Thursday, April 25, 2013

Growing restlessness among Theravada Buddhist countries against Muslim Fundamentalism is due to Buddhists being pushed to the wall!

It can be observed that there has been an ever growing restlessness among Buddhist populations in countries such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand-three countries following Theravada Buddhism. Buddhists following the Theravada Buddhist tradition is known throughout the history as the most accommodative and the least aggressive communities in the world. The level of tolerance among them is such that they even do not react to their adversaries or tormentors even if they are pushed to the wall.  Then what did make the Buddhists in those countries restless to the level even to be reactive in certain instances?

This near insane tolerance level among Theravada Buddhists has been taken for a good bloody ride by the Muslim Fundamentalists in the respective countries. The strong reactions taken by the followers of  other faiths in the world namely Hindus, Christians and Jews against Muslim Fundamentalism have checked the Fundamentalists' destructive path to a certain extent and have been making maximum effort to keep the Muslim zealots at bay at the expense of great cost to their own societies. This has resulted the least reacting societies to have been at the brunt of the receiving end by the Muslim Fundamentalists with multiplied times destructiveness being unleashed against societies such as Buddhists.  

What has been experiencing by Sri Lankan Buddhists in the forms of their temples and archeological places being bulldozed and turning into Mosques to the ethnic cleansing unleashed in the form of their traditional places of habitation being mass-populated by the huge Muslim expansion is not different to what has been happening to the Buddhists in Myanmar's western Rakhine State and the Buddhists in Southern Thailand.  The huge Muslim expansion and Fundamentalism unleashed in these South-East Asian Theravada Buddhist countries by illegal migrant Muslims have pushed the latter to the wall.

The photo taken in Myanmar tells in million words what an unfortunate state of affairs that beleaguered Buddhists have to undergo due to Muslim Fundamentalism!  

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