Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why have the protests in the North taken an unusual intensity?

Attacking the Jaffna Court Complex and the hartals which have been in progress yesterday and today in the Northern Province and some districts in the Eastern Province are claimed to have been to pressurize the authorities to take strict actions against the perpetrators who ganged raped and killed a teenage school girl in Jaffna.  

Staging protests demanding justice being delivered is a right of the people in a democratic society. But why is it in such a violent manner and massive scale going to the extent of attacking courts and launching widespread total hartals making day today affairs of people standstill? Why don't we find these types of strong, widespread and highhanded protests in other parts of the country despite the type of heinous crimes such as the one in question are reported many times frequently in those parts?      

Do these protest coincidence with the total elimination of LTTE terrorism from the shores of Sri Lanka exactly 06 years back of which remembrance of the dead took place the day before yesterday? These actions have eerily resemblance to the manner in which Tamil militancy led by LTTE was launched in late 70s and early 80s.       

Saturday, May 9, 2015

“The East Asian race has kicked the white race’s ass while the South Asians have traditionally licked the white race’s ass”

The following is a post that I published back in 2010. I reproduce it now as it is relevant very much to the context which we are in now than we were back in 2010. The context we are in now is a one in which we have become a fully-fledged ass- lickers of the White race. Back in 2010 we were refusing to lick the asses of the White and kicking their asses. We have now not only become the ass-lickers of the Whites but the Indians as well who have traditionally been the greatest ass-lickers of the White race for ages!        

"The East Asian race has kicked the white race's ass while the South Asian's have traditionally licked the white race's ass"

How true!I saw the below quoted comment posted in response to an article written comparing military strengths of China and India. The author of the comment explains why the US is interested in strengthening India's military. The comment tells it in nutshell: the mentality of the most of the South Asian countries who were the former colonies of the West. They have for long been the 'yes' men to the West. This is very much true as far as Sri Lanka is concerned.

This mentality, especially among 'Kalu Suddas' in Sri Lanka, has cost us dearly. Until president Rajapaksha came into power our political elite licked the asses of the West and in turn what we got was 30 years of war which was being fuelled by them with their hypocritical actions. The West's hypocrisy has been well exemplified on numerous occasions, the most recent instance being the treatment meted out to the SL's president when he made a visit to the UK. The president was humiliated as he got balls not to lick the West's asses.

Following is the said comment.      

"The reason why the western world, in particular the neo-conservative factions are hyping up and siding with India while trying to put China down is because of a historical fear the white (caucasian) race has of the yellow (oriental) race. Throughout history, from the Huns who humiliated the mighty Romans, to the Mongols under Ghengis Khan and his grandsons to the Japanese at Pearl Harbour to the Vietnamese in the Vietnam war, the East Asian race has kicked the white race's ass while the South Asian's have traditionally licked the white race's ass. Therefore the western fear of China's rise as a superpower that could challenge the western world's global dominance.

The west courts India not because India has any true superpower potential but because Indians are sycophants and willing lackeys to the white race, is conviniently located right next door to China and more that willing to take orders from the whites."

It is again the lackeys of the Sudda's in Sri Lanka who shout from the roof tops against present Sri Lankan government's foreign policy in tilting towards true friends like China rather than licking the asses of the White.

What will the West and India have up their sleeves against Mahinda’s return after yesterday’s mammoth rally in Kurunagala?

The massive crowd that thronged to yesterday's rally in Kurunagala organized in support of former president Mahinda must certainly be forcing anti-Mahinda foreign conspirators and their local lackeys here to change their existing strategies or make them more systematic and effective. An unprecedented number of 56 MPs attending the rally must have made matters worse for them. That number is more than the number (47) of the ruling minority UNP government led by Ranil Wickramsinahe as was revealed by MP Wimal Weerawansa at the rally. On top of all those MPs and individuals included some prominent figures hitherto unseen in pro-Mahinda rallies such as Professor. G.L Peries, the veteran trade Unionists and SLFPer Alavi Maulana, Dalus Alahaperuma and A.H.M Aswer.  

