Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kudlip Nayar’s latest antiques on Sri Lanka: a reflection of India’s big brotherly attitude and pieces picked up from LTTE’s propagandists

Kuldip Nayar, a former Indian High Commissioner to the UK and whose articles regularly appear in The Island newspaper has written his latest article on Sri Lanka. His subject of discussion is about Sri Lanka government's alleged lack of commitment to treat Tamils as 'equal citizens'. While going through the article one would immediately be struck with the idea that this writer too is afflicted with the same disease that his Western counterparts are afflicted with: totally ill informed distorted outbursts against Sri Lanka. As it is well known these rants are mostly based on the pieces of hatred against Sri Lanka spread by LTTE propagandists.  Added to the woes is the fact that the article is mixed with what his fellow countrymen have been good at against Sri Lanka for many years: preaching of India's big brotherly attitude as pointed out in my last post.  
He says that 'still 300,000 Tamils are languishing in camps or living in the open although the war ended more than a year ago'. Has he deliberately added one more zero to the figure that he quoted? Perhaps he might have taken the figure from an LTTE propaganda piece.
Had he made a little effort to follow things here in Sri Lanka not depending totally on LTTE's propaganda pieces he would have realized that no decision has yet been taken by the government to go ahead with the proposal made to the Cabinet to sing the national anthem in Sinhala. But he has come to in his own  conclusions on this too saying : 'But he (the president)  has discontinued the singing of National Anthem in Tamil'
He betrays in his article his country's big brotherly attitude but with some woefully wrong facts. He says that It is the Trincomalee harbor that is being built with the Chinese help. He has mixed it up with the Hambanthota harbor which India claims of being China's growing presence in Sri Lanka for which India has taken measures by setting up an Assistant High Commission in the area to spy on Chinese.  But he seems to have been unaware of the fact that Sri Lanka first approached India to build the harbor. It was after India's refusal only Sri Lanka approached China.   
He goes on to say that trainings given by Pakistan to Sri Lankan military personnel go against the India's interests. Another glaring example of our big brother's throwing her weight around in the region.       Training Sri Lankan army officers by the Pakistan military is not a new phenomenon. It was started no sooner than Sri Lankan government decided in mid sixties to stop costly training stints for military officers in Sandhurst and other military collages in the UK. Sooner Sri Lankan officer corps started getting trainings both in Pakistan and Indian military collages which continues to happen to date.   And it is the Special Operation Group (SOG) of Pakistan which was instrumental in training our commandoes at the initial stages. After all they were not trained to launch attacks against India as the writer seems attempting to say. They were trained to fight against the terrorism created by none other than India.  Besides, what is wrong in getting military trainings from a country which helped us when it was needed the most while our big brother turned his back towards us when we were indeed in need during the war?            
It is too exaggeration to say that Tamils in Sri Lanka totally rejected LTTE's head Prabakaran. If there were any belonging to such category they may have been tiny percentage among the vast majority. 
It seems Kudlip Naiyar has woken up from a deep slumber. He has blissfully forgotten the atrocities committed by the LTTE during the last three decades against the civilians, the vast majority of them being the Sinhalese. He has also failed to acknowledge the atrocities carried out by the Indian army during its stay in Sri Lanka: if named a few of them one would not forget the glaring examples such as raping of Tamil women in large numbers, civilian massacres, lootings, driving away Sinhalese from their original villages with the collaboration of the 'Tamil National Army' etc.
He goes on to say   'A federal structure is what is needed in Sri Lanka' . This is clear sign of India's habit of Imposing things on Sri Lanka which goes on unabated. The so called 'solution' thrust down our throats by Rajeev Gandhi has done more harm to the country than it has benefited us even resulting in JVP armed insurgency.   
Besides, most of what the writer says is what India thinks about Sri Lanka. It is merely an outburst of an Indian harboring usual big brotherly attitude towards Sri Lanka which set in motion most of the troubles faced by Sri Lankans during the last three decades including two out of three armed insurgencies that erupted after independence. 
He has gone on in lengths to preach Sri Lankan president about treating citizens equally, about second class citizens, about discriminations etc, etc but blissfully turned a blind eye to the second class treatment meted out to the people in Jammu and Kashmir at his own home.   
He concludes his articles in the following warning which is a clear cut sign of India's big brotherly treatment towards Sri Lanka. It speaks volumes what India is up to with regard to Sri Lanka  
 'But if Colombo continues to encourage China and Pakistan, India would have to do something to safeguard its interests'

Saturday, December 25, 2010

India’s big brotherly attitude towards Sri Lanka continuous……..

