Monday, March 12, 2012

Is the Tamils’ Ass Licking quality of the Whites being again used by the West to secure its losing supremacy?

As I discussed some time ago in one of my posts Sri Lankan Tamils in particular and the Tamils in other parts of the world have historically been one of the greatest Ass Lickers of the Whites. As history proves in many an instance, this quality of Tamils has , undoubtedly , given an enormous amount of benefits for them for centuries. 

I pointed out in my previous post too that this quality of the Tamils is again being used by the US and the West to the hilt. This time around it is being used to destabilize India and in turn to destabilize the whole Asia which is fast becoming challenging force to the dwindling White supremacy.  As part of this strategy two pronged approach is being used. While Sri Lanka is being used to destabilize India through the Eelam project the Tamil Nadu is directly being influenced to destabilize India. The case in point is Hilary Clinton's visit to the State of Tamil Nadu some time ago and meeting its Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram, an ardent supporter of the Eelam project. This was the first time a very powerful personality of a world power visited a State of India and met its Chief Minister. This is a clear indication of the nexus between the Tamils and the US.  

How the West very skillfully uses Jayalalitha in its newest campaign to punish SL at the UNHRC in order archive its ulterior motives is yet another case in point which is very cleverly depicted in the above cartoon appeared in today's The Island paper.  

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