As has been proved with many examples throughout the world the Western conspirators always have a plan-B. They might take a U-turn of the existing strategies in operation or either make it more effective. As was pointed out in one of my previous posts the White Christen Western imperialists and Indian expansionists wield and carry a massive amount of power, influence and wealth at their disposal.

While the existing strategies are made more systematic and efficient some new and innovative ones would be applied. The existing anti-Mahinda strategies would certainly have a renewed vigor. They would include, among others, as follows:   

(1)   Intensifying the campaign aimed at hauling Rajapakshas and other war-heroes to the International War Crime Tribunal in Hague through UNHRC. The so called local investigations to the alleged war crimes to be initiated by the present ruling UNP government will have innovative strategies which will give a turbo boost to the former strategy.

(2)   Intensifying by many folds the ongoing nasty demonizing campaign aimed at Rajapakshas. Millions of dollars would be pumped into traditionally anti-Sinhala Buddhist media aligned to the Christian establishment of the country. The part of this would be unleashing a decapitating demonizing campaign through Social Media aiming the youth as happened during the last election that unseated the former president. NGOs play a huge role in this regard as their resources, money and professionals would truly give a tremendous boost achieving this. This vicious campaign aimed at Rajapakshas has given brilliant opportunity to the long and well established vilification campaign against Sinhalese Buddhists as I pointed out in one of my previous posts.    

(3)   Intensifying the current spree of putting Rajapakshas and their loyalists behind the bars. There will be a marked intensification in this regard specially aimed at those who spearhead the ongoing campaign to make Mahinda the Prime Minister.

There have been numerous examples throughout the world that the foreign Intelligence agencies, the Western ones in particular physically eliminate the characters undesirable to them in case other strategies aimed at achieving their desired goals fail.    

Friday, May 8, 2015

Why is today’s Rally in Kurunagala going to be historic?

The previous two rallies out of three held in support of former president in Nugegoda and Kandy have been historic with the former witnessing the biggest ever crowd that drew to a rally in recent history while the latter having more of a historical value due to the very place it was held. I said in my previous post on the subject as follows.

"It was exactly 200 years ago we Sinhalese Buddhists lost our sovereignty to the British Colonists when our last king was captured in Kandy. Exactly 200 years later we are again going to lose our sovereignty to the Western Imperialists.  200 years before it was the local cronies of the colonists who betrayed us which paved the way for the White Christian Colonists to subjugate us. Again two hundred years later it is the local cronies of the very same White Christian Colonists who are going to sell our country to their masters. It is ironical that we are going to have again a historical moment while marching towards again to defend our sovereignty in the historical city of Kandy which was sadly, 200 years earlier,  the venue for the beginning  of the end of our sovereignty for almost  one and half centuries".  

Today's rally is held in Kurunagala, the capital of the North Western province which is home to the largest number of members of armed forces among all the provinces in the country. By default the province becomes the home to the largest number of valiant soldiers, sailors, airmen, policemen and members of the Civil Defence Force who made the supreme sacrifices by laying down their lives and losing limbs to preserve the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of our beloved motherland against the Tamil terrorism, a proxy of the White Christian Western imperialists.  

The gap of two months period from the day the rally in Kandy was held showed us in style the sheer intensity of the involvement of the White Christian Western imperialists and the Indian expansionists in the country's internal affairs. The patriotic Sri Lankans should make note that the recent visits by a US Secretary of State and an Indian Prime Minister in a gap of some 40 years and 28 years respectively aren't mere coincidences.  

So while marching towards again to defend our sovereignty today's rally is held in a historic location which gifted the largest number of true sons of the soil who made the supreme sacrifices to our motherland's sovereignty. Above all it is held in support of the person who gave the valiant leadership to that epic, arduous and painful struggle to preserve our sovereignty by defeating the forces hell-bent to subjugate us through their proxies. He eventually paid the price on 08th of January this year for not bending to the dictates of those nasty forces.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Yahapalana regime would find it the easiest to resettle Sinhalese in the Northern Province!

