going to sell our country to their masters. It is ironical that we are going to have again a historical moment while marching towards again to defend our sovereignty in the historical city of Kandy which was sadly, 200 years earlier,  the venue for the beginning  of the end of our sovereignty for almost  one and half centuries.  Though some 67 years earlier the Western Imperialists left our soil physically, their local cronies faithfully continue to serve their masters. So we have never been able to be fully sovereign even in last 67 years of which dawn of 2015 marks victorious to the White Christian Colonists and their lackeys here.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

A yet another brilliant piece of analysis highlighting the role played by the West and India in the last presidential election!

In a brilliant piece of analysis by Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekara, one of the most prominent patriotic intellectuals in the country highlights how subtlety and stunningly the regime change project which ousted the former President Mahinda Rajapaksha in the last presidential election was orchestrated by the Western and Indian conspirators. This should be a must read piece of information to the 5.8 million people who voted for the former President Mahinda Rajapaksha. The whole episode was like a puppet show in which the onlookers were made to believe that "the puppets were acting on their own guided by noble ideals of Democracy, Human Rights and Good Governance".


The most striking observation of Dr.Gunadasa Amarasekara has been how Indians have employed Gandhiyan type of mass mobilization of Tamil people to achieve their goal. TNA politicians were in Delhi than in Jaffna in the last year. This Gandhiyan type of mass street activity was executed by way of making Tamil people in North & East and in the plantation areas of the central part of the country to turn out in numbers at the election and vote for the former President's opponent offering him more than 80% votes in most of the Tamil dominated electorates. Needless to say the immense role played by RAW in this regard.  


This outstandingly clever project had two pronged strategy: external and internal. While the West had been mercilessly vilifying the previous regime for alleged war crimes with passing resolutions one after another at the UNHRC India was strongly perusing the implementation of the 13th Amendment to the constitution aimed at dividing the country. The local lackeys ('agents' as Dr. Amarasekara termed them) of those conspirators were brilliantly executing their job given by their masters. 


The following few lines of the article appeared in The Island on 24th Feb worth quoting as follows:


"A desperate attempt is made to make us believe that the Rajapaksa defeat is not due to the minority vote alone and that a sizeable section of the Sinhala Buddhist vote went against him.


There was a marginal drop in the votes for Rajapaksa in the urban areas where there was a disillusioned middle class and a lumpen new generation brought up on the Television-Face Book Culture seeking a change- a changed for itself. But the vote bank of Mahinda Rajapaksa in the rural areas was intact.

It is also claimed that the masses in the North and the East voted for Sirisena to win back democratic rights, good governance, freedom of speech etc; It is also claimed that there was no coercion, no influencing, no canvassing. They were made out to be true democrats who had a mind of their own


A few paragraphs in the article that appeared in The Island on 26th February under the title of "Bheeshanaya and Dooshanaya" is also worth quoting   


"By now the Western powers have perfected the formula to destabilize the regimes they do not like by means of popular uprisings and demonstrations. OF course the criterion adopted is whether a regime is with them or not. The formula was perfected by experiments carried out in the Arab world. The time has come to export it to the East as seen by what is happening in Thailand, Burma and Hongkong. Sri Lanka would have been on top of the list for a long time.

What happened at the Free Trade Zone and at Rathupaswala, both ending in shooting were mini Arab Springs , though we failed to realize it. Though these mini Arab Springs did not gather momentum, island wide participation, they were able to bring the charge of bheeshanaya against the Rajapaksa regime. In fact the reason for advancing the Presidential election , I was made to understand was not so much the much maligned astrological predictions but the fear that the country could not be governed if these Arab Springs continued. Why the bheeshanaya charge could not get off the ground was because these were nothing new to the people who had witnessed much worse bheeshanaya, in 77,88,89.

The charge of dhooshsnaya .-bribery and corruption is a late comer to the scene, which is being paraded at the moment. This may be in preparation for the general elections.

As pointed out by Gamini Gunawardane (Sunday Times 2015/02/08) corruption charges have been their right along. No regime has been spared. As pointed out by Gamini Gunawardane, can anything be more farcical than the Finance Minister who has been charged for money laundering making a hue and cry against bribery and corruption?

