Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Marxists in Sri Lanka: JVP vs Samasamajists & Communists

The story of Sri Lanka's Marxists has been somewhat unique which may not be found anywhere in the world.  Sri Lanka got two types of Marxists. The more radical types include the Janatha Vimukthi Peremuna (JVP) and its breakaway party Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) whose support base is relatively small for the moment. The Samasamajists and Communists whose leaders and most of their party supporters are now in their 70s and 80s belong to the other category.  

There is a significant difference between the two. The former, primarily JVP, enjoys a fairly strong ability in mobilizing masses, mostly youth, in comparison to the latter. Though the voter base in comparison to the two major parties (UNP and SLFP) which have been in power in Sri Lanka since independence has been significantly low, JVP is indeed a force to be reckoned with. This is, to a larger extent, due to the two armed insurrections staged by the party since independence. So the JVP's mobilizing power is unquestionable and has a fairly strong presence among the students of the country's state universities. The Samasamajists and Communists voter base is, however, significantly low in comparison to JVP and has been able to represent legislature while being party to the ruling parties especially with Left lenient SLFP.  So the Samasamajists and Communists enjoy a significantly lesser mobilizing ability of masses. There is a bit of a bizarre scenario here. The Marxist revolutionaries are generally to do more with their ability in mass mobilization. In that sense our old revolutionaries are under-performers to a large extent.

In order to become the followers of an ideology one needs to have a clarity about that ideology. This is where we find a significant divergence between the two Marxist types in Sri Lanka. While the well- read old Marxists have been fairly clear about the Marxist ideology, the JVP types have been a confused bunch with shabby and incoherent knowledge on the ideology which they follow dearly. The founder of the JVP himself was suspected to have been incoherent and confused about the Marxist ideology. This major gap on the part of no lesser quarter than the party leadership itself led to some of the intellectually sound cadres to leave the party in 1970's and early 80's.  In other words we find a large body of masses, primarily youth, who strongly follow an ideology with an incoherent knowledge about it. They make up, however, the largest body of the masses who represent the Marxist Ideology in the country which even staged two uprisings resulting in massive destruction to the lives and property of the country.

The very fact that the present JVP leadership is supporting the blue- blooded Capitalist party which governs the country now is a clear example of this. On top of all it is clear even to a political nit wit that the present ruling party represents and follows the agendas of the Western Imperialists. A central axis of Marxism is its rejection of capitalism and the Western imperialism which the ideology believes as major exploitative forces of masses. In other words the JVP fundamentally goes against its Marxist ideology, However, it is still the largest, vibrant and active Marxist party in the country. In doing so the party furthers and strengthens the Capitalism and the Western Imperialism which literally sells Marxism. JVP is also widely accused of receiving a substantial amount of funds from the US during the presidential election in which Sarath Fonseka contested. The amount is said to have gone into thousands of dollars. Wikileaks have revealed that JVP has misused the US funds. Needless to say that the US has been the citadel of the Western Imperialism and had been playing the biggest role in almost wiping out the communism from the face of earth.

In contrast the Samasamajists and Communists  have,  to a larger extend, been following nationalistic policy maintaining a steadfast anti-Capitalistic and Imperialistic stand. While being part of the SLFP led governments they have been able to stand firmly to preserve the country's sovereignty steadfastly opposing the Western Imperialists' interventions to the country.

In an overall assessment there are two scenarios. On the one hand there is the JVP, the largest and the most vibrant Marxist party in the country which seems to have not understood the fundamental ideological tenets of Marxism. This has led the party to be a promoter of Capitalism and the Western Imperialism in the country, a worst ever possible state of affairs expected from a Marxist party. On the other hand we got Samasamajists and Communists who have never lost the ideological core of the Marxism in principal and actions. Besides, they have contributed to the country whenever and whatever possible ways while aligning with Leftist oriented ruling coalitions. However, they woefully lack the mass base which their more radical brethren abundantly enjoys.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Have Sinhalese Buddhists become a worst type of hypocrites?

"If you are in a constant fear of being blown into pieces on the road like a dog, they (the armed forces members of Sri Lanka) are War –Heroes. When that fear is no longer a reality they are the 08th grade passed War Criminals".  This gets widely circulated in these days on social media aptly demonstrating what a hypocritical bunch of people Sinhalese Buddhists are. How once war-heroes who laid down their lives to give us all a peaceful country, leaving us with no fear of being blown into pieces, have become almost illiterate War –Criminals aptly reflects the Sinhalese Buddhists' subjugated mentality to the White Christian Western Imperialists and their lackeys here.

