Thursday, February 28, 2013

Adverse consequences of Muslim fundamentalism not confined only to Buddhists in Sri Lanka!

At a time Buddhists in Sri Lanka have finally been rudely awaken from their deep slumber by incessant and increasingly threatening Muslim fundamentalism and population explosion, other communities in the country seem to have not been bothered by this catastrophe fast unfolding under their very noses which would soon threaten their very survival. Census statics recently released show disturbing demographic changes that are taking place in the country with Muslim population explosion being the most alarming factor.

 But the real catastrophically disturbing statistics are yet to be released. They are withheld by the authorities due to the political pressure. Rural people in Sri Lanka have increasingly been experiencing these changes over the years in the form of their traditional hamlets and small- rustic towns being flooded by Muslim populations. It has become a common phenomenon in the country that increasing number of livable plot of lands in the rural Sri Lanka being acquired by the Muslims.  Equally disturbing is the fast disappearing peacefulness to their ears that they enjoyed for centuries. The sheer noise that emanates for five times a day by disproportionately number of Mosques built in the localities that Muslims have 'invaded' makes the simple villagers' life miserable often resulting in the original inhabitants of the villages being forced to move out from their villages.


A disturbing case in point, among thousands, is reported from the Mullaitivu district. This particular location is Mullaivali. A few years after conclusion of war a surprising and disturbing upsurge of Muslim population is reported in this locality which used to be vastly predominated by Tamil community. With the intensification of war , around the year 2000, all the Muslim families numbering 75 fled the area and had been staying in Puttalam District. However, a few years into the conclusion of the war, to the utter dismay of the Tamil population in the area, about 565 Muslim families have settled in the area making Mullaivali almost look like a Muslim predominant area. Muslims shops are coming up every other day both sides of the road with Mosques mushrooming in the area. The face of Mullaivali is fast changing day by day which will soon become a Muslim area.

This is a quite common occurrence happening in every part of the country. This is many times severe in the areas where Buddhists are the predominant community as their accommodative and passive attitudes are exploited to their maximum benefit by Muslim fundamentalists.