Corruption charges take root in the minds and hearts of the people due to the economic factor-the disparity between the haves and the have nots. Helplessness and the envy it generates is fertile ground for corruption charges to breed. This is by no means an attempt to vindicate the Rajapaksa regime-more the so called development, the more was the corruption. There is no getting away from it".


The vital role played by NGO hordes in this project has also been brilliantly highlighted by Dr. Amarasekara.    


The conclusion of the article says it in style that sumps up what is in store for future of our motherland.


"Handing over the North and the East in the guise of a National Government to the Eelamists with the blessing of US and India would be the grand finale to be anticipated".

Friday, February 20, 2015

Why is the rally in Nugegoda on 18th Feb historic?

The Western and Indian conspirators and their lackeys here who orchestrated a very successful regime change project which ousted the former President Mahinda Rajapaksha(MR) from his office in last presidential election must be pissing in their pants. They are seeing before their eyes the last thing that they would have ever expected to see: strong signs of MR's return to rule the country again in less than two months' time since his ouster.

The massive crowd that drew to the rally day before yesterday in Nugegoda showed Rajapaksha is still a massive force to be reckoned with and has a great potential to be the ruler of the country again. In many sense the rally was historic. It happened at the backdrop of the following:    
  • The rally exactly coincided an event that took place 200 years ago: a beginning of a long dark era in which natives of this land lost their sovereignty for almost one and half centuries. It was 18th of February in 1815 that the British Colonists arrested the last king of Sinhale - Sri Wickrama Rajasinha. We are again at thresholds of losing our sovereignty to the Western Imperialists and Indian expansionists. Mahinda's return would help us to keep them at bay as he did for last ten years which was eloquently pointed out by MP Wimal Weerawansa in his fiery speech at the rally. 
  •  While an unprecedented and a massive demonizing progarmme has been underway against MR in particular and his family in general since his ouster from office in January purely aimed making him unpopular among the people. No past leader in the country has ever faced such a degree of demonization.
  • This massive crowed was witnessed despite the fact that non-attendance of the very person of whose behalf rally was organized. This is the first time in the country's history a defeated leader enjoys such a massive popularity. 
  • Virtually no prior print or electronic media coverage of the event took place. Even if such an attempt was made there would have been virtually no chance at all as media in the country is blocked for Rajapakshas and have jumped into the bandwagon of demonizing Rajapakshsa project. 
  • The rally was organized not by his party-SLFP but 04 constituents parties. None of the top organisers were heavy- weight SLFPers. Nor were the speakers of the rally. 
  • Participation of a host of patriotic intellectuals like Dr. Dayan Jayathilaka who read former president's statement to the rally. He highlights in his latest article the importance of the rally which he considers as "the birth of a national-democratic movement and the launch of a national-democratic struggle to establish a national-democratic government".
So the rally simply made a history. No leader in the country would enjoy such popularity in the hearts of ordinary people in a foreseeable future. However, Mahinda's come back is still a daunting task as the forces behind his ouster have been mightiest among the mighty. They will do whatever tricks under the sun and spend billions of dollars lavishly to make sure Mahinda is completely out of the scene. Attempts being made to haul him and his brother - Gotabhaya Rajapaksha up to the electric chair with the support of their local stooges are a part of this attempt.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A must-watch video-clip (a speech) for every patriotic Sri Lankan!

Karuna Amman who was a diehard LTTE military leader defected the LTTE in 2004 and has been in active politics as a SLFP legislator since 2010 representing the Eastern Province.  His defection shattered the very foundation of the LTTE and could never recover fully. Karuna Amman who knew in and out of the LTTE was also an invaluable informant to the Sri Lankan Security Forces. His knowledge about the terrain in the Eastern Province which was under the LTTE gave a significant edge to the forces who were fighting Eelam war IV against the LTTE.      

A speech he made in the parliament some time back is in circulation in the internet in these days. It is indeed a must watch by any patriotic Sri Lankan.  His patriotism for his motherland far outweighs the pseudo patriots who came to parliament purportedly claiming to preserve the interests of Sinhalese Buddhists and are now staunch supports for a federalist Sri Lanka. His hard hitting speech was particularly aimed at TNA which is hell-bent to haul up the former president and his brother to an international tribunal for alleged war crimes.  

