Sunday, May 31, 2009

The way to kill the Eelam dream

After miserably failing the Eelam programme through the terrorist method, a new method is in well underway to win it with the support of anti-Sri Lankan Western countries spearheaded by Norway, UK and I/NGOs. To achieve this end whatever dirty tricks available are being harnessed ranging from bribing the Western country's politicians to talk against Sri Lanka to massive anti-Sri Lanka propaganda war in the pretext of discriminations against Tamils. These claims are now replete with myriad article appearing in print media especially in the terrorist supportive western media.
One of the most effective ways to kill the claim of a mono- ethnic entity in a part of Sri Lanka is to create a multi- ethnic environment in the North and East. As has always been the case this very way of killing the Eelam dream has caused a great fear among the Eelam Gang. This continues to be projected as "Colonizing" Sinahalese in the North and East and any attempt to settle Sinahlese in the NE has fiercely been rejected. This has caught a renewed vigor with the aftermath of the total decimation of the entire LTTE with its leadership. This is well exemplified by the fact that every article now written to support Eelam dream dose not fail to mention about this.
The responsibly of the government should be to make the initiation in this regard. This initiation should first be made by settling soldiers in the North and East areas as rightly pointed out by Prof. Rohan Gunarathne, Head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research and Professor of Security Studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at the Nanyang Technology University
The validity of this initiative should never be seen as irrational due to the following reasons.
  • The Ealam is a monumental myth. The northern and eastern areas can never be claimed as the Tamil Homeland as it was inhabited by Sinhalease before the South Indian invasions took place. While proving the existence of a flourishing Sinhala civilizations with the hard evidences in the form of ruins replete in the NE, it is proved by linguistically too in the form of Sinhalese names of the places in the areas that have been Tamilinised later. This has been proved by the Tamil scholars themselves.
  • Any community in Sri Lanka should be able to live any part of the country peacefully as the NE Tamils have been living peacefully in the other parts of the country.
When initiating this, the government should never give in to the massive opposition that will be exerted by the Eelamist with the support of I/NGOs and Norway & UK Co. It is hoped that the government will show its iron will power in this case too as it displayed well by not giving in to the massive last ditch effort by the terrorist supporting counties to save the terrorist leaders.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beware! High profile LTTE terrorists hiding among IDPs- Thamilini arrested!

LTTE's women's political wing head Thamilini has been arrested by police while she was hiding among the IDps in Vav-nimava (Vaunia). This proves that IDP camps have become safe heavens for the high profile LTTE  terrorists hiding in camps disguised as civilians.

As highlighted in an earlier post this will continue to be a threat to the national security and stability of the country. Sunday Times of May 24th reported under the heading "NGOs smuggling IDPs out — Govt." that there may be a plot by I/NGOs to smuggle out the LTTE terrorists. Smuggling these terrorist out of the camps in vehicles and sending them abroad may well be underway  spearheaded by  I/NGOs as these terrorists can be made use to tarnish the image of the country with the help of Western propagandists hell bent in teaching a lesson to Sri Lanka under the pretext of bogus human right violations. 
Despite the government authorities continue to be cautious and concerned in allowing I/NGO vehicles to enter the camp, they seem to have given in to the undue pressure exerted by the terrorists supporting western countries. As reported in Daily Mirror the government has eased the restrictions allowing I/NGO vehicles to enter one of the IDP camps in Vav-nimava (Vaunia).    This will certainly be detrimental to the country's security as well as the stability.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a sorry state of affairs the diaspora Tamils have been subjected to go through!