Why do I refer here only the Sinhalese Buddhists rather than Sri Lankans? Needless to say that 98% of the armed forces members who fought terrorism were Sinhalese Buddhists.  Sinhalese Christians were confined only to a few officers with an almost negligible number belonging to other ranks. (The Commissioned Officers and other ranks among the Sinhalese Christians and the Tamils were disproportionately higher until 1960s due to preferences given to them by the powerful Christian Church,  the Christian and Tamil military top brass. Most of them were drawn from the Anglican Schools from Colombo, Jaffna and other major cities. This drastically changed when a military coup was staged by the Christian top brass in the armed forces and the police in 1960s with the support of the Church.). In terms of numbers this has almost been the case with Muslims as well.  (Some gallant Muslim officers, however, have made exceptional cases making an exemplary contribution in winning the war).  Almost all the Tamils consider the Sri Lankan forces as simply war criminals though the latter is the biggest beneficiaries due to the absence of war. So it was the rustic and rural Buddhist youths who made the brunt of the contribution and the sacrifices in eliminating the Tamil terrorism from Sri Lanka's soil as has always been the case for last 2500 years when it comes to defending the country.

Why do then Sinhalese Buddhists now vilify and demonize the very youth who made their supreme sacrifices to protect all of us? That's a trait found in Sinhalese Buddhists' genes which has made them legendary among their enemies who have for long been very successful in achieving their nasty designs at the expense of the former.                  

Sinhalese Buddhists have for ages known for their legendry betrayals of their own lot. This has helped monumentally to their enemies to deceive them and finally to defeat and subjugate them. The three European Colonists made use the community's this weakness to the letter until the so called "political independence" which took place at the middle of the last century. Since then the very same White Christian Western imperialists have been able to outsmart them with brilliant successes. A significant milestone of this sustained and continues efforts on the part of these neo-colonists was the regime change that was orchestrated on 08th January 2015, exactly 200 years later of a similar stunningly successful achievement by the Christian Imperialists.

This inherent weakness on the part of the Sinhalese Buddhist was exploited by a widely common modus operandi by the colonists which has proved extremely successful.   An alien community (ies) was brought down from another land, Tamils being in Sri Lanka's case, and favored them with all the privileges while depriving the indigenous community with all the benefits and privileges. This was aimed at making the latter a weak and second class community. ( A vast majority of Tamils living in the North and East of Sri Lanka was brought by the Portuguese and the Dutch from South India for Tobacco cultivation. By using the above mentioned modus operandi the natives, the Sinhalese Buddhists, were made to be the second class community who over the years assimilated with the Tamils). At the same time a class which become virtually lackeys of the Colonists was produced from the same community, in this case among the Sinhalese Buddhists themselves. A vast majority of this community includes Catholic and Protestant converts from Buddhism.  Privileges,   benefits and incentives were/are used to convert the Buddhists to the above mentioned religions. This community, the converts to Christianity, then becomes the foot soldiers and Sepoy (ies) of the colonists who make use of them to get their dirty works done.

The so called "independence" was offered to the leaders of these Sepoy (ies)  who continue to serve to their masters doing all the dirty works of them. Some of these Sepoy (ies) are "Buddhists" but name only as it is a seasoned trick used by colonists to deceive the indigenous populations.

So Sinhalese Buddhists will again think about the "Broilers" as rural Sinhalese Buddhists soldiers once known until 2005 (cannon fodder or sacrificial lambs) only when the former's lives are under threat of being blown into pieces!  

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Students of Jaffna University have dealt a death blow to racist Hora Mahinda and his corrupt cronies!

Yahapalana government's reconciliation efforts have scored a yet another stunning success as has amply been demonstrated by the Tamil students of the Jaffna University. The Sinhalese students who have been studying there have been accorded with one of warmest treatments by their Tamil brethren showing magnificent results achieved in the reconciliation field in the country since Yahapalana government came into power. The Tamil students of the Jaffna University have warmly welcomed and given a glowing tribute to a Kandyan Dance item, a unique Sinhalese Buddhist dance, showing a true spirit of accommodativeness on the part of Tamils. This is more unique as it happened in the foremost seat of education in the Northern Province: at the Jaffna University! 


This exemplary act on the part of Tamils has become a death blow to the Sinhalese Buddhists barbarians who live in stone-age. This is indeed a terrible slap on the face of those rabid chauvinists who are blind followers of Hora Mahinda.  It is also a turbo boost for the reconciliation efforts of the government spearheaded by the former president Chandrika who has been granted with millions of dollars by the UN to further reconciliation between Tamils and other ethnicities in the country.  The UN, the Western nations in other words "the International Community" and NGOs must surely be elated by these turn of events at the Jaffna University. 


This is also a death-blow to the Sinhala Buddhist racists like Bengamuwe Nalaka, Alle Gunawansa, Wiamal Weerawansa, Udaya Gammanpila and Madumadawa Aravinda who have been going around the country propagating venomous Sinhala racism. On top of all this is a shining example of how the Tamils have forgotten all the atrocities committed against them by the racist Mahinda during his tenure and is indeed refreshing to see that this change has taken place during less than two years of the present Yahapalana government's tenure.   


What we witnessed at the Jaffna University is indeed a turning point in the field of reconciliation in the country which should be celebrated by each and every citizen of our beloved motherland. This is one of the very examples to show why Hora racist Mahinda should never be allowed to capture power of this country again as he and his cronies will surely undo all the magnificent achievements made in the field of reconciliation by the Yahapalana government!