The speech he made strongly defending the former president Mahinda Rajapaksha can be watched by clicking to the following link on youtube.

Some salient points in Karuna Amman's speech can be summed up as follows:

(1)  Who fed LTTE which was almost dead after IPKF left and made it a formidable force to be reckoned with to wage 03 Eelam wars subsequently against Sri Lankan forces.  At the time of IPKF left Sri Lankan shores LTTE's strength had dwindled to some 350 cadres. With the supply of more than 5000 weapons by the then president it strength increased to 6000 carders in six months.

(2)  The vital role played by the former president Mahinda, his brother Defense Secretary- Gotabhya Rajapaksha and the Security Forces in terms of taking difficult decisions, planning and implementing respectively to draw a successful end to the war.

(3)   Reminding the TNA how IPKF raped Tamil women and killed the civilians

(4)  Questioning why TNA does not protest while the Tamil Nadu Fishermen were poaching in massive scale in the northern waters of Sri Lanka stealing vital livelihood of Tamil fishermen and damaging their nets. He went on to extend his gratefulness to Sri Lanka Navy for protecting fishers in our waters by arresting Tamil Nadu fishermen.      

(5)  How the standard of the school education, science education in particular after introduction of Mahindodaya laboratories , has improved in the North and East drawing an example of a student living in Wattala opting to study in Jaffna due to the improved standard of science education in the Northern Province

(6)  How the beautification of the cities in the country had been happening under Mahinda Rajapaksha government in Baticaloa in particular and other cities of the country in general.  The transformation that has taken place in Batticaloa spending Rs. 135 million is truly awesome.  

(7)  Strongly advising TNA not to entertain International Community  to Sri Lanka's internal affairs such as to investigate alleged War Crimes citing examples what had happened to Afghanistan and Syria which had been witnessing daily carnage.  He drew the example of how South Africa did not entertain so called international community following the apartheid and relied on their own internal mechanism called Truth and Reconciliation Commission of which Sri Lankan equivalent is LLRC              

(8)  What the Security Forces did in the final stages of the Eelam War-IV was a rescue operation of civilians not a massacre as claimed by TNA. LTTE made use the civilians as their protective shield.  

(9)  The importance of the presence of security forces in the North and East in particular and other parts of the country in general . No country in the world would compromise its National Security by withdrawing its Security Forces from the sensitive locations.   At the same time he reminded the special effort taken by his government to give relief to the Tamil civilians by withdrawing 05 army camps in Batticaloa  to resettle the civilians and give way the lands for farming. He also emphasized the role played by the security forces in rescuing and giving relief to the affected people in the event of a disaster strikes drawing his own experiences. He highlighted the valuable role played by the Security Forces during the floods in Baticaloa a few years back.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Two glaring examples to show how vulnerable Buddhists in Sri Lanka have become!

Would a Buddhist minister even dare to think to raid a Catholic Church in Sri Lanka?  Would a Buddhist minister even dare to think to open a road which has been closed for the protection of a Mosque leave alone the holiest one in the country?  

However, Buddhists in Sri Lanka haven't been so lucky. A Buddhist meditation Centre in Kadawatha was raided claiming that it was "luxurious" by the deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayaka recently while a Minister(non-Buddhist)  of the present government attempted on 07th of January to forcefully open the road in front of the Dalanda Maligawa, the most sacred shrine to the Buddhists in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. (The road in front of Dalanda Maligawa was closed after it was bombed by LTTE in 1998). This attempt was prevented only after Mahanayaka of Asgiriya talking to the hierarchies of the government.

The above examples highlighted by Nimal Premawansa, a former MP of Jathika Nidahas Peramuna at a press-conference today indicate in style the sheer vulnerability that the Buddhists in Sri Lanka are faced with. So the fate of the threatened innumerable Buddhist temples and archaeological sites strewn in the North & East and in other parts of the country is already sealed now.

It has truly been stunning victory for those who orchestrated the regime change of which the prime intention was to deprive Sinhalese Buddhists their due place in this country!  

A must read piece of analysis for 5.8 million who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksha!

Dr. Dayan Jayathilaka's latest article is a must read for the 5.8 million who voted for the former president at the last presidential election. At lease the last couple of paragraphs of it should be translated to Sinhalese and make them read.

