Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How can the National Anthem be further Yahapalanized?

Sri Lanka's present Yahapalana government made yet another ground-breaking change. This change is indeed trail-blazing and historic in the sense no country in the world has ever even attempted to do.

Sri Lanka's National Anthem will be sung in Tamil language too which is spoken roughly one tenth of the  speakers of the Sinhalese language, the original language in which it was composed and sung for 67 years.  

At this backdrop we need to take a brief look at how the National Anthem is sung by the foreign backers of the Yahapalana government as these very forces must have played a vital role in introducing this radical change.    

The largest concentration of Tamils in the world is found in Tamil-Nadu in India which is the Tamil-Homeland of which the population is over 62 million: roughly 31 times bigger than Sri Lanka's Tamil population. Yet the Indian National Anthem is sung in the state of Tamil Nadu in Bengali in which it was originally composed.  This is not confined only to the state of Tamil Nadu. Irrespective of the state an individual is coming from whether he or she is a Dalit or an untouchable or a Brahmin or a Muslim or a Gujarati or a Bengali or a Jew or an Eurasian or one belonging to a scheduled caste or an unscheduled caste or one coming from vast number of tribes each and every 1.3 billion Indian sings Indian National Anthem in Bengali. 

How the national anthem is sung by the other foreign force behind the present Yahapalana regime, the West is no different than India. Whether you are a Hispanic, an Anglophile, or an African-American or a Chinese or a Burmese or a Vietnamese or an Indian   etc the US's National Anthem is sung in English, the original language in which it was composed and sung since the US's founding. So has been the case in the UK, France and other Western backers of the present Yahapalana regime.            

Since Yahapalana regime steadfastly stands for equal treatment for each and every individual as its very name suggests and trumpeted from every roof-tops before 08th of January, there should be no room for discrimination owning to this issue of singing the national anthem.  

The best way to do is to sing it in each and every speaking language found in Sri Lanka which is home to the speakers of Malay, English, Portuguese and Vadda(Adi Vasi) though the speakers of those languages are numerically small. The national anthem can be composed in each of those languages.  It has already been composed in the Vedda language as quoted below. It is, indeed, brilliantly done. This is the one of the best ways to yahapalanize Sri Lanka's National Anthem which would truly help in ensuring reconciliation among all the ethnic communities in Sri Lanka.  

PS: We assume that Yahapalana big- wigs have already planned it and would be implemented in the near future.  

National Anthem in Vedda was taken from webpotha.com- (http://www.webpotha.com/2015/03/blog-post_23.html



Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why is the Rally in Kandy on 06th March going to be historic?

If the rally held in Nugegoda on 18th Feb was historic in many terms as I pointed out in one of my previous posts, the one which is to happen on 06th March 2015 too has differently unique historical value. This is, however, due to very location that it is held. The former rally had more of a ground breaking quality primarily due to the massive crowed that thronged there while the latter marks a coincidence of an event that made a revolutionarily catastrophic and tragic impact to the country and its people. 

It was exactly 200 years ago we Sinhalese Buddhists lost our sovereignty to the British Colonists when our last king was captured in Kandy. Exactly 200 years later we are again going to lose our sovereignty to the Western Imperialists.  200 years before it was the local cronies of the colonists who betrayed us which paved the way for the White Christian Colonists to subjugate us. Again two hundred years later it is the local cronies of the very same White Christian Colonists who are going to sell our country to their masters. It is ironical that we are going to have again a historical moment while marching towards again to defend our sovereignty in the historical city of Kandy which was sadly, 200 years earlier,  the venue for the beginning  of the end of our sovereignty for almost  one and half centuries.  Though some 67 years earlier the Western Imperialists left our soil physically, their local cronies faithfully continue to serve their masters. So we have never been able to be fully sovereign even in last 67 years of which dawn of 2015 marks victorious to the White Christian Colonists and their lackeys here.