India that contributed to the two out of three armed insurgencies that erupted in Sri Lanka after the independence continues unabated her big brotherly attitude towards Sri Lanka which has been quite detrimental to Sri Lanka's well being and caused unimaginable proportion of destruction to her people.
A recent big brotherly statement made by Rahul Gandhi, the son and the grandson of the infamous lethal combination of mother and son or the 'cow and calf' as put by late president Premadasa that spelled domed to Sri Lanka proves it again. Seemingly he doesn't have an iota of idea about the magnificent effort taken by the Sri Lankan government in taking caring the war displaced. Otherwise how on earth does he make statement to the effect that Sri Lanka government was 'not doing enough' for the Tamils? Worst! He goes on to say that he would 'ensure they get justice'. This speaks volumes the big brotherly attitude harbored by Indians towards Sri Lanka.  How an outsider to our country, an Indian could force us and interfere in our affaires to 'ensure' that someone' gets justice'.
India which did not want to give us the much needed arms to fight the war that created by herself now wants to give us some weapons as per this latest news. This is one of the series of ridicules moves which is aimed at forcing us to prevent we are getting closer to China. Lately there have been many consorted attempts covertly and overtly by India to prevent China from getting closer to us. Case in point has been the setting up India's assistance high commissions in Hambanthota and Jaffna.  People of Hambanthota will get no benefits at all from an assistance high commission of India. It is a blatant attempt to do espionage on Chinese working in Hambanthota harbor. Sri Lanka, a sovereign nation enjoys full freedom to be friendly with any nation in the world. This arm twisting attitude of India has cost us a lot. Fresh in our memories are the armed twisting attitude by India when Sri Lanka was attempting to restart the diplomatic relations with Israel in mid 80s while India started fully fledged diplomatic relations with Israel in a few years later. We were desperately seeking the diplomatic relations with Israel to fight a war created by India.  We are also fresh in our memories how our big brother forced and intimated to prevent us from getting high tech radars from China when LTTE's bombing from the air was looming while India gave us the low-tech ones.    
It was India that pumped the life blood to the LTTE terrorists by training them in their soil and making it a safe haven for its leader and other rank and file.  It was India who thrust the 13th amendment down our throats and sent her army here purportedly to disarm the LTTE. This instigated a bloodbath here which resulted in 60,000 deaths of youth with unimaginable destruction caused to the country as Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna used this to revolt against the government. The 13th amendment which was imposed on us does harm to the country than doing any good. It is still India who continues to thrust the 13th amendment down our throats.
Among our Asian friends closer to our home It is Pakistan and another our long standing friend China that steadfastly stood by us right throughout the period of fighting the terrorists. This support has been both in the forms of material and moral support. The support was extended to us on numerous occasions when it was badly needed. Case in point was as recently as year 2000 when Jaffna was about to fall with 40,000 troops marooned. The then President Chandrika sought India's support to provide with required armaments to save Jaffna. India categorically refused it and instead promised to send ships to evacuate the beleaguered troops. Then again it was Pakistan helped us with provision of much needed MBRLs which eventually helped army to save Jaffna.
It was after Rajeeve Gandhi, an architecture who spelled doom to Sri Lanka was blown into pieces by the LTTE, India changed a little bit her stance. And also it was many years later only India was willing to provide us 'non-lethal' weapons to fight the terrorists.
It is the story of 'let your ass get kicked as long as our ass is safe and we will kick your ass if you try to save your ass'

Friday, December 24, 2010

Who are the Tamil asylum seekers in the West?

