Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What do incidents like what happened in Nindavur prove over and over again?

One of the prominent manifestations of Muslim expansionism  in the countries where the community lives as a minority or the majority has been to unleash extreme violence against non-Muslim communities and the law enforcement authorities whenever such acts are deemed by the expansionists as necessary. The resultant fear- psychosis created among the Kafirs or infidels, the way Muslims consider all non-Muslims, in turn facilitates its expansionist agenda. What we have been increasingly observing for quite some time in the Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, the West and Sri Lanka are case in point. One of the most commonly employed forms of violence has been brutally killing the victims by hacking to death. (Hacking to death or beheading the "infidels or Kaffirs" is the standard way being followed by Muslims from Islam's inception in eliminating the former and it is widely practiced in the world over irrespective of whether the Muslims are in the majority or the minority) ). The fear- psychosis crated among other communities also helps to create "No go zones" to Kafirs among the Muslim settlements which is quite common among the Muslim settlements in the UK in particular and in the West in general. In most of such incidents violent unrests are created taking the law onto their hands by the Muslim expansionists. The public properties are damaged and other normal day today affaires are disrupted creating unruly atmosphere.      
What we witnessed in Nindavur yesterday (and still going on) was just a latest example of series of similar acts in action. The law enforcement authorities are prevented from entering the villages by hook or by crook. If the members of the Security Forces happen to be in civics, they are accused to have entered to the Muslim Settlements to do unlawful activities such as robberies or any other nefarious acts.  The victims are caught and severely beaten or hacked to death. Series of such incidents were reported some time back in the Grease Yaka episodes. Unarmed Sgt. Navarathna Bandara of Sri Lanka police was hacked to death in Puttalam and many army personals were severely beaten in the East and other parts of the country. In yesterday's incident few STF members were beaten and were luckily rescued by a group of their colleagues before being killed.  This applies to any other person belonging to non-Muslim ethnicities. Such cases were reported in several parts of the country during, prior and after Grease Yaka incidents. These acts will continue to happen until Sri Lanka turns into some form of "............stan" which is the ultimate goal of Muslim 

Monday, November 18, 2013

In defence of appointing military officials at Sri Lankan missions abroad …02

As I once noted, appointing of former and serving Military Officials in Sri Lanka's foreign missions have paid dividends with outstanding results.  In my previous post on the subject I pointed out how the appointment of Major General Shavendra Silva, Sri Lanka's Deputy Representative to the UN and Major General Udaya Perera then deputy high commissioner of Sri Lanka to Malaysia and now the Commander Security Forces Head Quarters in Kilinochchi   have yielded spectacular successes.
The latest case in point comes from Australia. As has been the case with above mentioned instances,  the appointment of a former Navy Commander Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe as the Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to Australia has paid its dividends. Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe's lobbying with the Australian Government   has yielded the latter's perfect understanding about the problem of the illegal immigration by Sri Lankans to Australia by sea. The success of the High Commissioner's efforts underscores the Austrian PM's pledge to support Sri Lanka in combatting this menace. It's true that illegal immigration has become a menace to Australia than it has been to Sri Lanka. Therefore, Austria has been doing its best to prevent it from happening by assisting the source country to strengthen its Navy and the Coast Guard. But lobbying by an ex-navy commander with Australian authorities, a highly successful one in that matter, is far effective than by doing it by a layman whose knowledge in the subject is limited. On the other hand Admiral Samarasinghe's command of the language is impressive and is indeed articulate.

The Eeelam propaganda machine is still deadly effective as eloquently displayed by David Cameron’s visit to Jaffna.

This picture eloquently tells how deadly effective Eeelam propaganda machine has been as had been during the LTTE heydays. The demise of the LTTE in Sri Lanka seems to have made no impact on it and have been strengthened in several folds. If not taken on this well oiled machine with equally deadly effectiveness, the present Sri Lankan government and the ones yet to come would succumb to the fate faced by the Sri Lankan governments during the 30 years' of Eelam War.

Imagine, the sheer scale of preparations which have gone into by carefully preserving the gun shot marks on walls of the Uthayan News-Paper Office for a considerable time even having apparently been painted the walls. The marks have clearly been left out and have been prominently marked ready to show any foreign dignitary who happen to visit Jaffna during the CHOGM. And the efforts that were put into have generously been rewarded with the foreign dignitary who happened to visit Jaffna had been none other than the British Prime Minister David Cameron. The PM visited the Uthayan Office and the rest is history!

Photo: Courtesy- http://www.dailymirror.lk/

Friday, November 15, 2013

A lot kudos for Sri Lankan High Commissioner to the UK! The right person in the right place at last!

In this video clip Dr. Chris Nonis , Sri Lankan High Commissioner to the UK giving an interview to CNN has been quite eloquent, articulate and supremely confident on what he was talking about.  It seems this has been a rare instance where a right person has been given an opportunity in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Diplomatic Community dearly needs this type of personalities. We have been paying dearly for a long period of time for not having the personalities calibre of Dr. Nonis to deal with the country's foreign affairs. Courtesy- http://www.adaderana.lk/