Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tamilinized Sinhala place names in Jaffna

The Tamilinzed Sinhala place names and the Buddhist archaeological sites in the North and East of Sri Lanka has always been an interesting aspect of study for anyone interested in learning the true history of this country. 

It is a well recognized fact that the bogus Tamil homeland theory in the North and East of  Sri Lanka is a just a creation of power hungry elite Vellala and Christian Tamil politicians of Jaffna as highlighted by Tamil scholars themselves. Blinded by this illusionary theory the Tamil community in Sri Lanka had to bear the brunt of the destruction for the last three decades.
The names of the places in Jaffna specially shed more light to unearth the true history of the country. Following example show that the most of the Sinhala names' latter part has been Tamilinzed while the first part remains in most of the cases in the original forms:
Sinhala                                    Tamil

goda                 -                       kotteai
gama                -                       cam
gala                  -                       kallu
puraya              -                       puram
maluwa             -                       malai
amuna              -                       munai
watta                -                       thottam
deepa               -                       theev
ganga               -                       aru
wava                -                       kulam

Following examples of places in Jaffna district show how those place names got the Tamil names for Tamil usage.

Sinhala                                    Tamil  

Yapa Patuna                             Yalpana Pattanam
Dambakola Patuna                    Sembilthurai
Hunugama                                Chunnakam
Gothamaluwawatta                   Kattupulam
Virala                                       Viralai
Vadumakaduwa                         Vaddumakaddu
Uduvila                                     Uduvil
Kodiyawatta                              Koddiyawattai
Malalagama                              Mallakam
Budugama                                Puttur
Mahiyapitiya                             Mahiyappitti
Nilawara                                  Nilawarai
Puleliya                                    Pulloli
Velipuraya                                Vallipuram
Develdoova                              Delape-Nenedatheev (Delft)
Uthirapura                                Uththipuram
Kilinike                                     Kilinochchi
Puvangudeepa                          Punkudutheev
Kadurugoda                             Kantharodai
Dunukava                                Nuthukkai

[More Tamilnized original Sinhala names in the NE Sri Lanka along with the Buddhist archaeological sites with their histories will follow with subsequent posts.]  


Thackshila said...

LOL yeah..

the funniest part is, even now when they refer to certain parts in colombo (specially in they use "Tamilised" names.
say for example,
Wellawatta is Wallawattai,
Bambalapitiya is Bombalapiyai or some shit like that.. These men have NO shame, lying straight to the face and trying to rewrite history...

Yajitha said...

Reble.. great work man.. why on earth can't you write on some mainstream paper..these are the stuff we need to discuss on open and inform the rest...
good job!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Nobody believes them. But get involved in writing about our country. I am Tamil myself, and I laugh when I see these theories. Take a tour to Wikipedia and see what they are writing. Try to contribute. There are almost no Sinhalese editing the pages. The Tamil nuts are writing directly from Tamilnet type of sources. Not even bothering to cite sources.

Look what they have written about Jaffna. They go on and on to tell about how the word came about, without mentioning the Sinhala word at all. It is supposed to be from some sort of a harp.... LOL.

Please contribute to Wikipedia.

There are some key arguments they use, and blend into all the articles about Sri Lanka. They don't realise that they are distorting their own history.