Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why do Muslims lead among others as the biggest persecutors of Buddhism in its history?

Some peculiar reasons, the biggest contributory factor in wiping out Buddhism from of its former strongholds is conveniently ignored when discussing about the dangers faced by the Buddhists at present. It's the persecution unleashed by the Muslims that contributed the most in eliminating Buddhism from many parts of the world. What is alarming is that this persecution continues to happen relentlessly in countries in which whether Muslims happen to be a majority or a minority.

The total extinction of Buddhism in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia and the Maldives confining only to some scatted ruins of which too is subjected to daily vandalism is soon going to be the fate in Bangladesh too. These remnants of Buddhist heritage in those countries, once flourishing with icons from Bamiyan Budhdha to the Taxila University, now only has economic values to attract foreign tourists to support the respective countries' economies. Burning down of scores of Buddhist temples in Bangladesh recently is a simple indication of what is in store for Buddhism in Bangladesh. The followers of Buddhism in the country are constantly being subjected to the intimidation and persecution. Forceful conversion of Buddhists to Islam has been a daily occurrence in the country. The persecution carried out in India against the Buddhism by Muslim invaders and the rulers are second to none. What remains in Malaysia as Buddhism is due to the Chinese community who are Buddhists.

So no entity, a fellow religion or a non-Muslim state, has ever in its history been so destructive against Buddhists than Muslims. Why have Muslims become the biggest persecutors of Buddhism in its entire history? The ever compassionate teachings of Buddha have made the Buddhists to be less resistant and to be tolerant towards the persecutors irrespective of how grave the damage caused to their religion and the followers.   This is a perfect opportunity for the religious zealots like Muslims who are hell bent to vanquish even a sign of another belief other than Islam who they consider as infidels.                

 Situation in Sri Lanka

Will Buddhism and Buddhist heritage in Sri Lanka too face similar fate?  Judging the extent of persecution subjected to the Buddhist heritage in particular and the Buddhists in general in Sri Lanka by Muslim population explosion and the fundamentalism, my doomsday prophesy looks like real.  Muslims have got a bizarre desire to build Mosques by demolishing Buddhist temples or grabbing lands belonging to Buddhist temple premises. If they are unable to do either of them, a Mosque is built right in front or next to the temple or within a land belonging to the Temple which is followed by the whole area being populated by Muslims resulting in the temple being abandoned with no followers living in the vicinity. In order to achieve their targets, Muslims resort to employ any dirty work from bribing the politicians to grabbing the lands by illegal means. The latest addition to this array of mischievous methods has been in claiming a fabricated history of Muslims extending some "thousand years" in the country. If it happens to be an ancient Buddhist temple or temple complexes which were demolished to build a Mosque on it, a fabricated history of Muslims in the country is quoted while claiming a Mullah happened to have buried in the site a "thousand years" back. The latest and the prominent examples of them being what happened to Kuragala and King Dutugamunu's tomb. So Muslim's population explosion and the fundamentalism unleashed to turn our blessed land too to be mono-religious, mono-ethnic Islamic state are well on course with future obstructions to its path being met with bloody jihads as has constantly been vowed by the Muslim fundamentalists here including Muslim politicians.     

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Muslim’s population explosion and fundamentalism will exacerbate Sri Lanka’s problems!

At present there is a hardy a day passes without an incident caused by the population explosion and the fundamentalism by Muslims being reported in Sri Lanka. These incidents include destroying, building of Mosques on the destroyed historically important Buddhist temples and mass scale land grabbing belonging to such temples. Though this has been happening for many years it has intensified in recent years in many folds due to some obvious reasons.  Following are some of the recently reported significant incidents involving destroying or land grabbing of such temples

(1) Bulldozing and destruction of Muhudu Maha Viharaya (Eastern Province)

(2) Destruction of an ancient Dagaba in Akkaraipattu (Eastern Province)    

(3) Illegal Mosque built in the Dambulla Sacred Area (Central Province)  

