Sunday, April 17, 2011

Three biggest threats faced by Sri Lanka for its peaceful existence

Undoubtedly the threat posed by the Eelmists to dissembler Sri Lanka based on a mythical homeland remains largely intact despite its armed attempt being comprehensively defeated.   This attempt will go on as long as Sri Lankan government fails to defeat Eelamists abroad and here. This will be certainly a huge uphill task as far as the Sri Lankan government is concerned as the Eelimsts are being lavishly supported by the West, the USA and a host of powerful NGOs supportive to the Eelamists and their cohorts here.
Apart from the threat by the Eelamists the very existence of Sri Lanka is in great peril posed by other far more greater threats though they may have not come to the greater attention of people yet. The threat posed by the Muslim expansion in Sri Lanka has already created a huge threat with an ever increasing population explosion. This will certainly make a great demographic imbalance in Sri Lanka soon, setting in motion a host of unimaginable scale of negative implications for Sri Lanka's peaceful co-existence.   The ever increasing attacks against the Buddhist temples and attempts being made to grab such places in the Eastern part of the country by Muslims is a clear indication of this disturbing trend which is just one example of ever increasing Islam fundamentalism in Sri Lanka directed against Buddhism. And also harassments against poor Sinhalese in the Province by way of land grabbing with the support of Muslim politicians and the government servants have been on the increase.       
The hostile attitude by India towards Sri Lanka and its aggressive interferences in Sri Lanka's internal affairs has increasingly been becoming a major threat to Sri Lanka's sovereignty. India is directly responsible for the eruption and the prolongation of three out of two civil wars after independence. There have been many such blatant violations of Sri Lanka's sovereignty on the part of India which will continue to happen unabated in the future too. Fate befallen on Nepal and Bhutan which have become almost satellite states of India is case in point for Sri Lanka too.  
Sri Lanka's peaceful existence will largely be decided by these three threats with their ever growing implications looming around with each passing day.