Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why is tomorrow’s rally in Matara going to be historic?

Ven. Baddegama Samitha is an erudite, well respected, patriotic, anti- imperialist and one of the most principled politically active Buddhist monks in the country.  His this appeal is suffice to explain why all patriotic Sri Lankans should turn up in numbers to  pro-Mahinda rally to be held in Sanath Jayasooriya stadium in Matara tomorrow.

So no lengthy elaborations are needed to explain why tomorrow's pro-Mahinda rally is going to be historic as I did previous occasions when similar mammoth rallies were held in Nugegoda, Kandy, Ratnapura and Kurunegala.

In nutshell tomorrow's rally is going to be yet another important milestone in our struggle against the imperialism by the Christian White West and Indian expansionism.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Who is in more danger? Mahinda or Gotabhaya?

There have been some concerns on the part of certain segments of the patriotic people in the country that the former president Mahinda's life is in danger. There is no doubt that the White imperialist Christian West, their local stooges here, Eelmists and Indian expansionists are hell bent to eliminate both Mahinda and Gotabhaya. The above mentioned anti-Sinhalese Buddhists forces are steely determined to take revenge from both the personalities for eliminating the Tamil terrorism, the proxies of the imperialistic Christian West. Yes, in that case they will try their best to eliminate both of them.  

If we forget the revenge factor and consider the strategic factors, then they are badly desperate to eliminate the latter than the former as they know very well that Mahinda, if elected, can be in power for only one more term due to his age. On the other hand Mahinda would most likely be the Prime Minister unless yet another major constitutional change takes place.

In case of Gotabhaya, however, they know that he has many years and huge potential to be the ruler of the country given the enormous popularity he enjoys, as same as his brother, among the Sinhalese Buddhists. Besides, his capabilities are legendary. Gotabhaya should really be careful.  What happened to Ven. Soma should be a lesson to him. Invitations to other countries for work or otherwise must flatly be turned down! Needless to say about other security measures that should be put in place!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Eelamists demand an absence of Sinhalese Buddhist heritage in N& E: A case of undoing what Mahinda did in reviving Buddhist heritage in the regions?

As was quite expected Eelmists have started demanding an absence of any signs of Sinhalese Buddhist heritage in the North and East. This news item is about their demand to stop the construction of a Buddhist temple in the North by requesting from the current president. President Mahinda Rajapaksha ' s administration did a great deal of work in renovating some destroyed Buddhist places of worship with the support of Security Forces. Protection for a considerable number of ruins of Buddhist temples was given deploying Security Forces and members of Civil Defence Force, especially in the East. This is precisely one of the reasons why the Eelamists, the Western Christian Imperialists, their stooges here and Muslim Fundamentalists loathe Rajapakshas. It is certain now that whatever Mahinda's administration did in reviving the lost Sinhala Buddhists heritage in the North and East will get undone. 


It is primarily the bogus and fabricated history of Tamils in Sri Lanka, especially in North and East that has been keeping the Eelam dream alive. As is common knowledge to many the history of much of the Tamils in North and East doesn't go beyond the Dutch period as it was the Dutch Colonists who brought the largest chunk of Tamils from South India to cultivate tobacco in the North and East regions of the country. 


Erasing and distorting original Sinhala place names have been a time tested modes operandi by Eelamists when inventing a fabricated history of Tamils in the island. Most of the original place names in the North and East in general and in Jaffna peninsula in particular had Sinhala names which have been Tamilinized later to support a bogus history. 


I highlighted this in my numerous posts in the past. Following is one of such posts that show how such original Sinhala place names have been Tamilinized. 


 Tamilinized Sinhala place names in Jaffna


The Tamilinzed Sinhala place names and the Buddhist archaeological sites in the North and East of Sri Lanka has always been an interesting aspect of study for anyone interested in learning the true history of this country.  


It is a well recognized fact that the bogus Tamil homeland theory in the North and East of  Sri Lanka is a just a creation of power hungry elite Vellala and Christian Tamil politicians of Jaffna as highlighted by Tamil scholars themselves. Blinded by this illusionary theory the Tamil community in Sri Lanka had to bear the brunt of the destruction for the last three decades.


The names of the places in Jaffna specially shed more light to unearth the true history of the country. Following example show that the most of the Sinhala names' latter part has been Tamilinzed while the first part remains in most of the cases in the original forms:


Sinhala                                  Tamil


goda                 -                     kotteai

gama                -                     cam

gala                  -                     kallu

puraya              -                     puram

maluwa             -                     malai

amuna              -                     munai 

watta                -                     thottam

deepa               -                     theev

ganga               -                     aru

wava                -                     kulam


Following examples of places in Jaffna district show how those place names got the Tamil names for Tamil usage.


