Sunday, May 31, 2009

The way to kill the Eelam dream

After miserably failing the Eelam programme through the terrorist method, a new method is in well underway to win it with the support of anti-Sri Lankan Western countries spearheaded by Norway, UK and I/NGOs. To achieve this end whatever dirty tricks available are being harnessed ranging from bribing the Western country's politicians to talk against Sri Lanka to massive anti-Sri Lanka propaganda war in the pretext of discriminations against Tamils. These claims are now replete with myriad article appearing in print media especially in the terrorist supportive western media.
One of the most effective ways to kill the claim of a mono- ethnic entity in a part of Sri Lanka is to create a multi- ethnic environment in the North and East. As has always been the case this very way of killing the Eelam dream has caused a great fear among the Eelam Gang. This continues to be projected as "Colonizing" Sinahalese in the North and East and any attempt to settle Sinahlese in the NE has fiercely been rejected. This has caught a renewed vigor with the aftermath of the total decimation of the entire LTTE with its leadership. This is well exemplified by the fact that every article now written to support Eelam dream dose not fail to mention about this.
The responsibly of the government should be to make the initiation in this regard. This initiation should first be made by settling soldiers in the North and East areas as rightly pointed out by Prof. Rohan Gunarathne, Head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research and Professor of Security Studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at the Nanyang Technology University
The validity of this initiative should never be seen as irrational due to the following reasons.
  • The Ealam is a monumental myth. The northern and eastern areas can never be claimed as the Tamil Homeland as it was inhabited by Sinhalease before the South Indian invasions took place. While proving the existence of a flourishing Sinhala civilizations with the hard evidences in the form of ruins replete in the NE, it is proved by linguistically too in the form of Sinhalese names of the places in the areas that have been Tamilinised later. This has been proved by the Tamil scholars themselves.
  • Any community in Sri Lanka should be able to live any part of the country peacefully as the NE Tamils have been living peacefully in the other parts of the country.
When initiating this, the government should never give in to the massive opposition that will be exerted by the Eelamist with the support of I/NGOs and Norway & UK Co. It is hoped that the government will show its iron will power in this case too as it displayed well by not giving in to the massive last ditch effort by the terrorist supporting counties to save the terrorist leaders.


ShanakaJM said...

this is a very interesting assessment and both the Government and Academia should pay more attention to some of the issues you have raised.
thanks for a great post

Anonymous said...

Can also encourage Tamils to migrate.

Open a passport office In Vavuniya and lets some job agents, visa agents also operate there.