(4) Destruction and converting vast complex of Buddhist monasteries in Kuragala into a series of Mosques (Sabaragamuwa Province)

 (5) Destruction of Senavirart Pirivena in Anuradhapura (North Central Province)

 (6) Destruction of Devangala Viharaya (Eastern Province)

(7) Building a mosque on the tomb of the king Dutu Gamunu (North Central Province)

(8) Destruction and land grabbing of Dakshina Maha Viharaya of Deegavapi temple complex in Ampara (Eastern Province)

These incidents are reported in the Eastern Part of the country in particular and other parts of the country in general.  The population explosion of the Muslim community is clearly one of the obvious reasons for this situation. As the recently concluded census report says the Muslim community's population increase is 04 times bigger than other communities in the country. As it is known to everyone this population explosion is aimed at achieving an extremely chauvinist intention:  becoming the predominant community in the country as shortest period of time as possible. One of the other reasons for this situation has been ever increasing fundamentalism among the Muslim community in Sri Lanka.            

The funniest part of this state of affairs has been when something degrading to Islam is reported in any part of the globe local Muslims come to the streets in en masse in protest while they are merrily engaged in persecuting any type of crime to other religions of the country, especially Buddhism making use of tolerant and accommodative attitudes of its followers.                      

This extremely intolerant and destructive path of the Muslims will many folds increase in the coming years as there is neither a halt to the Muslims' population expansion nor is even a distant possibility of Muslim fundamentalism being eliminated. It seems that the fate befell on the Buddhist populations and heritage in present day Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the Maldives and some parts of India would be inevitable to Sri Lanka's too.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

‘The Hindu’ sees exposing India’s involvement in terrorism in Sri Lanka as ‘India bashing’

In a typical display of India's big brotherly attitude 'The Hindu', a prominent Newspaper in India described exposing of India's involvement in terrorism in Sri Lanka as 'India bashing'.

An interesting book was launched on 15th May at the Water's Edge with President and the Defense Secretary as special invitees. The book named 'Gota's War' written by C. A. Chandraprema, an eminent journalist of The Island Newspaper was about the role played by the Defense Secretary in the successful war against terrorism.  Mr. Lalith Weerathunge, the president's Secretary, the guest speaker of the event, in his speech quoted some extracts from the book which has apparently irked 'The Hindu'.  'The Hindu' reported it as follows

'Violated sovereignty'

The book launch function, meant to celebrate Defence Secretary and President's brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa's contribution to the war, turned out to be an India-bashing session: India aided and abetted terrorism, and repeatedly violated Sri Lanka's sovereignty. Its High Commissioner during the period dictated terms to Sri Lanka.

The Hindu's article had quoted what Mr. Lalith Weerathunga read from the book in his speech as follows    

"…When the Vadamarachchi operation commenced, the Prime Minister of India at that time, Rajiv Gandhi, issued a strong statement against the operation…Sri Lanka could have been rid of terrorism [at that time, but for the] high-handed interference of the then Indian envoy, Mr. J.N. Dixit," said Mr. Weeratunga, to an audience that comprised all top elected leaders and officials and diplomats in Sri Lanka, including President Rajapaksa and the Indian High Commissioner Ashok K. Kantha.

Sri Lanka firmly believed that if this operation had gone on, the country could have been rid of terrorism more than two decades ago. Reading from the book, Mr. Weeratunga said: "While the Vadamarachchi operation was on, the Indian Envoy Mr. J.N. Dixit had met President Jayawardene and bluntly told him that India will not stand by idly and allow Jaffna to fall into the hands of the Army, and if the military operation continued, there could be unforeseen consequences. Asked to explain what these 'unforeseen consequences' could be, Dixit had told Jayawardene that military aid may be given by India to the LTTE leading to the possible dismemberment of Sri Lanka.

