Saturday, November 13, 2010

Attempting to deprive settling the original inhabitants in Jaffna

Eelamists have again started to shout from rooftops as usual over what can best be described as an attempt to perpetuate the big lie called Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka.  This time around it is against settling some Sinhalese families in Jaffna who lived there before they were chased away by the Eelamists in 1980s. Following are repetitions of a few facts that I highlighted in my various previous posts.     
The extent of distorting the  true history of Sri Lanka is such that perhaps the Eelimist themselves do not know the fact that the original inhabitants of Jaffna had been Sinhalese before a large scale Tamil settlement took place there when Portuguese , Dutch and English  brought them  for tobacco cultivation from South India.  
Mudaliyar C. Rasnayagam, a prominent Tamil historian claims in his book 'Ancient Jaffna' that " Jaffna was occupied by the Sinhalese earlier than by the Tamils is seen not only in the place names of Jaffna but also in the habits and customs of the people. The system of branding cattle with the communal brand by which not only the caste but also the position and family of the owner could be traced, was peculiarly Sinhalese. The very ancient way of wearing the hair in the form of a konde behind the head, was very common among the people of Jaffna till very recent times" (Ancient Jaffna, p. 384)."
Most of the place names in Jaffna that have been Tamilinised originally had Sinhalese names. Kadurugoda (kantarodai), Hunugama (Chunkamam) and Waligama( Weligamam) are just a few to name. The ruins of  Buddhist  temples that have been subjected much destruction, some of them can barely be identifiable now,  prove an existence of a flourishing Sinhalese Buddhist civilization there.
As usual Elemist have again sought the help from Eealm supportive countries in the West to prevent "this attempt by Sinhalese to create a demographic imbalance in Tamil Homeland". The present government should take every step to prevent Eelmists' sustained attempt to create a mono-ethnic enclave in the North and East for it is this very government which is credited for defeating such an effort made Eelamists by means of an armed conflict.  Otherwise, the enormous sacrifices made by our security forces, boarder villagers and general public will go in vain.  On top of all it will be a victory against the falsehood as Tamils have never been the original inhabitants of North and East rather they were recent immigrants or those who came with invaders or those who were brought by the colonists to the region from South India.

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