Answer to this question is obviously known to many among Sri Lankans.  The truth behind the individuals who seek the asylum and the circumstances in which this claims being sought have mostly been overlooked due to the intensity of the propaganda of the LTTE supports and Tamil racists world over.  The primary reason given to the authorities in the Western countries who seek the asylum is that they seek the asylum to escape the 'persecution by the Sinhalese and the Sinhalese government'.  Anyone living in Sri Lanka would understand whether there is any truth behind this claim. Given the sheer fraudulent manner in which whole this operation goes on it is not exaggeration to say that this is one of the biggest rackets being in operation involving Sri Lanka.
A fairly large number of so called asylum seekers are those who lived among the Sinhalese, worked with them and having enjoyed most of the benefits provided by the Sri Lankan government. This is especially in the case of the free education in the school level and the University level. Most of the so called asylum seekers have got their university education from the universities outside the North and East studying together with Sinhalese with no discrimination whatsoever meted out to them. Closely observing the faces of the most of participants of the demonstrations against Sri Lanka holding the LTTE flags also reveal this truth.
The mere questioning of law enforcement authorities or taken into custody on suspicions during years of war or any other petty reason are taken as the Trojan horse for this racket. Anyone who is closely following this racket would realize that a faire number of those worked in the INGOs and NGOs have also found refuge in the West. Notable number of them are the heads of the local NGOs set up to 'protect the rights of the women or the poor'.  One would realize the real scenario If probed a little deeper the real background behind those individuals.  All of them have looted millions of money that came in the name of poor people.  Or either they have engaged in other anti-social activities.
A friend of mine working in an NGO was recently asked by a foreigner when she was on a foreign tour why the Tamils in Sri Lanka are being burnt to death by the Sinhalese even after the war is over.  On inquiry about the source related to the news she was told that that it was one of the reasons given by the asylum seekers to the authorities of his country. This suffice to understand the sheer intensity of the propaganda machine of the LTTE supporters.
So it is clear that the asylum seeking of Tamils is just a game of economic refugees who have taken an excellent opportunity to tarnish the name of Sri Lanka.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do Tamils belong to a superior race ?

Considering the superfluous and extra terrestrial status being demanded by Tamils one tends to wonder whether Tamils belong to a superior race than other communities in the country. First it was ridiculous fifty –fifty demand for parliamentary representation despite being the composition of Tamils in Sri Lanka is less than 13 %. This was followed by various demands leading to an exclusively mono ethnic separate sate in 2/3 of the country for a 13% minority who migrated or brought to the country by the colonists a few centuries ago. The latest ruse has been the demand for a Tamil version of Sri Lanka's national anthem. Canada is the one and only exception in the world where National Anthem is not sung in one language.  Other larger democracies in the world with so many multiple communities sing their National Anthems only in one language.     
Following is some quotes from an article appeared in the Island paper (15.Dec.2010) by Mr. Mano Ratwatte from the USA in response to the latest rant made by old and sick Karunanidi of Tamil Nadu.   For easy reference I have added the name of the country in front of related examples given by the writer.
India –"First of all, he should realize the Indian National Anthem is written and sung in Sankritized Bengali and includes words written by the greatest Bengali Laureate, Tagore. It is not sung in Telugu, Malaylam, Tamil(60 million and approx 6% of Indians), Kannada or other Dravidian Indian regional languages and nor is it sung in Marati, Gujarati, Ori, or any other regional state language"
USA –"The National Anthem of the USA is in English. It has approximately 15.8% persons of Hispanic or Latino origin. Sri Lanka has approximately 13% Tamil speaking Sri Lankan Tamils. The US National Anthem is sung only and only in English officially.
Every American is expected to sing it in the official language of the nation: English, not even native Americans be they Navajo, Cherokee, Sioux, Pawnee or any other original indigenous population whose lands were conquered are allowed to sing it in any language other than English".

Friday, December 10, 2010

“The East Asian race has kicked the white race’s ass while the South Asian’s have traditionally licked the white race’s ass”

