Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beware of USAID 'Projects' in the Eastern Province

Anyone concerned about Sri Lanka’s well being should be on alert on this piece of information appearing in Lanka Web under the same title as it’s vitally important for future existence of our country. I would like to throw in more light into the content of this article perhaps may be in a different angle.
A huge amount of dollars is been poured under these US AID projects particularly targeting the eastern province of Sri Lanka. One of the main projects under these programmes is “Peace Building”. A normal A/L passed employee is paid minimum amount of Rs.100,000/= as a Peace Building officer. It’s hard to fathom out why on earth the US AIDS spends such a colossal amount for this sort of a project. Most of these peace building officers belong to Tamil and Muslim communities.
Anyone who has an understanding about the geo-political ground situation in most parts of the eastern province will realize that the Sinhalease population living in these areas is under increasing threat by the huge population expansion by other communities. This is compounded by the sheer negligence by the government officials belonging to other communities towards the Sinhalease which has resulted in them becoming hugely economically backward compared to other communities.
By judging the US government’s huge effort being currently thrown in to give life line to few remaining terrorist leaders, it is much clear to Sri Lankans now that the US too is hell bent as other western countries to see a destabilized Sri Lanka. In that sense, these Peace Projects are undoubtedly aimed at destabilizing Sri Lanka. Eastern Province may be the beginning.

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tinker777 said...

interesting article and i recommend reading the cited article too..i too have discussed about unethical hiring practices of NGOs and also lack of accountability within its activity and also management..