It eloquently analysis what would be in store for those 5.8 million of whom sons and daughters laid their lives for an undivided and united Sri Lanka.  How Sri Lanka under the present regime would squarely and fairly be back to the time when it was under the British colonists is strongly pointed out by his analysis.

The conclusion of Dr. Jayathilaka's article which draws his point home very strongly is quoted below.  

"The Draft Proposals for Constitutional reform are vampiric in character. By draining the life-blood of and disempowering the elected executive President, the proposed Constitutional changes terminally weaken that which the external hegemonic powers and the pro-Western and ethnic sectarian elites find most dangerous, namely popular sovereignty. Instead of an empowered executive President elected from among the whole people, the most powerful post will be that of the Prime Minister elected almost certainly, from cosmopolitan Colombo.

In the end, the rural heartland of Sri Lanka would have provided the soldiers and the dead in the protracted struggle to liberate the country from Tiger fascism and reunify it, while Colombo would have provided the appeasers and vacillators–and regained real power. A recent photograph of the Prime Minister showed his ponytailed erstwhile Media secretary in the background. It was the same gentleman I recall from another photograph years ago as seated as then Prime Minister Wickremesinghe's representative in the front row of a Pongu Tamil demonstration during the CFA, at which the demonstrators scaled and destroyed the mock-up of the Jaffna High Security Zone. Ranil Wickremesinghe for one has certainly succeeded in 'Regaining Sri Lanka'.

The way the Constitutional changes work is to set up a new loop and circuit of power: the President cannot act except on the advice of the Prime Minister, and must always act on the latter's advice. Ranil Wickremesinghe will emerge as Prime Minister after the election. The SLFP will be in Opposition and will be controlled by President Sirisena who is in turn controlled by the constitutionally reinforced Prime Minister and his ally, ex-President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga (who sees herself as Buffy the Vampire Slayer). That will be the new power bloc. Any reader of Leonard Woolf's classic, 'Village in the Jungle' known how British colonialism worked through the system of the Ratey Mahattaya and the Village Headman and what kind of characters they usually were. If the Constitutional changes proposed in the draft document go through, Sri Lanka shall return to an approximation of those dark days. The West will control Sri Lanka through the empowered Ranil Wickremesinghe, who will effectively control the disempowered PresidentSirisena, who will control the SLFP in opposition and will act as a native mask

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ungrateful Northern fishermen now get what they deserve!

The northern fishermen who were ungrateful to the former president Mahinda Rajapaksha by voting against him en masse at the last presidential election finally complain that SL navy was reluctant to arrest poaching Tami Nadu/Indian fishermen and their nets were damaged by the latter as per this new article. In one of my posts on the subject I queried why there hasn't been a single arrest of Indian/Tamil-Nadu Fishermen by Sri Lankan navy since 09th of January 2015.

Former president Mahinda Rajapaksha didn't bow to hegemonic Indians who have been brazenly violating Sri Lanka's sovereignty and depriving the Sri Lanka's Tamil fishermen's' vital livelihood. President Mahinda's this bold act made Indians furious and they took their revenge by ousting the former president by orchestrating very successful regime change project collaborating with the West.  This is only one among many bold acts on the part of president Mahinda who was determined not to sell his country's sovereignty to the arm-twisting Indians.

This brazen violation of Sri Lanka's sovereignty by Indians continues despite the present administration has generously been lenient towards them. The reduction of prices of small cars by the recent budget is primarily aimed at increasing the sale of Indian cars in Sri Lankan market, especially Marutis. Irked by one among many arm-twisting acts by Indians the former president deliberately increased the taxes for small cars a few years back aiming primarily at decreasing the sale of Indian cars in the local market in a tit for tat act. It also prevented Sri Lanka becoming scrap yard of cheap Indian automobiles.

The particular news item by an Indian media ridiculously claims that SL Navy was reluctant to arrest the poaching Tamil Nadu/Indian fishermen due to present president's upcoming visit to India. However, SL navy continued to arrest poaching fishermen from India while even the former president was on state visits to that country.          

My post on the subject which appeared on 26th January is reproduced below.

