Friday, March 23, 2012

Is this the beginning of the end of Sinhalese race?

What happened yesterday in Geneva has been unprecedented in the 2500 years of Sinhalese existence on earth. It can best be described by saying that it was indeed a magnificent victory by the 60 odd million Tamils in the world hell bent to wipe out a little more than 10 million Sinhalese from the face of earth. The mere fact that the former is well being supported by the mightiest states in the world underscores that the latter's demise is well on course.

Though there have been many an invasions by Tamils from India throughout the Sinhalese's history in this land, the latter was able to withstand them only compromising  some parts of the North East of Sri Lanka which was their original land of habitation with a flourishing civilization.

One of the certain outcomes of what happened yesterday in Geneva would be a type of intervention similar to Libya which would be primarily aimed at eliminating Sri Lanka's current ruling regime which is the architect of elimination of the LTTE.  This will follow a puppet regime set up by the foes of Sinhalese making it easy the re-emergence of the LTTE which will decide the fate of Sinhalese.

The only possible way that the Sinhalese could withstand their demise would be to fight until their last drop of blood as they did many a time in the past however mightier their foe would be. But this time around it would be a near impossible task unless the beleaguered Sinhalese would get concerted support from another mighty state.  Sinhalese survival will wholly be dependent on how successful they would be in getting that support! 

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