Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beheading of an unarmed British soldier in London by Muslim fundamentalists and hacking to death of an unarmed Police Sergeant in Puttalm by Muslim fundamentalists- many similarities between the two incidents with a glaring dissimilarity too!

The brutal murder of an unarmed police Sergeant Navarathna Bandra by hacking by Muslim fundamentalists while he was on duty in Puttalam in August in 2011 has a stark resemblance to the beheading of an unarmed British soldier Lee Rigby in London by Muslim fundamentalists a couple of days ago. There are many similarities between the two incidents with a glaring dissimilarity too. First and foremost both murders were perpetrated by fanatical Muslim fundamentalists who have become a cancer to the peaceful societies the world over.  The UK and Sri Lanka, as many other countries in the world, are paying the dear prize for their ill-conceived and short-sighted policies of tolerance and accommodativeness towards the ever growing Muslim expansionism and fundamentalism.

Unarmed police sergeant Navrathna Bandara was hacked to death in cold blood while he was begging for his life. His wife was a 09 months' old pregnant. He begged his attackers to give him a chance considering his unborn child. And also an injury in his leg made it impossible him to run for his life. But the Muslim fundamentals had no mercy in their hearts as sergeant Navarathna Bandara was a Sinhalese, an infidel.        

The British soldier was also in similar helpless situation when his attacker was mercilessly chopping him as if a "piece of meat". (Hacking to death or beheading the "infidels or Kaffirs" is the standard way being followed by Muslims from Islam's inception in eliminating the former and it is widely practiced in the world over irrespective of whether the Muslims are in the majority or the minority)  

What is then the glaring dissimilarity that I'm talking about in the two incidents? This dissimilarity is none other than the huge publicity earned by the brutal murder of Lee Rigby by the British media in particular and the world media in general. However, in a total contrast the news of brutal murder of Sergeant Navarathna Bandra was concealed as much as possible here in Sri Lanka. The identity of the perpetrators was never revealed but a few blog sites. Extra efforts had been taken to prevent it from becoming known that It was the Muslims who killed the police Sergeant. The incident was portrayed as a result of a clash between "two groups". It was after the incident became public knowledge only that a few newspapers reported the incident casually while taking extra efforts to conceal the perpetrators' identity. The protest carried out by the villagers of Sergeant Navarathna Bandra against the brutal murder received almost no publicity among the mass media.                        

Despite the fact that the UK has been paying the dear prize for turning a blind eye towards growing Muslim expansionism and fundamentalism, it tries to undo the damages it caused by producing a well-informed and enlightened public whose vigilance would certainly help them to face the dangers of Muslim expansionism and fundamentalism. However, non-Muslims in Sri Lanka continue to grope in the darkness until they are too late. Even some form of protests shown recently especially by the Buddhists who are pushed to the wall by Muslim fundamentalism are portrayed as "Ethno-religious Fascism on the part of the majority community against a beleaguered Muslim Community" by some vested interested parties and individuals.

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