Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why is Europe, believed to be consisting of the most tolerant societies in our contemporary times finally compelled to be intolerant towards Muslims?

Food for thought isn't it? Have the Western societies, believed to be most tolerant in our contemporary times finally lost its patient due to being pushed to the wall? Have they finally felt the sheer folly on the part of them by allowing thousands of Muslim immigrants from Africa, Middle East and Asia to live in their soils at the expense of their own citizens' freedom and liberty?

The sheer helplessness felt by the Western societies can well be seen by a citizen of Norway, a country considered to be consisting of one of the most tolerant societies in Europe went onto a killing spree recently claiming that he wanted to rid Muslims off from Europe. It seems that magnanimousness, good –heartiness and accommodativeness of the West has finally boomeranged to them with devastating consequences. This subject can be discussed in thousands of pages. But I thought of pointing out some salient reasons on why the Western societies are increasingly feeling that they have been taken for a bloody good ride.

  • Staggering number of mosques being built in the areas formerly occupied by the predominantly Christians. (Some instances mosques are built in the very paces that the Churches used to be). This has created a great feeling of insecurity among the communities. This was first highlighted to the world in 1980s by the Brigitte Bardot, a former French fashion model, actress, singer and animal rights activist. She was devastated to see the sea of changes happening in the main cities of France and went on to declare that France would soon become a Muslim country.
  • The shocking rate of child births among the Muslims triggering a population explosion. This has resulted in creating an unprecedented ethnic imbalance in those societies which maintains modest population growth, a key factor for development. It is needless to say that this population explosion is finally aimed at turning the non-Muslim societies into Muslim societies by the sheer numbers.
  • Increasing intolerance shown towards other ethnicities with violence unleashed to intimidate them which is actually aimed at chasing away the original occupants from their places of living for centuries. Land grabs aimed at ethnic cleansing by Muslims is not confined only to countries like India and Sri Lanka. It is a phenomenon widely seen in Europe as well. 
  •  Inhuman and repressive laws specially imposed against women, violating their basic rights in societies where the rights of people are perceived to reign supreme.  
These are a few significant reasons why the European societies have become entangled in this vicious web which they find increasingly difficult to escape. They have realized that the face of Europe will soon take a catastrophically different shape. 

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Salagama said...

well, you're being flagged as a prominent Sinhala nationalist chauvinist whatever..but i did find your post a very timely one and might i add that the pseudo Liberal Europe too is dusting off the 'openness' and starting to realize that when comes to Muslims, there is no such thing as Multiculturalism' just make more kids,keep women at home and build more mosques..and also pray few times a day and then jerk off when you can't screw the maid!