Friday, October 26, 2007

Rebel of Kandy- as introduced by someone else

" ....the rebel of Candea, a man from whom anything might be expected,for he was tall of body,well-limbed and of great strength , proud ,presumptuous , of sharp intelligence,prudent, sagacious ,sufficiently well informed and of great resources in war, who ,as everybody knew was above average of the nation in valour and never lost heart or presence of mind..."
Queyroz said above about Wimaladharmasuriya on p479,Book III of "The Temporal and Spiritual Conquest of Ceylon" translated by Fr.S.G.Perera .
what Queyroz said about Wimaladharmasuriya , reflects the same as what the modern day rebel of Kandy is made of ...
so, with that the Rebel of Kandy establishes his virtual presence in the Blog Spear ,ever watchful of the ills of Sri Lanka, determined to change...

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