The present Yahapalana regime is best qualified to resettle the Sinhalese in the Northern Province as it is the only Sri Lankan government that got the largest ever mandate from Tamils from North and East.

Since the end of war many attempts were made without successes by the previous administration to resettle Sinhalese who were ethnic cleansed from the Northern Province. This was due to intense protest made by Tamils themselves, NGOs and the Eelam supportive Western states who claimed that "the Sinhala racist Mahinda Rajapaksha was trying to colonize Tamil Homeland with Sinhalese to create a demographic imbalance". However, Muslims who were ethnic cleansed by the LTTE was allowed to resettle in the Jaffna peninsula and other parts of the province without a whimper of protest from the NGOs and the Eelam supportive Western states. In fact, the latter segments played a huge role in resettling the Muslims.    

Though anti-Sinhalese Buddhists elements and Eelamists would chest-beat in protest based on a mythical Tamil Homeland and a fabricated history of Tamils in Sri Lanka, they are depriving the rights of inhabitation of the original inhabitants-Sinhalese Buddhists in the province. In this backdrop I feel it is pertinent to reproduce some posts of mine appeared back in 2010 to discussing the topic. The following is one of the posts in which I discussed the subject. More such posts follow.

More on Tamilinzed Sinhala names in Jaffna……

As a further elaboration to my previous post, the current post too deals with place names in Jaffna which originally had Sinhala names but has been Tamilinized  later. These original Sinhala names were in use as late as Dutch period where they appear by the same names in the maps used by the Dutch colonial government.    

Original Sinhala names                                          Tamilinized names  

Oorana                                                                   Urani

Palyala                                                                   Palali

Kottegampala                                                          Koddagapulam

Karadiva                                                                 Karativ

Katuwana                                                                Kadduwan

Godigama                                                               Kodikamam

Kapudoova                                                              Kapputhoo

Vaslawatta                                                              Vatharavathai

Varan Yattala                                                          Varani  Iyattalai

Mirivila                                                                   Mirveli

Javakachcheriya                                                     Chavakachcheri

Kokilana                                                                 Kuppilan

Navandara                                                              Navanturai

Sorowila                                                                 Suruvil

Udupaella                                                               Oddupeli

Maavanpoluwa                                                        Maravanpulavu

Avusala                                                                  Usan

Kudameeya                                                            Kudamian

Tambagama                                                           Tampakamam

Buthpura                                                                Buttur

Hirivila                                                                   Siruvilan

Madurusala                                                             Munasal

Araella                                                                   Arayali

Punnalakaduwa                                                       Punnalaikkaduwan

Itththavila                                                               Ittavil

Addaravaella                                                           Arukuveli  

Punranna                                                                Poonaryn

Mavankulissa                                                          Maravankulissa

Sandilipe                                                                 Sandilippai

Sankavaella                                                            Sankuveli

Thalapura                                                               Tolopuram

Athureliya                                                               Achchelu

Kumburukanniya                                                     Chempankundu

Deduwankotte                                                         Tadduwankodddai

Alapitiya                                                                 Allaipiddi

Vasavila                                                                 Vasavilan

Katuwana                                                               Kadduwan

Peduru Thuduwa                                                     Point Pedru

Kokkuvila                                                               Kokkuvil

Mandadiva                                                              Mandatiuv

Vaevunkaduva                                                        Veddukkadu

Neliya                                                                    Neliyan

Batakotte                                                               Vaddukoddai

Vaelivaetithara                                                        Valivatithurai

Karanaeba                                                              Karanaval  

Karavaedda                                                             Karaveddi

Dambakolathota                                                      Kankasanthurai

Colombathora                                                         Colombothurai

Urathota                                                                 Kayts