 When Indian hegemonism is exposed by the victimized smaller nations, they are intimidated to be submissive. How the media reflects India's hegemonistc attitudes over the smaller nation are very much evident in this example. The very mindset and the actions of the most of the Indians are reflective of this attitude. The dear departed J.N. Dixit, Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Nehru are only prominent examples of the vast number of Indians who hold this view. As I highlighted in my previous posts the present day politicians like Rajiv Gandhi's son Rahul Gandhi and the journalists like Kudlip Nayar have time to time proved this with some hegemonistc views expressed against Sri Lanka. By the way it's because of India the two out of three armed conflicts happened in the North and South of Sri Lanka after the independence.     

  Mr. Laith Weerathunga's hard hitting speech which have unruffled many a feathers is a must watch video clip uploaded on Sri Lanka's defense web site. The book 'Gota's War' is indeed a must read for anyone who is interested in knowing what exactly happened in the 30 years' of Tamil terrorism and how the steely determination, the unbowed resolve and the courage by some people who mattered the most decided the destiny of our country.  

Monday, May 14, 2012

In defense of setting up of an Israeli embassy in Sri Lanka…………!

Earlier attempts

Setting up of a permanent Israeli diplomatic mission in Sri Lanka has never materialized though several attempts were made by both UNP and SLFP led governments in the past. The subject has come to the public limelight again with the present government is trying to set up a permanent Israeli embassy in Sri Lanka. During President J.R. Jayawardna's period an Israeli diplomatic mission was started attached the US embassy which was known as Israeli Interests Section. But it was closed down with the president Premadasa coming into power. President Prmadasa resorted to close down the Israeli Interests Section as he succumbed to the pressure by the local Muslims. Then again President Chandrika Kumarathunga took initiative to re-start an Israeli diplomatic mission but it never materialized again due to the pressure by the local Muslims. Both President Jayawardana and Kumarathunaga were compelled to take initiative to set up Israeli diplomatic mission as they strongly felt that the Israel's expertise in counter-terrorism and espionage would have been a great boost to Sri Lanka armed forces to check the LTTE terrorism which was raging during both the presidents' tenures.

Contribution to Sri Lanka in its war against terrorism 

Though Israel's' physical presence was not in Sri Lanka as forms of diplomatic mission, the contribution made by the Israelites as forms of armaments and training given to members of the Sri Lankan armed forces can never be overlooked. Sri Lanka's successful military campaign against terrorism can hardly be described without mentioning of Kfir fighter jets and Dvora Fast Attack crafts. So are the trainings received by the members of the security forces.

Why do we need Israelites?

Experts in countering diplomatic offensives    

It is a reality now that though LTTE was military defeated in Sri Lankan soil its presence outside Sri Lanka is an all-time high as has never been before. The anti-Sri Lankan campaign that it is vigorously perusing is such strong that it has succeeded in persuading most powerful countries in the West and some powerful world bodies throwing their weight behind them. Therefore, the need of the hour as far as Sri Lanka is concerned to make an all- out diplomatic war against this anti-Sri Lanka campaign. Having faced similar situations internationally more than half century Israelites have become experts in that department too. So the Israel experience and expertise in this sector would indeed be invaluable given the present juncture that Sri Lanka is in.

Science and Technology

Though the Israelites' expertise is legendry in the spheres of military and espionage, they are one of the most advanced nations in Science and Technology at present. The inventions made by the Israeli scientists to the advancement of the human kind are invaluable. So Sri Lanka should not stand to lose the chance of acquiring the technological know-how from one of the most advanced nations in Science and Technology and research and as the former is making its every effort to transform the peace dividend to the betterment of the people.

Agriculture and water conservation  

Two of the major challenges that Sri Lanka would face in the coming few years would be the acute depletion of water resources and the lack of power generation opportunities. Acute water scarcity felt by the several parts of the country in the past decades has led to the farming communities abandoning agriculture which they had been engaged in for generations.  Israelites' agricultural science research has been revolutionary to such extent that they have been able to turn the Israel, a patch of desert, the greenest country in the Arab world and to be self-sufficient in agriculture. Water conserving technology, agricultural methods that use a least amount of water and developing the plants that consume a least amount of water include some of the innovations made by Israelites to be self-sufficient in agriculture, living in a desert. Some of the Israeli agriculture technological methods have successfully been applied in the Trincomalee district, one of the driest districts in the country. So Sri Lanka is to gain a lot from Israelites in this sphere too. 

