Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why can’t Norwegians have an Eelam in their country?

The bogus peace accord facilitated by Norway in 2002 is just one attempt among many made by Norway in order to carve out an Eelam in Sri Lanaka. Perhaps unknown to many Norway's attempts for an Eelam days back to 1960's when it secretly helped to settle illegal Indian immigrants in Giraanikke (Kilinochchi) and Mooladoova (Mullaittivu) districts. Norway did it through a Norwegian NGO called Redd Barna. The immigrants were on their way to India under the Sirima Shastri accord.

As this article points out they are the same people now displaced from the two districts and living in IDP camps in Vauniya. In this case Norwegian's sole intention was to facilitate the Eelam claim by settling Tamils in Giraanikke (Kilinochchi) area which will pave the way to connect the North and East provinces.
Many other attempts to facilitate the Eelam program by Norway include in terms of supplying arms and high tech communication sets to the LTTE, giving training to its carders in Norway, supplying other logistical support through NGOs such as earth moving vehicles in large numbers etc.
An attempt made to deprive arms supplies to the forces battling the LTTE when Jaffna peninsular was under attack in 2000 may also be unknown to many. A bizarre drama was to unfold revealing Norway's another ulterior motive. The dire requirement of the commanders to save Jaffna with 32,000 troops was a quick supply of Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers (MBRLs). One consignment was quickly ordered from Czech Republic. The time was running out but the supply was unduly delaying. Czech Republic confirmed the plane loads leaving their soil. The panicked Sri Lankan authorities sought the assistance of an intelligence service of a powerful country in the region to locate the cargo. To the utter dismay of Sri Lankan authorities the plane loads were found to be stationed in a former Soviet Block country. This delaying tactic depriving the armed forces their dire need was found to be orchestrated by the Norwegian intelligence services.
The latest has been the attempts being taken to isolate Sri Lanka internationally by way of tarnishing its image with bogus human rights violations.
Sri Lankans are yet to know why Norway is hell bent in carving out an Eelam state in Sri Lanka. Why can't Norwegians have one carved out in Norway itself if the desire of them is so strong to have an Eelam in the world map? In case of such a need Norway can refer this to make things easy.