How true!I saw the below quoted comment posted in response to an article written comparing military strengths of China and India. The author of the comment explains why the US is interested in strengthening India's military. The comment tells it in nutshell: the mentality of the most of the South Asian countries who were the former colonies of the West. They have for long been the 'yes' men to the West. This is very much true as far as Sri Lanka is concerned.
This mentality, especially among 'Kalu Suddas' in Sri Lanka, has cost us dearly. Until president Rajapaksha came into power our political elite licked the asses of the West and in turn what we got was 30 years of war which was being fuelled by them with their hypocritical actions. The West's hypocrisy has been well exemplified on numerous occasions, the most recent instance being the treatment meted out to the SL's president when he made a visit to the UK. The president was humiliated as he got balls not to lick the West's asses.
Following is the said comment.       
"The reason why the western world, in particular the neo-conservative factions are hyping up and siding with India while trying to put China down is because of a historical fear the white (caucasian) race has of the yellow (oriental) race. Throughout history, from the Huns who humiliated the mighty Romans, to the Mongols under Ghengis Khan and his grandsons to the Japanese at Pearl Harbour to the Vietnamese in the Vietnam war, the East Asian race has kicked the white race's ass while the South Asian's have traditionally licked the white race's ass. Therefore the western fear of China's rise as a superpower that could challenge the western world's global dominance.
The west courts India not because India has any true superpower potential but because Indians are sycophants and willing lackeys to the white race, is conviniently located right next door to China and more that willing to take orders from the whites."
It is again the lackeys of the Sudda's in Sri Lanka who shout from the roof tops against percent Sri Lankan government's foreign policy in tilting towards true friends like China rather than licking the asses of the White.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More on Tamilinzed Sinhala names in Jaffna……

As a further elaboration to my previous post, the current post too deals with place names in Jaffna which originally had Sinhala names but has been Tamilinized  later. These original Sinhala names were in use as late as Dutch period where they appear by the same names in the maps used by the Dutch colonial government.    
Original Sinhala names                                          Tamilinized names  
Oorana                                                                   Urani
Palyala                                                                    Palali
Kottegampala                                                          Koddagapulam
Karadiva                                                                 Karativ
Katuwana                                                                Kadduwan
Godigama                                                               Kodikamam
Kapudoova                                                              Kapputhoo
Vaslawatta                                                              Vatharavathai
Varan Yattala                                                           Varani  Iyattalai
Mirivila                                                                   Mirveli
Javakachcheriya                                                      Chavakachcheri
Kokilana                                                                 Kuppilan
Navandara                                                               Navanturai
Sorowila                                                                 Suruvil
Udupaella                                                                Oddupeli
Maavanpoluwa                                                         Maravanpulavu
Avusala                                                                   Usan
Kudameeya                                                             Kudamian
Tambagama                                                            Tampakamam
Buthpura                                                                 Buttur
Hirivila                                                                   Siruvilan
Madurusala                                                              Munasal
Araella                                                                   Arayali
Punnalakaduwa                                                        Punnalaikkaduwan
Itththavila                                                               Ittavil
Addaravaella                                                            Arukuveli  
Punranna                                                                Poonaryn
Mavankulissa                                                           Maravankulissa
Sandilipe                                                                 Sandilippai
Sankavaella                                                             Sankuveli
Thalapura                                                               Tolopuram
Athureliya                                                               Achchelu
Kumburukanniya                                                      Chempankundu
Deduwankotte                                                          Tadduwankodddai
Alapitiya                                                                 Allaipiddi
Vasavila                                                                  Vasavilan
Katuwana                                                                Kadduwan
Peduru Thuduwa                                                       Point Pedru
Kokkuvila                                                                Kokkuvil
Mandadiva                                                               Mandatiuv
Vaevunkaduva                                                          Veddukkadu
Neliya                                                                     Neliyan
Batakotte                                                               Vaddukoddai
Vaelivaetithara                                                        Valivatithurai
Karanaeba                                                               Karanaval  
Karavaedda                                                             Karaveddi
Dambakolathota                                                       Kankasanthurai
Colombathora                                                          Colombothurai
Urathota                                                                 Kayts

Monday, November 15, 2010

“The Sri Lanka of today is much bolder and far more confident, far less likely to be dictated to and far more attuned to her own rhythms and priorities”.

A serialized review by Dr. SinhaRaja Tammita-Delgoda on a paper by Ashok Mehta –'Sri Lanka's Ethnic Conflict: How Eelam War IV was Won' appeared in Sunday Island on 31st October, 07th November and 14th November 2010.

What struck me most was the following concluding paragraphs by the reviewer. It sums up what ticks inside the head of the present government. All the adversaries to the present regime who try to force things on her should first understand this reality.