Lessons to learn from our big brother     

 India is home to the second largest Muslim population in the world. Unlike Sri Lanka India is also home to a population of Jews too. Any move that might cause slightest damage to the India's integration and the national security would be the last option that it would dare to take. India started full diplomatic relation with Israel a few decades ago. (India did not have full diplomatic relations with Israel during the Cold War time). India has realized the immense benefits that it can get from Israelites in terms of Miltray Technology, Scientific Research, Power Generation and Agriculture Science etc.  

Are we to lose the golden opportunities? 

So Sri Lanka can no longer stand to lose the immense opportunities that It would get by setting up full Israel diplomatic mission here. The longer we take to establish the full diplomatic relations with Israel the greater the number of opportunities that we will have to lose. If we are going to lose these opportunities merely due to some perceived fears by some, we as a nation are the biggest losers. The benefits that we are to gain are for all the communities in the country.    

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why is Europe, believed to be consisting of the most tolerant societies in our contemporary times finally compelled to be intolerant towards Muslims?

Food for thought isn't it? Have the Western societies, believed to be most tolerant in our contemporary times finally lost its patient due to being pushed to the wall? Have they finally felt the sheer folly on the part of them by allowing thousands of Muslim immigrants from Africa, Middle East and Asia to live in their soils at the expense of their own citizens' freedom and liberty?

The sheer helplessness felt by the Western societies can well be seen by a citizen of Norway, a country considered to be consisting of one of the most tolerant societies in Europe went onto a killing spree recently claiming that he wanted to rid Muslims off from Europe. It seems that magnanimousness, good –heartiness and accommodativeness of the West has finally boomeranged to them with devastating consequences. This subject can be discussed in thousands of pages. But I thought of pointing out some salient reasons on why the Western societies are increasingly feeling that they have been taken for a bloody good ride.

  • Staggering number of mosques being built in the areas formerly occupied by the predominantly Christians. (Some instances mosques are built in the very paces that the Churches used to be). This has created a great feeling of insecurity among the communities. This was first highlighted to the world in 1980s by the Brigitte Bardot, a former French fashion model, actress, singer and animal rights activist. She was devastated to see the sea of changes happening in the main cities of France and went on to declare that France would soon become a Muslim country.
  • The shocking rate of child births among the Muslims triggering a population explosion. This has resulted in creating an unprecedented ethnic imbalance in those societies which maintains modest population growth, a key factor for development. It is needless to say that this population explosion is finally aimed at turning the non-Muslim societies into Muslim societies by the sheer numbers.
  • Increasing intolerance shown towards other ethnicities with violence unleashed to intimidate them which is actually aimed at chasing away the original occupants from their places of living for centuries. Land grabs aimed at ethnic cleansing by Muslims is not confined only to countries like India and Sri Lanka. It is a phenomenon widely seen in Europe as well. 
  •  Inhuman and repressive laws specially imposed against women, violating their basic rights in societies where the rights of people are perceived to reign supreme.  
These are a few significant reasons why the European societies have become entangled in this vicious web which they find increasingly difficult to escape. They have realized that the face of Europe will soon take a catastrophically different shape. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let’s stop using the word ‘Diaspora’ to a group of economic refugees

The word 'Diaspora' was coined following the fleeing of Jews from Palestine to other countries as defined in the dictionary as follows   


1.      (Usually initial capital letter) the scattering of the Jews to countries outside of Palestine after the Babylonian captivity.
2.      (Often initial capital letter) the body of Jews living in countries outside Israel.

