Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anuradhapura attack -an afterthought

Having seen a front page report on Anurdhapura air force base attack in the Sunday Lankadeepa on 27 th October 2007 I felt it is prudent to share some of my thoughts that have been working in my mind for some time.

The reports is about a speculation by the SL's security authorities to the effect that the cache of arms used to attack the air base might have been brought to Anuradhapura by luxury vehicles owned by certain organizations operating in the North and East. Theses vehicles include vehicles belonging to SLMM and some INGOs. The immunity enjoyed by these organizations for not being subjected to security checks should be reconsidered given the fact that some shady individuals working in these organizations.

This speculation is not so distant possibility having learnt from some of my friends who have close acquaintance with these individuals and through some of my personal experiences about these characters who are always hell bent to see every act of the government forces as anti- Tamil and have always been so welcoming every brutal attack by the LTTE as reactions against oppression. Especially some individuals in the SLMM have nicely been brainwashed by the Eelamist and talk about colonization of Sinhalese in the Eastern part of the country and the region has historically been Tamil's homeland.

It is interesting to see how these 'Black Norwegians' who are said to have come here as monitors have become so conversant about Sri Lanka's history. Judging the hatred feelings they harbour in their minds against Sri Lankan state in general and our security forces in particular it is not unwise to conclude theses LTTE cronies would have done the job for their 'oppressed friends'.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the security forces and the government to thoroughly check each and every vehicle that passes through the check- points irrespective of the organization to which they belong to. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense to have a close tab on these characters as they may pose greater danger by engaging more serious missions.

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