Have Indian/Tamil-Nadu Fishermen stopped poaching in our waters?
Since 09th of January 2015 there hasn't been a single arrest of Indian/Tamil-Nadu Fishermen by Sri Lankan navy. Have Indian freshmen stopped poaching in our waters? Or Have Sri Lankan authorities been turning a blind eye while Indian/Tamil-Nadu Fishermen stealing our fish?

Indian/Tamil-Nadu Fishermen were being arrested at regular intervals by SL Navy for poaching in our northern seas since 2010 and there had been no mercy on the part of the previous SL government. As was pointed out inone of my previous posts: "President Mahinda's no nonsense; no hanky panky attitude towards India is best exemplified by his strong resolve when it comes to Tamil Nadu fishermen's poaching in Sri Lanka's waters. The Bottom Fishing, the most disastrous type of fishing technique in the world engaged by Tamil-Nadu fishermen in our waters, would permanently destroy our fishing grounds. But no other predecessors of president Mahinda had guts to resist India's bullish behavior towards Sri Lanka".

This is the first time in post-independent Sri Lanka a government has shown its defiance towards India. This stance on the part of Sri Lankan government has made India antagonize to such an extent that newly elected Modi's government lamented that the Congress government had allowed a small and weak country like Sri Lanka to act looking at its eyes.  

As now increasingly becoming apparent India has too played a huge role, as same scale as the West did, in the successful regime change attempt in which former president Mahinda Rajapaksha was ousted in the last presidential election. This piece of information titled "Evidence of India's involvement in regime change in Sri Lanka" throw much light to the subject.

Apart from President Mahinda's pro- China policy which brought immense economic benefits to Sri Lanka president Mahinda's clear defiance towards Indian Fishermen poaching in SL waters ruffled quite a bit of feathers in the Indian establishment which has always been following bullish attitudes towards Sri Lanka. As noted earlier India has never been a friend of Sri Lanka and has always been undermining latter's sovereignty.  

No Indian Central government irrespective of the friendliest ever Sri Lankan government to come to power would ever ban Indian/Tamil-Nadu Fishermen poaching in our waters as the Central government would hugely be under pressure from the state of Tamil Nadu.

The former president Mahinda's this brave act which ultimately cost his job was purely aimed at securing vital livelihood to the Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen in the North who have been deprived of their right in the 30 years' long Eelam war. Tamil fishermen, however, shown their gratefulness to the former president in style by voting against him en-masse ousting from his office at the last president election. Besides, if fellow Sinhalese fishermen from the Southern part of Sri Lanka had fished in the Northern Waters, there would have been a big hue and cry on the part of TNA and the Tamil fishermen. It seems to the Tamil fishermen it's ok even if their vital livelihood is deprived for generations to come as the culprits are their own Tamil brethren across the Palk Straight!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What a way to celebrate Sri Lanka’s 67th Independence Day with a National Flag redesigned by the Americans!

This article appeared in The New York Times with the above distorted picture of Sri Lanka's national flag has been reproduced and commented on by a few web sites such as Professor Nalin De Silva's and  Lankaweb . In their articles they foresee what the West and the USA are up to as far as Sri Lanka is concerned.  It is again ironical that we celebrate our 67th Independence day when such distortions are liberally committed by the Americans to one of our foremost national symbols.

Besides, this is not surprising too as we have almost become an American and Indian colony now following their brilliant regime change project of which aftermath sees an unprecedented amount of interest shown by them towards us.

This article by Ryan Goodman, a professor of law, politics and sociology at New York University eloquently details how Rajapakshas should be prevented from re-entering to the politics by by hook or by crook under the pretext of reintroducing "Democracy" to Sri Lanka. This is again a very good  early sign what would be in store for Rajapakshas if they try to re-enter to the politics especially in the upcoming general election. The West with their lackeys' help here would resort whatever tricks available up in their sleeves to achieve this goal even going to the extent of committing physical harm to the Rajapakshas. Billions of dollars would be pumped to NGOs and perhaps to the ruling political party itself. There will be an avalanche of social media campaigns against Rajapakshas demonizing them as happened before the Presidential Election and its aftermath.            

This article should be translated into Sinhalese so that the 5.8 million who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksha  at the last presidential election can foresee what would be in store for them.  