3.      (Often initial capital letter) such countries collectively: thereturn of the Jews from the Diaspora.

Does the Tamil community living in the Western countries belong to the similar category of people described in the dictionary? A vast majority of the Sri Lankan Tamils living in Western countries have migrated to those countries as asylum seekers purely due to the economic reasons with bogus claims that they were being persecuted by the "racist Sinhalese governments" and its armed forces. So they can best be described as economic refugees. And also the background of the vast majority of them who entered to those countries illegally and other means in last two decades or so is connected to terrorism and other fraudulent activities as highlighted in one of my posts.  

Using the term diaspora to a group of economic refugees is a great injustice caused to the genuine diaspora communities in the world. On the top of all these Tamil economic refugees are directly connected to the terrorism as they sustained the terrorism of LTTE by funding LTTE for its terrorist activities. And they continue to do so though the armed terrorism in Sri Lanka was comprehensively defeated. The stepping stone for resurrecting the armed terrorism in Sri Lanka was laid with the US-India resolution against Sri Lanka passed in the 19th session of UNHRC in Geneva in the last March. It's these economic refugees' lobbying, the false propaganda and the money that played a major role in passing this US-India resolution.    

The need of stop using the word diaspora to a group of economic refugees came at a Public Lecture titled 'Sri Lanka after Geneva in the Shadow of Seeming Giants' held in Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka on 10th April by Mr. H. L. D. Mahindapala, a highly acclaimed veteran journalist in the English media and now domiciled in Australia. So It is our collective responsibility to popularize this idea and stop injustice caused to the genuine diaspora communities who are neither economic refugees nor are the supporters of terrorism.  

Friday, March 23, 2012

Is this the beginning of the end of Sinhalese race?

What happened yesterday in Geneva has been unprecedented in the 2500 years of Sinhalese existence on earth. It can best be described by saying that it was indeed a magnificent victory by the 60 odd million Tamils in the world hell bent to wipe out a little more than 10 million Sinhalese from the face of earth. The mere fact that the former is well being supported by the mightiest states in the world underscores that the latter's demise is well on course.

Though there have been many an invasions by Tamils from India throughout the Sinhalese's history in this land, the latter was able to withstand them only compromising  some parts of the North East of Sri Lanka which was their original land of habitation with a flourishing civilization.

One of the certain outcomes of what happened yesterday in Geneva would be a type of intervention similar to Libya which would be primarily aimed at eliminating Sri Lanka's current ruling regime which is the architect of elimination of the LTTE.  This will follow a puppet regime set up by the foes of Sinhalese making it easy the re-emergence of the LTTE which will decide the fate of Sinhalese.

The only possible way that the Sinhalese could withstand their demise would be to fight until their last drop of blood as they did many a time in the past however mightier their foe would be. But this time around it would be a near impossible task unless the beleaguered Sinhalese would get concerted support from another mighty state.  Sinhalese survival will wholly be dependent on how successful they would be in getting that support! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Is the Tamils’ Ass Licking quality of the Whites being again used by the West to secure its losing supremacy?

As I discussed some time ago in one of my posts Sri Lankan Tamils in particular and the Tamils in other parts of the world have historically been one of the greatest Ass Lickers of the Whites. As history proves in many an instance, this quality of Tamils has , undoubtedly , given an enormous amount of benefits for them for centuries. 

I pointed out in my previous post too that this quality of the Tamils is again being used by the US and the West to the hilt. This time around it is being used to destabilize India and in turn to destabilize the whole Asia which is fast becoming challenging force to the dwindling White supremacy.  As part of this strategy two pronged approach is being used. While Sri Lanka is being used to destabilize India through the Eelam project the Tamil Nadu is directly being influenced to destabilize India. The case in point is Hilary Clinton's visit to the State of Tamil Nadu some time ago and meeting its Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram, an ardent supporter of the Eelam project. This was the first time a very powerful personality of a world power visited a State of India and met its Chief Minister. This is a clear indication of the nexus between the Tamils and the US.  