"The whole episode only serves to underlines a basic reality. The solution that everybody else desires may not be desirable for Sri Lanka; it may not even be workable, and ultimately, it is Sri Lanka which will have to pay the price. This is something which India and the outside world have yet to understand. Only then, can there be a permanent resolution.
In this context, it is important to point out that the Sri Lanka of today is no longer the country that it was before the last Eelam War. As Sri Lanka has changed, so have her politics and so, has her idea of her place in the world. Despite the immense pressure which has been applied by the United Nations, the western powers and India, Sri Lanka continues to go her own way. After having defied all the odds and come through the very worst, it is unlikely that this administration will give way on anything less. To force it to do so would only exaggerate, increase tensions and shore up trouble for the future.
The Sri Lanka of today is much bolder and far more confident, far less likely to be dictated to and far more attuned to her own rhythms and priorities. It is a story which all those dealing with Sri Lanka should try to understand, for it is the reality which they will encounter."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Attempting to deprive settling the original inhabitants in Jaffna

Eelamists have again started to shout from rooftops as usual over what can best be described as an attempt to perpetuate the big lie called Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka.  This time around it is against settling some Sinhalese families in Jaffna who lived there before they were chased away by the Eelamists in 1980s. Following are repetitions of a few facts that I highlighted in my various previous posts.     
The extent of distorting the  true history of Sri Lanka is such that perhaps the Eelimist themselves do not know the fact that the original inhabitants of Jaffna had been Sinhalese before a large scale Tamil settlement took place there when Portuguese , Dutch and English  brought them  for tobacco cultivation from South India.  
Mudaliyar C. Rasnayagam, a prominent Tamil historian claims in his book 'Ancient Jaffna' that " Jaffna was occupied by the Sinhalese earlier than by the Tamils is seen not only in the place names of Jaffna but also in the habits and customs of the people. The system of branding cattle with the communal brand by which not only the caste but also the position and family of the owner could be traced, was peculiarly Sinhalese. The very ancient way of wearing the hair in the form of a konde behind the head, was very common among the people of Jaffna till very recent times" (Ancient Jaffna, p. 384)."
Most of the place names in Jaffna that have been Tamilinised originally had Sinhalese names. Kadurugoda (kantarodai), Hunugama (Chunkamam) and Waligama( Weligamam) are just a few to name. The ruins of  Buddhist  temples that have been subjected much destruction, some of them can barely be identifiable now,  prove an existence of a flourishing Sinhalese Buddhist civilization there.
As usual Elemist have again sought the help from Eealm supportive countries in the West to prevent "this attempt by Sinhalese to create a demographic imbalance in Tamil Homeland". The present government should take every step to prevent Eelmists' sustained attempt to create a mono-ethnic enclave in the North and East for it is this very government which is credited for defeating such an effort made Eelamists by means of an armed conflict.  Otherwise, the enormous sacrifices made by our security forces, boarder villagers and general public will go in vain.  On top of all it will be a victory against the falsehood as Tamils have never been the original inhabitants of North and East rather they were recent immigrants or those who came with invaders or those who were brought by the colonists to the region from South India.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Prof: Rohan Gunaratne talks about the truth behind the ‘Political Settlement for Tamils’ and the so called human rights abuses allegedly to have been committed by the SL armed forces