This article appearing in Asian Tribune graphically explains the sorry sate of affaires that the expatriate SL Tamils have been subjected to go through. It speaks volumes how the poor Tamil diaspora's hard earned money is being looted by the LTTE cohorts. They continue to fool them by spreading the myth that the VP is still alive. The latest joke has been that VP is going to re-emerge when the right time comes while the LTTE's new "leadership" in exile claims declaring a week of mourning that their "incomparable leader" had "attained martyrdom". It is indeed very sad and disappointing to hear the pathetic state of affaires that the poor diaspora Tamils being subjected to go through. Even at the last stage of the battle when the LTTE's entire leadership was about to be decimated money has been collected to "buy missiles to kill large numbers of soldiers". Tamils here and abroad have indeed been taken for a good bloody ride by the so called "sole representatives of Tamils" who are now going to continue the struggle from abroad!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why can’t Norwegians have an Eelam in their country?

The bogus peace accord facilitated by Norway in 2002 is just one attempt among many made by Norway in order to carve out an Eelam in Sri Lanaka. Perhaps unknown to many Norway's attempts for an Eelam days back to 1960's when it secretly helped to settle illegal Indian immigrants in Giraanikke (Kilinochchi) and Mooladoova (Mullaittivu) districts. Norway did it through a Norwegian NGO called Redd Barna. The immigrants were on their way to India under the Sirima Shastri accord.

As this article points out they are the same people now displaced from the two districts and living in IDP camps in Vauniya. In this case Norwegian's sole intention was to facilitate the Eelam claim by settling Tamils in Giraanikke (Kilinochchi) area which will pave the way to connect the North and East provinces.
Many other attempts to facilitate the Eelam program by Norway include in terms of supplying arms and high tech communication sets to the LTTE, giving training to its carders in Norway, supplying other logistical support through NGOs such as earth moving vehicles in large numbers etc.
An attempt made to deprive arms supplies to the forces battling the LTTE when Jaffna peninsular was under attack in 2000 may also be unknown to many. A bizarre drama was to unfold revealing Norway's another ulterior motive. The dire requirement of the commanders to save Jaffna with 32,000 troops was a quick supply of Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers (MBRLs). One consignment was quickly ordered from Czech Republic. The time was running out but the supply was unduly delaying. Czech Republic confirmed the plane loads leaving their soil. The panicked Sri Lankan authorities sought the assistance of an intelligence service of a powerful country in the region to locate the cargo. To the utter dismay of Sri Lankan authorities the plane loads were found to be stationed in a former Soviet Block country. This delaying tactic depriving the armed forces their dire need was found to be orchestrated by the Norwegian intelligence services.
The latest has been the attempts being taken to isolate Sri Lanka internationally by way of tarnishing its image with bogus human rights violations.
Sri Lankans are yet to know why Norway is hell bent in carving out an Eelam state in Sri Lanka. Why can't Norwegians have one carved out in Norway itself if the desire of them is so strong to have an Eelam in the world map? In case of such a need Norway can refer this to make things easy.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


The Sunday Times of 24th May reports a news item of great important for the national security of Sri Lanka. Authorities including Prof. Rajeeva Wijesinhe have expressed their concern with regard to a yet again a plot connected with I/NGOs.

The elimination of the LTTE is over in a significant percentage but it’s a common knowledge that a significant number of the LTTE carders and the relations of the top LTTE carders have sneaked into the IDP camps. They will remain a great threat to the country’s security and the stability.

Here again the detrimental effect of the I/NGOs will come to play a very crucial role. As the article very rightly highlights the I/NGOs will play a leading role in smuggling these people out the IDP camps. The insistence of the I/NGOs to enter the camps in vehicles is a part of this grand plan. The sheer huge number of the agencies (52) working there speaks volumes the danger that may pose.

Plans may well be underway to send abroad the smuggled out relations of the top carders who found dead. These individuals can effectively be used to strengthen the disinformation campaign which is underway now internationally to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka. The bogus stories of atrocities committed by our armed forces to the civilians will be a hot cake for those who are hell bent to teach a lesson to SL government. Forerunners of this campaign will be the Western Governments who tried their best to save the LTTEs from its certain decimation.

