Thursday, November 22, 2007

Naming a housing scheme in Jaffna as Mahindapura- history repeating itself

A couple of weeks back TULF president Anadasagaree in a press release had opposed naming of a housing scheme in Jaffana as Mahindapuram citing the move as counter-productive. Whether the move by the government was wrong or right, the incident in a way, I feel, as if history repeating itself.

The so called 'Tamil's historical homeland theory' has many a times been challenged and proved to have been untrue by many hard evidences. Among many such hard evidences the origins of names of villages have proved to have been a good source to challenge the homeland theory. Most of the villages in the North and East have originally had Sinahala names and have later been Tamilinised.

If go by a few examples such as Vavniya of which ealier name was Vav Nimava literary meaning the last place where the tanks end , Kokavil- Kokavila, Valigamamam- Valigama, Kamburupiddi-Kamburupitiya etc. A Tamil scholar in 1930s wrote a book in Tamil on this subject and claimed that Tamils have no right to claim North and East as their homeland citing many such examples. He have traced the names of many places in the North and East with originally bearing Sinhala names. Due to some mysterious circumstances copies of that book can hardly be found now.

When I asked some of my Tamil friends the meanings of the names of such villages they found that their were no meanings in Tamil for such names. Anyway, rebel will post a detailed note on the subject with descriptive examples in near future.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Come on Mr.President for your tit for tat strategy !

I would congratulate President Mahinda Rajapaksha for one thing. He is the only president in the Sri Lanka's history who got guts to answer the 'fire with fire'.

The tiger terrorists enjoyed an absolute freedom in butchering Sinhalases and making mayhem in the country one after the other and got nothing in return. In that sense the President made a history and more importantly he made a good precedent.

Leaders who will be coming into power after him will have no option but to continue the path taken by him. Otherwise they will have no political survival.

But I'm sure this president will finish off this bunch of terrorists during his tenure of time and will never leave his successors to deal with these maggots. The "Sun God" never expected this sort of president coming into power in Sri Lanka.

All president Rajapaksha's predecessors were mere cowards who were giving in to these blood suckers. He selects and appoints suitable people to the critical positions here and abroad and conducts the war effectively.

Come on Mr. President! You have the strength and the guts to finish off this bunch of maggots.
The people are with you!

Friday, November 9, 2007

A possible target for avenging the 'political leader's killing

As much anticipated retaliation by the tiger terrorists for the killing of their 'political leader' is looming around, a note of caution is worth mentioned emphasizing an extra vigilance required to be maintained on all possible targets.

Needless to say the extra vigilance needed for protecting key military installations in north and east such as Trincomalee naval base, China Bay Air Force base etc.and also military installations in the rest of the country.

There has been a reduction of targeting the civilian targets in the south from recent past, perhaps due to the extra vigilance cast by the security forces or perhaps as a part of the image building exercise as a group no longer engaged in targeting civilian centers. This emphasizes the need of an extra caution in protecting the military centers in the south. In this scenario a much unnoticed target could be identified as most vulnerable.

In fact, a possible attempt was made by the terrorist in no so distanced past to target this seemingly less protective target but having enough potential to inflict a huge carnage. A few
months back a lorry fully laden with explosives was detected by the police in Kuliyapitya destined to carry out a deadly mission. The target was identified as an army passing out parade to be held in the area on the same day the lorry was detected. Thanks to a vigilant police officer a major carnage was averted. Luck was with us on that occasion as the detection was an accident not by based on an intelligent source.

The possible mayhem that could be caused in the event of such an eventuality will be an unimaginable magnitude as the relations of the recruits also attend such events. A chance of such an attempt is further enhanced by the claim of the air force a few months back targeting similar event held in Vanni.

By judging the scenarios such as avenging the said attack by the SLAF and the so called political leader's death and also something to tell to Diaspora in the much expected 'Sun God's 'great speech' such an attempt can not be ruled out. Therefore, a low publicity should always be maintained in the events like passing out parades or alternative arrangements should be made.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Extra protection for SLAF pilots

While applauding the spectacular success achieved by the SLAF pilots for their precise accuracy in targeting the exact location of the terrorist leader and exterminating him along with other terrorists, I feel it it must be taken as a high priority in protecting the lives of those valiant pilots, the true sons of Sri Lanka.

As it is well known, it is the habit of the tiger terrorist taking revenge in exterminating all the military personalities and political leaders who were involved in very much successful missions or ventures against the terrorist outfit as exemplified by wiping out of almost all the men of the most successful LRRP.

This is also good strategy in demoralizing and discouraging the military men. Traitors have never been uncommon in the Sri Lanka's conflict who has betrayed us for money. Therefore, an extra caution and care should be taken to give the protection to those gallant true sons of Sri Lanka. All SLAF pilots should be given an extra protection as they may be a prime target of the Tiger terrorists.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anuradhapura attack -an afterthought

Having seen a front page report on Anurdhapura air force base attack in the Sunday Lankadeepa on 27 th October 2007 I felt it is prudent to share some of my thoughts that have been working in my mind for some time.

The reports is about a speculation by the SL's security authorities to the effect that the cache of arms used to attack the air base might have been brought to Anuradhapura by luxury vehicles owned by certain organizations operating in the North and East. Theses vehicles include vehicles belonging to SLMM and some INGOs. The immunity enjoyed by these organizations for not being subjected to security checks should be reconsidered given the fact that some shady individuals working in these organizations.

This speculation is not so distant possibility having learnt from some of my friends who have close acquaintance with these individuals and through some of my personal experiences about these characters who are always hell bent to see every act of the government forces as anti- Tamil and have always been so welcoming every brutal attack by the LTTE as reactions against oppression. Especially some individuals in the SLMM have nicely been brainwashed by the Eelamist and talk about colonization of Sinhalese in the Eastern part of the country and the region has historically been Tamil's homeland.

It is interesting to see how these 'Black Norwegians' who are said to have come here as monitors have become so conversant about Sri Lanka's history. Judging the hatred feelings they harbour in their minds against Sri Lankan state in general and our security forces in particular it is not unwise to conclude theses LTTE cronies would have done the job for their 'oppressed friends'.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the security forces and the government to thoroughly check each and every vehicle that passes through the check- points irrespective of the organization to which they belong to. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense to have a close tab on these characters as they may pose greater danger by engaging more serious missions.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Rebel of Kandy- as introduced by someone else

" ....the rebel of Candea, a man from whom anything might be expected,for he was tall of body,well-limbed and of great strength , proud ,presumptuous , of sharp intelligence,prudent, sagacious ,sufficiently well informed and of great resources in war, who ,as everybody knew was above average of the nation in valour and never lost heart or presence of mind..."
Queyroz said above about Wimaladharmasuriya on p479,Book III of "The Temporal and Spiritual Conquest of Ceylon" translated by Fr.S.G.Perera .
what Queyroz said about Wimaladharmasuriya , reflects the same as what the modern day rebel of Kandy is made of ...
so, with that the Rebel of Kandy establishes his virtual presence in the Blog Spear ,ever watchful of the ills of Sri Lanka, determined to change...