As was highlighted by many a times in my posts and also as has been a quite common knowledge to many, the demand for a 'political settlement for Tamils' being shouted from the roof tops based on a bogus 'Tamil Homeland' or the mythical Tamil history in Sri Lanka is just a creation of a bunch of Jaffna Tamil Vellala elites who made use of this fantasy to achieve their political goals at the expense of misguided poor Tamil youth. 
In a recent interview to Daily Mirror Prof. Rohan Gunaratne , Head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore puts it in one of the best ways one could do it as thus:
 'This political settlement is not created by the ordinary Tamils in the NE but those highly politicized and radicalised Tamils in Colombo, doing the cocktail circuit, lobbying the embassies, or Tamil politicians'.
 He goes on to say
'But this is not a priority for the people. I think the idea of political settlement is created by a small percentage in Colombo not representative of the real needs of the Tamil people as a whole. Govt can ensure that these Tamils can live peacefully in the NE or wherever they want to live in the country, have access to education and livelihoods. Gvt. must focus of economic growth. '
With regard to human rights abuses alleged to have been committed by the SL security forces…..
"Every conflict zone in the world whether it is Afganistan, Kashmir or Iraq has produced civilian injuries and fatalities. No conflict zone can a government fight without violence. Civilians are those who most inevitably die in a conflict. You can't fight terrorism without civilian deaths. The entire strategy of the terrorist is to hide behind the civilians and attack. If you look at civilian deaths, then in Iraq 100,000 have died, in Afganistan several tens of thousands more. But in Sri Lanka the number is very modest in comparison, yet, why did the UN appoint a Committee of Inquiry. It is because there was very significant pressure on him by countries that have been lobbied by LTTE and its friends."  
The number of civilians alleged to have been killed is just an exaggeration by the LTTE and picked up by the interested parties   
Because in the final stages of the war the LTTE activated its machinery overseas and this couldn't be countered by the government through its missions overseas. These missions didn't give priority to this. This has been a traditional failure of the governments.  So LTTE gave a figure of 7,000 civilian deaths in its websites, which was picked up by the UN, media and human rights organizations. The strategy of the government should've been to issue a white paper on what happened in the No Fire Zone during this time, it can still be done today. Then the government must inform the UN and other governments commenting on SL without burying its head in the ground. Say what is right and what wrong. They must be pro active and responsive. Then the government must raise the question why these organizations are singling out Sri Lanka by reacting to LTTE propaganda. They can ask why they are concerned about civilian deaths if there is no principle of equality when dealing with more deaths in Iraq or Afghanistan and why they don't have Commissions of Inquiry on these other conflicts as well. 
I think the government is not doing this because they feel singled out. Simply singling out a country is bad. I believe the Opposition instead of carrying out its traditional role of confrontational politics should have the wisdom to tell the government that they will work with it. Defeating the LTTE was the biggest challenge Sri Lanka faced in the last three decades and when it comes to matters of foreign policy there must be a bi-partisan opposition. That is an intelligent opposition. SL must maintain a relationship with the West or the security threat to the country will increase. Otherwise the LTTE will reorganize.
SL forces never deliberately killed the civilians because its aim was to eliminate the terrorists not the civilians
"The Sri Lankan forces never killed civilians deliberately but in counter intelligence civilian deaths take place. Because, the intention of the government was to vanquish LTTE and not kill civilians, where 9,000 of the 11,000 LTTE cadres in government detention were those who surrendered.  SL ensured that every operational order had zero civilian casualties as a priority. From my research the total number of civilian deaths is 1,400 and LTTE 10,000. It is important to distinguish between an illegal combatant and a civilian. "
It is indeed a must read article.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

“All Tamilians in Sri Lanka are happy with the government as it treats everyone equal”- Asin Thottumkal

 A good slap on the faces of Tamil Nadu racists!
Asin braved many threats from the so called "Tamil Nadu actors" even with her home being laid siege. But she was undeterred and displayed a remarkable solidarity with Sri Lankans.
 Though she is non-Sri Lankan I would say she is more "patriotic" than most of our own hypocritical cowards.     
The so called "International community" and other opportunists who shout from roof tops that Tamils are discriminated in Sri Lanka have even never dared to visit Sri Lanka and see in their own eyes how Tamils are treated over here. Asin has witnessed it in her own eyes and seen the reality.
Most of the security related grievances that the Tamils had to face due to the war are no longer in existence. As discussed in one of my previous posts other so called "grievances" of  Tamils have been addressed by the successive Sri Lankan governments with Tamils enjoying as equal rights as other communities in Sri Lanka.   
It is the poor victims disillusioned by the bogus Tamil history in Sri Lanka or the 'Tamil Homeland' fantasy who are in the forefront spreading the monumental lies about Sri Lanka.   

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The cat is out of the bag! Navanethem Pillay is to do the final touches to Ban Ki- moon’s grand design against Sri Lanka!