As in the very first post in this site pointed out way back when the attack on the Anuradhapura Air Base took place, I/INGOs were linked with many activities of the LTTE. This will continue to happen in future too.

PS. Even at the moment a great damage to SL government is underway though authorities have not paid the adequate attention on it. These I/NGOs workers spread exaggerated stories about conditions about the IDPs and facilities available. The recent example is the spreading bogus stories relating to disappearance of children in the IDP camps and rape cases of the IDP women by the Armed Force.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why Is Our Victory So Unique?

* Because our armed forces fought against the most ruthless terrorists group in the world and was able to eliminate them with the total decimation of its leadership. We became the trail blazers to the world by doing so. No nation facing the similar problem of terrorism achieved such success.

* Because our armed forces shattered a vicious plan for creating of a mono-ethnic entity with a large territory in the island denying other communities’ rights to live there. Our armed forces paved the way to usher a peaceful future for all Sri Lankan’s to live any part of this country irrespective their ethnicity, religion or creed.

* Because our armed forces eliminated an enemy that was equipped with deadly weapons called human bombs who were hell bent for nothing but exploding themselves against their foes. No other army or navy in the world faced such many hundreds of human bombs fighting against them.

* Because our armed forces were not deterd by the non availability of the state of art weaponry or the required number of air crafts, helicopters and ships.

* Because our armed forces were engaged with world’s largest rescue mission of civilians with the least number of causalities to the latter while fighting with an enemy shielding behind the civilians.

* Because our armed forces were victorious against many odds such as our enemy getting all the support from hypocriteic Western Countries who were hell bent of giving the life breathe to the enemy while they had always been critical of our forces with an all out propaganda war.

* Because our armed forces were such innovative in fighting against the most ruthless terrorist group that any other nation fighting against similar enemy can learn a lot from us.

* Because our armed forces are blessed with a brand of brave hearts called Long Rangers (LRRPs) who eliminated most of the LTTE leaders while operating deep inside enemy territory and creating havoc on them. The utter fright created on them forced them to come to a bogus peace and got a clause included prohibiting the LRRPs.

* Because our armed forces risked their own lives and made sacrifices on behalf of the civilians’ lives by not using the heavy weapons while the enemy was using them at their ease.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nation Bids Adieu to "NIRO"

Mother Lanka bade adieu to another legendry war hero recently. Cpl. Ranjith Premasisri who claimed the lives of 180 Tigers by his sniper gun bade farewell to the nation with a large gathering of people in Anamaduwa. What had been the most exceptional in “Niro” (his Army call sign) was his spectacular display of skill as a sniper gunner in the SL army.

Hailing from Pallama, Madulana in Kurunegala district he joined SL army's Volunterr Force in 1991 at the age of 22 and he was subsequently attached to the 5th Gajaba Regement after his training stint in Diyathalawa Army base. During the course of his service he followed more than half a dozen courses including parachuting, a training stint by the Special Forces and advanced sniper instructor etc. In 2000 after completing 8th sniper course he joined SL army’s snipers. During 1V Eelam war he gave his maximum service in battles fought in Madu, Mannarama, Giraanikke ( Killinochchi), Alimankada (Elephanat Pass), Aluthkulissa (Puthukudirippu) and Mooladoova (Mullaitivu).

Though he was injured by recent fighting he again went to the front despite his wife’s insistence not to do so as he wanted to contribute his part at the victorious end of war by the forces. Having got to know his condition Col. Wanasinhe in Diyathalawa Army base invited him to be at Diyathalawa but he said to him “No sir, now the final battle going on there and I want to be there when the flag being hoisted after the final victory”

Ranjith was at the forefront among the SL Army’s snipers discharging his duties with utmost dedication and displaying his exceptional skill as a brave soldier while being a sniper for 09 years and 18 years in the army. He was indeed a legendry in the army as many of his fellow brethren had been and still are.

He laid down his life when he was on duty when the civilians were escaping in thousands recently from the Tiger clutches. His killer was an LTTE terrorist who was posing as a civilian among them.