Saturday, January 31, 2015

So Sri Lanka has again become a blue-blooded lapdog of the West and India?

No leaser person than the US president himself has expressed his happiness on Sri Lanka's this new turnaround which happened in a gap of an almost decade since the former president Rajapaksha's ascend to power. President Obama was very optimistic about Sri Lanka's future and went on to say he would be hoping for "Democracy" in Sri Lanka as if the latter had never been democratic until now. He expressed these views while he was in India some days back. His statement shows how antagonized the US had been with SL while president Rajapaksha was in power which ultimately cost the former president his job becoming a prey to a very successful regime change project by the West and India.

The following links show the sheer intensity of enthusiasm displayed by the West towards this new turnaround. This would surely be unprecedented in Sri Lanka's history. Barely three weeks into its rule Sri Lanka's new administration keeps receiving an unbroken stream of high profile Westerners and they seem falling all over each other to praise the new administration.

UK Foreign Minister Hugo to visit SL

Biswal due here on Monday

UK encouraged by progress of new govt

Canada welcomes reinstatement of Sri Lankan Chief Justice

Costs made being pro-West        

Post-independent Sri Lanka has, of course, been pro-West in the tenures of Prime Ministers and Presidents of D.S. Senanayake, Dudly Senanayaka, John Kotalawala, J.R. Jayawardane, R. Premadasa, D.B. Wijethunga and Chandrika Kumaranathnga.  Except Chandrika's all the pro-West regimes had been UNP governments.

Have we as a county been recipient of a special beneficiary by being pro-West in the past? This is a very pertinent question to ask at the backdrop of Sri Lanka becoming pro-West again under a UNP government. In fact, Sri Lanka has got no special benefits while leaning to the West during the above mentioned regimes.

Rather it was due to the very reason that Sri Lanka became pro-West that it suffered the worst ever post-independent catastrophic foreign interference that led to the full- blown separatist war that raged in the country for three decades. Enraged by president J.R. Jayawardana's (JRJ) pro-West policy suspecting Sri Lanka would be home to contingents of US forces in South Asia, the Prime Minister Indra Gandhi of Congress Government of India trained and armed Tamil separatist militants from Sri Lanka including the LTTE. This blatant violation of Sri Lanka's sovereignty by its powerful and harmonistic neighbour culminated by forcing upon it the 13th Amendment to its constitution and sending Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) which led to the deaths, injuries and raping of women of thousands of Sri Lankans and left a trail of massive destruction to the country.

It is ironical, however, when president JRJ sought the support of the West especially the US when India blatantly violated its air space by dropping food items to Jaffna in 1987 the former simply turned a blind eye and ignored JRJ's pleas for support leaving JRJ and its government completely helpless and isolated. No Western power came forward to JRJ's rescue. The blood bath ignited by India ended in 2009 with president Rajapaksha ending the separatist war and ushering a complete peacefulness to its citizens.                

It is, however, a strange twist of fate that the same India which brutally punished its weak southern neighbour for being the pro-West has now played its biggest role in turning the country to be pro-West. The regime change project jointly orchestrated by the West and India has scored an unprecedented stunning victory by ousting pro-China former president Rajapaksha.  

Vulnerability of the 5.8 million

This new turnaround as far as Sri Lankan citizens are concerned, however, has its own costs. The West has always been for a fragmented Sri Lanka divided on ethnic lines. The new admiration that came into power with its backing is replete with Federalists who are hell-bent to give in to the chauvinist and separatist demands of Tamils and Muslims. These staunch federalists are ruling the roost in every section of the new administration from the newly appointed governors to the provinces to presidential advisors to the most of the members of the cabinet.

The 5.8 million citizens, the greatest chunk of them being Sinhalese Buddhists who voted for president Rajapaksha in the last presidential election are in complete hapless and vulnerable situation now. They staunchly believed that they have to ensure an existence of an undivided motherland for their sons and daughters. They have another great responsibility and carry a heavy burden. It is this very segment of people, of whom a significant portion of them living in the rural areas, who send their sons and daughters to fight against the separatism and for the cause of an undivided motherland. They bear the brunt of the damage in the process as it is their sons and daughters who ultimately made and would make the supreme sacrifices for an undivided Sri Lanka!