Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why Is Our Victory So Unique?

* Because our armed forces fought against the most ruthless terrorists group in the world and was able to eliminate them with the total decimation of its leadership. We became the trail blazers to the world by doing so. No nation facing the similar problem of terrorism achieved such success.

* Because our armed forces shattered a vicious plan for creating of a mono-ethnic entity with a large territory in the island denying other communities’ rights to live there. Our armed forces paved the way to usher a peaceful future for all Sri Lankan’s to live any part of this country irrespective their ethnicity, religion or creed.

* Because our armed forces eliminated an enemy that was equipped with deadly weapons called human bombs who were hell bent for nothing but exploding themselves against their foes. No other army or navy in the world faced such many hundreds of human bombs fighting against them.

* Because our armed forces were not deterd by the non availability of the state of art weaponry or the required number of air crafts, helicopters and ships.

* Because our armed forces were engaged with world’s largest rescue mission of civilians with the least number of causalities to the latter while fighting with an enemy shielding behind the civilians.

* Because our armed forces were victorious against many odds such as our enemy getting all the support from hypocriteic Western Countries who were hell bent of giving the life breathe to the enemy while they had always been critical of our forces with an all out propaganda war.

* Because our armed forces were such innovative in fighting against the most ruthless terrorist group that any other nation fighting against similar enemy can learn a lot from us.

* Because our armed forces are blessed with a brand of brave hearts called Long Rangers (LRRPs) who eliminated most of the LTTE leaders while operating deep inside enemy territory and creating havoc on them. The utter fright created on them forced them to come to a bogus peace and got a clause included prohibiting the LRRPs.

* Because our armed forces risked their own lives and made sacrifices on behalf of the civilians’ lives by not using the heavy weapons while the enemy was using them at their ease.


Anonymous said...

a sound assessment, but don't forget the contribution of Ranil Wicramasingha too!

SVJC said...

*because the Eelam is part of Sri Lamka soon to happen with liberation of Rajapksa from his fools goverment