Sinhala                                  Tamil  


Yapa Patuna                           Yalpana Pattanam

Dambakola Patuna                  Sembilthurai

Hunugama                              Chunnakam

Gothamaluwawatta                  Kattupulam

Virala                                     Viralai

Vadumakaduwa                      Vaddumakaddu

Uduvila                                  Uduvil

Kodiyawatta                           Koddiyawattai

Malalagama                           Mallakam

Budugama                             Puttur

Mahiyapitiya                          Mahiyappitti

Nilawara                                Nilawarai

Puleliya                                 Pulloli

Velipuraya                             Vallipuram

Develdoova                           Delape-Nenedatheev (Delft)

Uthirapura                             Uththipuram

(G)Kilinike                             Kilinochchi

Puvangudeepa                      Punkudutheev

Kadurugoda                          Kantharodai

Dunukava                             Nuthukkai


[More Tamilnized original Sinhala names in the NE Sri Lanka along with the Buddhist archaeological sites with their histories will follow with subsequent posts.]  


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Though vilified as “militarization’ Colombo city development drive turned the city into the fastest growing tourist city in the world!

With the Colombo city being ranked the first outsmarting mega, glittering and wealthy cities like Abu Dhabi, Osaka and Tokyo as the fastest growing tourist city by MasterCard, based on the data collected during last 06 years, yet another outstanding achievement by former president Mahinda Rajapaksha's administration gets highlighted despite a sustained and vicious vilification and hunting down program that has been unleashed against the Rajapakshas, his family members and his loyalists. As per CNN "Sri Lanka's capital city of Colombo is first in growth with a staggering 21% surge, with Chengdu, the capital of China's Sichuan province, following in second". Capital Colombo receives these accolades at the backdrop of the city fast losing its grandeur created by the previous government. This was recently reported in media too.

The city of Colombo used to be one of ugliest and garbage filled cities in Asia for many decades until it tuned into a garden city after Urban Development Authority was taken over by President Mahinda's brother Gotabhaya Rajapaksha. When it was raining there wasn't hardly a road that was not flooded in many parts of the city and its suburbs. Even the areas in which affluent residents lived were not spared and were affected by floods leave alone low lying areas where the low income earning segments of the city dwellers lived. Huge Garbage Mountains dotted many parts of the city and suburbs creating a huge health hazards to residents and those who enter the city daily. Either side of many roads was littered with many days' old garbage dumps.

The metamorphosis undergone by the Capital Colombo under Gotabhaya's wings was in many forms. The floods that made the city a living hell during the rainy season was a thing in the past, huge garbage mountains were disappearing one by one, beautiful, lush green and clean parks were dotting many parts of the city and suburbs, old, dilapidating and crumbling colonial buildings were undergoing facelifts which made some parts of the Colombo city to have a colonial outlook-a major attraction for European tourists to Colombo, the slums homed to the low income earning dwellers were disappearing one by one and they were being settled in multi storied apartments, the water bodies, canals and water ways which were polluted, stinking and clogged were seen filled with pristine clean water, clean and beautifully paved pathways and walkways were to be seen in many places in the city and suburbs and many roads had been widened with paved sidewalks and tree lines or flower plants planted either in the middle of the roads or on their sides.

While this metamorphosis was underway in Colombo city and suburbs Rajapaksha administration in general and Gotabhaya in particular were subject to an intense, nasty and sustained demonizing campaign by the White Christian West, their local stooges here, Eelamists and Indian expansionists. Rajapakshas were being vilified claiming that they were "militarizing" the society and military personal were being utilized for menial jobs. This was, however, quite expected. What anti-Rajapaksha forces wanted was to find an excuse to demonize Rajapakshas no matter the quality and volume of the splendid work they did to the country.  

However, as the saying goes, "You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time. But you can't fool all the people all the time". Right thinking people are now beginning to realize that Sri Lanka was fast heading towards an unprecedented and mammoth development drive under Rajapakshas.  Transformation undergone by Colombo city and the acclaim that it received are just a couple of examples. The results of the massive development drive initiated by Rajapakshas since 2010 will continue to bear fruits in coming years. The vicious foreign conspirators and their local lackeys here knew very well in advance what Sri Lanka was heading for. They will continue to undermine Sri Lanka's prosperity and  sovereignty!