In recognition of his great service to the nation and his exceptional valor he had been conferred with gallantry awards such as Poorna Bhumi, Uthuru Negenhira Sangramicka award, 50 years independence medal, Army’s 50 years anniversary medal, Rivirasa operation medal and Desha Puthra medal. He leaves behind his wife and three children. Niro’s supreme sacrifice is certainly not in vain as his motherland will soon reap the fruits of sacrifices made by not only him but many of his fellow brethren.

Based on a feature article appeared in this Sunday's Rivira paper(03.05.09')(
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beware of USAID 'Projects' in the Eastern Province

Anyone concerned about Sri Lanka’s well being should be on alert on this piece of information appearing in Lanka Web under the same title as it’s vitally important for future existence of our country. I would like to throw in more light into the content of this article perhaps may be in a different angle.
A huge amount of dollars is been poured under these US AID projects particularly targeting the eastern province of Sri Lanka. One of the main projects under these programmes is “Peace Building”. A normal A/L passed employee is paid minimum amount of Rs.100,000/= as a Peace Building officer. It’s hard to fathom out why on earth the US AIDS spends such a colossal amount for this sort of a project. Most of these peace building officers belong to Tamil and Muslim communities.
Anyone who has an understanding about the geo-political ground situation in most parts of the eastern province will realize that the Sinhalease population living in these areas is under increasing threat by the huge population expansion by other communities. This is compounded by the sheer negligence by the government officials belonging to other communities towards the Sinhalease which has resulted in them becoming hugely economically backward compared to other communities.
By judging the US government’s huge effort being currently thrown in to give life line to few remaining terrorist leaders, it is much clear to Sri Lankans now that the US too is hell bent as other western countries to see a destabilized Sri Lanka. In that sense, these Peace Projects are undoubtedly aimed at destabilizing Sri Lanka. Eastern Province may be the beginning.

Introducing the True History of Sri Lanka

Gam Vaesiya from Canada has initiated an innovative way of introducing Sri Lanka's true history to the world. All the Tamilinized names of places are mentioned in their original names in his latest article posted in Mawbima Lanka News. This is indeed a good initiative. Hope all the writers who wish to let the world know the monumental myth of so called Tamil homeland will follow suit.
The names found mention in his article are Illupikavai (Meepathota or "Madhupatheetha of the Mahavamsa),Poornaryn (Punranna), Elephant Pass (Alimankada),Paranthan (Puranthaenna), Iranamadu (Ranamaduva), Killinochchi (Giraanikke),Puthukudirippu (Aluthkulissa), Mullaitivu (Mooladoova), Palaamattalan (Palaamassla), Aluthmassala (Puthumattalan), Vael-butu-gala (Vellamullivaikkal) and Bellanvila (Vellankulam).
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This will not only shatter the bogus Eelam history rewritten by Tamil Christian and Vellala elite of Jaffna to attain their political aspirations but also to open the eyes of misguided Tamils who have been living in a dream world of Tamil Eelam which has never existed.
The evidences of a flourishing Sinhalease civilization that existed in the North and East in Sri Lanka is strongly supported not only by original Sinhalease names of those places but also the ruins of places of worship, royal palaces, tanks, meditation caves etc scattered throughout the NE of Sri Lanka in thousands.
Despite being vandalized and destroyed beyond recognition some of these places are still intact. One of the unique characteristics of the Sri Lanka history has been the hard evidences such as the existence of ruined sites being corroborated by the written evidences which have perfectly been recorded.
This has hugely paved the way to clearly understand not only the Sri Lanka’s history but also to unearth the India’s history. Sri Lanka’s written historical records perfectly corroborate with the ancient sites in India too. Therefore, Indian historians are greatly indebted to Sri Lanka’s historical records. Until Sri Lanka’s historical records proved it, the existence of the emperor Ashoka the Great of India would have been a mystery.