How the West very skillfully uses Jayalalitha in its newest campaign to punish SL at the UNHRC in order archive its ulterior motives is yet another case in point which is very cleverly depicted in the above cartoon appeared in today's The Island paper.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is the US again using SL to break India into pieces?

In a thought provoking article in The Island paper on March 01st Chandrasoma critically analysis the US's current foreign policy which is hell bent to secure its super power status in the back drop of Asia's impressive rise challenging its long -held envious status .  He analysis  in the article how Sri Lanka has become a pawn of this policy which the US tries to achieve by hook or by crook, following some Machiavellian hypothesis.

 As said in the binging one of the significant worrying factors for the US and the West has been the rising status of Asia which is hugely being boosted by China's phenomenal rise. The ever depleting non-renewable sources of energy of which vast reserves still found in the Arab countries is the other factor that the US worries the most. The US's fears are further exacerbated by a highly unlikely eventuality of a block between China and India. India's impressive rise as one of the Asia's powers, through it has a limited clout in the world arena, is also a factor that shapes the US's policy in Asia.  So the USA's foreign policy is geared to unleash an all-out destabilizing campaign in Asia.     

India's fragile political system, unlike China, makes it easier to launch relatively easier destabissing campaign.  So Sri Lanka has become a perfect launching pad for the purpose. So the Eelam project from Sri Lanka makes it perfect Trojon Horse to destabilize India.  As the writer rightly points out Sri Lanka is also located in strategic sea route where a lot Afro- Chinese trade takes place.

The US's plans are quite clear with the rigorous campaign that It has unleashed in UNHRC in Geneva against Sri Lanka which is now underway. Back in Sri Lanka one can clearly see the anti Sri Lankan camp which was quite active during the LTTE's heydays is back with their business. Backed by Eelamists's and the West's money and the moral support this campaign has taken a renewed vigor. There are all indications that the West's money has again started pumping into NGOs like CPA to restart the campaign.  This has given a new lease of life to anti- Sri Lankan and pro-Eelam web sites like Groundviews run by Sanjana Hattotuwa working in CPA.

As Chandrasoma concludes "The sad truth is that - given these political realities - we can expect the USA and its Western friends - notably the UK, the 'White Commonwealth and the leading European powers - to step up its 'cold war' against Sri Lanka. They will do this because of their own difficulties in staying afloat in a world that is no longer the play-ground of the Anglo-Saxon Imperialists. Our planetary world is overcrowded and fast running out of non-renewable resources. This ecological threat makes conventional global politics a foolish game - this fact has not, however, sufficed to erase the combative engrams inherited from long ages of white dominance in our world. That our future as Sri Lankans is not safe and assured is a truth that we must live with".

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

JVP got a contract from the Iraqi embassy to throw shit at the Iranian mission back in 1982!

Today's The Island editorial says an interesting story. It says that JVP got a contract from the Iraqi embassy to throw shit at the Iranian mission back in 1982! So the money they earned for doing the job has been spent to buy two cars and a pick-up truck for Rohana Wijewira and Shantha Bandara. It is interesting isn't it? I had never heard about this bizarre story.

So the JVP could have thrown shit at Norwegians when the latter was trying to divide Sri Lanka. But who could have given them the contract?    

Below is the particular paragraph from the editorial

' Worse, the knights in shining armour on a mission to rid the country of bribery and corruption have track records that stink to high heaven. One cannot but agree with the JVP that Minister Gamage should be reported to the CIABOC, though one may not be so na├»ve as to expect anything to come of a probe to be conducted, if at all. But, the JVP, too, has sullied its hands with a dirty contract to make a fast buck unconscionably. In 1982, it took money from the Iraqi embassy in Colombo to carry out a faeces attack on the Iranian mission. With funds so raised, the JVP bought two cars––one for its founder leader Rohana Wijeweera––and a pick-up truck for JVP stalwart, Shantha Bandara!'