Friday, March 23, 2012

Is this the beginning of the end of Sinhalese race?

What happened yesterday in Geneva has been unprecedented in the 2500 years of Sinhalese existence on earth. It can best be described by saying that it was indeed a magnificent victory by the 60 odd million Tamils in the world hell bent to wipe out a little more than 10 million Sinhalese from the face of earth. The mere fact that the former is well being supported by the mightiest states in the world underscores that the latter's demise is well on course.

Though there have been many an invasions by Tamils from India throughout the Sinhalese's history in this land, the latter was able to withstand them only compromising  some parts of the North East of Sri Lanka which was their original land of habitation with a flourishing civilization.

One of the certain outcomes of what happened yesterday in Geneva would be a type of intervention similar to Libya which would be primarily aimed at eliminating Sri Lanka's current ruling regime which is the architect of elimination of the LTTE.  This will follow a puppet regime set up by the foes of Sinhalese making it easy the re-emergence of the LTTE which will decide the fate of Sinhalese.

The only possible way that the Sinhalese could withstand their demise would be to fight until their last drop of blood as they did many a time in the past however mightier their foe would be. But this time around it would be a near impossible task unless the beleaguered Sinhalese would get concerted support from another mighty state.  Sinhalese survival will wholly be dependent on how successful they would be in getting that support! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Is the Tamils’ Ass Licking quality of the Whites being again used by the West to secure its losing supremacy?

As I discussed some time ago in one of my posts Sri Lankan Tamils in particular and the Tamils in other parts of the world have historically been one of the greatest Ass Lickers of the Whites. As history proves in many an instance, this quality of Tamils has , undoubtedly , given an enormous amount of benefits for them for centuries. 

I pointed out in my previous post too that this quality of the Tamils is again being used by the US and the West to the hilt. This time around it is being used to destabilize India and in turn to destabilize the whole Asia which is fast becoming challenging force to the dwindling White supremacy.  As part of this strategy two pronged approach is being used. While Sri Lanka is being used to destabilize India through the Eelam project the Tamil Nadu is directly being influenced to destabilize India. The case in point is Hilary Clinton's visit to the State of Tamil Nadu some time ago and meeting its Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram, an ardent supporter of the Eelam project. This was the first time a very powerful personality of a world power visited a State of India and met its Chief Minister. This is a clear indication of the nexus between the Tamils and the US.  

How the West very skillfully uses Jayalalitha in its newest campaign to punish SL at the UNHRC in order archive its ulterior motives is yet another case in point which is very cleverly depicted in the above cartoon appeared in today's The Island paper.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is the US again using SL to break India into pieces?

In a thought provoking article in The Island paper on March 01st Chandrasoma critically analysis the US's current foreign policy which is hell bent to secure its super power status in the back drop of Asia's impressive rise challenging its long -held envious status .  He analysis  in the article how Sri Lanka has become a pawn of this policy which the US tries to achieve by hook or by crook, following some Machiavellian hypothesis.

 As said in the binging one of the significant worrying factors for the US and the West has been the rising status of Asia which is hugely being boosted by China's phenomenal rise. The ever depleting non-renewable sources of energy of which vast reserves still found in the Arab countries is the other factor that the US worries the most. The US's fears are further exacerbated by a highly unlikely eventuality of a block between China and India. India's impressive rise as one of the Asia's powers, through it has a limited clout in the world arena, is also a factor that shapes the US's policy in Asia.  So the USA's foreign policy is geared to unleash an all-out destabilizing campaign in Asia.     

India's fragile political system, unlike China, makes it easier to launch relatively easier destabissing campaign.  So Sri Lanka has become a perfect launching pad for the purpose. So the Eelam project from Sri Lanka makes it perfect Trojon Horse to destabilize India.  As the writer rightly points out Sri Lanka is also located in strategic sea route where a lot Afro- Chinese trade takes place.

The US's plans are quite clear with the rigorous campaign that It has unleashed in UNHRC in Geneva against Sri Lanka which is now underway. Back in Sri Lanka one can clearly see the anti Sri Lankan camp which was quite active during the LTTE's heydays is back with their business. Backed by Eelamists's and the West's money and the moral support this campaign has taken a renewed vigor. There are all indications that the West's money has again started pumping into NGOs like CPA to restart the campaign.  This has given a new lease of life to anti- Sri Lankan and pro-Eelam web sites like Groundviews run by Sanjana Hattotuwa working in CPA.

As Chandrasoma concludes "The sad truth is that - given these political realities - we can expect the USA and its Western friends - notably the UK, the 'White Commonwealth and the leading European powers - to step up its 'cold war' against Sri Lanka. They will do this because of their own difficulties in staying afloat in a world that is no longer the play-ground of the Anglo-Saxon Imperialists. Our planetary world is overcrowded and fast running out of non-renewable resources. This ecological threat makes conventional global politics a foolish game - this fact has not, however, sufficed to erase the combative engrams inherited from long ages of white dominance in our world. That our future as Sri Lankans is not safe and assured is a truth that we must live with".