Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beware! High profile LTTE terrorists hiding among IDPs- Thamilini arrested!

LTTE's women's political wing head Thamilini has been arrested by police while she was hiding among the IDps in Vav-nimava (Vaunia). This proves that IDP camps have become safe heavens for the high profile LTTE  terrorists hiding in camps disguised as civilians.

As highlighted in an earlier post this will continue to be a threat to the national security and stability of the country. Sunday Times of May 24th reported under the heading "NGOs smuggling IDPs out — Govt." that there may be a plot by I/NGOs to smuggle out the LTTE terrorists. Smuggling these terrorist out of the camps in vehicles and sending them abroad may well be underway  spearheaded by  I/NGOs as these terrorists can be made use to tarnish the image of the country with the help of Western propagandists hell bent in teaching a lesson to Sri Lanka under the pretext of bogus human right violations. 
Despite the government authorities continue to be cautious and concerned in allowing I/NGO vehicles to enter the camp, they seem to have given in to the undue pressure exerted by the terrorists supporting western countries. As reported in Daily Mirror the government has eased the restrictions allowing I/NGO vehicles to enter one of the IDP camps in Vav-nimava (Vaunia).    This will certainly be detrimental to the country's security as well as the stability.  

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sunanguwa said...

"KP’s local agent arrested at IDP camp" reported in Today's Island!(29.05.09')