Today's The Island's editorial tells the story in style. The cat is out of the bag! Ban Ki- moon has revealed that the expert panel appointed to 'investigate the "war crimes" allegedly committed by the SL security forces at the final stages of the war' is under Navanethem Pillay's Office. One should not be a rocket scientist to fathom what Moon is up to. 
·      Navnthan Pillai has been a staunchest opponent of Sri Lanka harboring a strong hatred against her present government that defeated the terrorism and fascism. She did her best from Geneva to save the Prabhakaran and his cohorts at the final stages of war.  She has virtually become the mouthpiece of the anti Sri Lankan-Tamil Diaspora. Her outbursts against Sri Lanka are well known. So expecting a fair judgment for Sri Lanka from any committee or panel even having a distanced connection with her is a mere day dream, leave along if it is under her.

·      The other panel members' anti Sri Lankan stance is well known. Their track record with regard to Sri Lanka is well described by the Island's editor as follows.

(1)    Marzuki Darusman: Marzuki Darusman was part of the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) involved in a presidential commission that probed some alleged violations of human rights in Sri Lanka. These eminent persons had a row with the government and left in a huff. Darusman is, therefore, prejudiced against this country.

(2)    Steven R. Ratner: Steven R. Ratner is of a similar mindset. He, in a book co-authored with Jason S. Abrams, Accountability for Human rights: Atrocities in International Law-Beyond the Nuremberg Legacy, advocates that the ban on apartheid be invoked in relation to some countries including Sri Lanka, which he refers to by innuendo.

(3)    Yasmin Sooka: Yasmin Sooka, a former Truth Commission member, is the executive director of the Foundation for Human Rights (FHR) in South Africa. Her outfit is heavily dependent on EU funds for survival. The EU has allocated a whopping 25 million Euros for one of its programmes. She is, therefore, beholden to the EU, which is leading a war crimes campaign against Sri Lanka from the front.

And also

(4)    Richard Bennett, the person who has been handpicked as the head of the staff of the expert panel is a trusted lieutenant of Pillay. He had been the Representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal until his latest appointment
·    So it is very much clear that 'appointment of the panel' is just a Trojan horse to give a legal status to a 'report' which will come out soon. The 'report' has apparently been already prepared with the support of anti-Sri Lankan forces: LTTE supportive Western nations and Anti-Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora etc.
The most ridiculous part of the whole story has been that not only this grand plot against Sri Lanka's main architect's impartiality which is before a big question mark but also his integrity too as was widely reported in the media yesterday.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pashana Pabbatha Viharaya in Punniyadi in Trincomalee (3rd to 4th centuries AD), a magnificent Buddhist rock temple that existed 2000 years ago!

Pashana Pabbatha Viharaya in Punniyadi/Verugal (Kal-adi) which bears evidences of an existence of a flourishing Sinhalese Buddhist civilization in the area about two millennia ago is located 32 kms from the Seruvila Buddhist temple. The six inscriptions found in the temple with Brahami letters make references of a sophiscated civilization that flourished during the time with a network of banking systems and commercial cities. 

The temple is located on a top of a rock with a commanding view of all the directions. Atop the rock one can see a fascinating view of sea on the Southerly direction and on other directions acres of paddy fields, scores of houses built by NGOs for tsunami victims and the thick jungle that stretches for miles.

This important Buddhist temple has born a great deal of damage as a LTTE's Voice of Tigers communication tower had been built there destroying the Stupa of the temple. The old bricks of the Stupa can be found strewn all over the place. What is left with the remnant of the building is not 03 feet in height. The diameter of the ruined Stupa is about 50 feet at its base and its domed body has extensively been dug. The portion of it has been destroyed giving way to build the communication tower. It can be observed that several types of bricks had been used for building the Stupa. Curved shaped bricks strewn around the area suggest that they were part of spire of the Stupa. The types of bricks suggest that the building had been built at the begging of the 1st century. A base stone of a pillar found among the bricks and a line of holes grilled on the rock suggest that there had been another building below the stupa.  A flight steps carved in the rock suggest that the entrance to the top of it was located facing the south. The north side of the temple is a precipice.            

The six inscriptions on the rock are among the most important archeological ruins found in the place. Three of them, located close to each other, are on the western side of the rock on which the Stupa is located. Due to continuous treading on them the script of them has started to erase. The forth inscription is on a rock below with much worn out condition. The fifth and the sixth are on the rock behind.

The first inscription among the first three is relatively clear though some letters are worn out. It starts with words 'Amathe rakayame pahana pavatha vihara' and it goes on to refer about an offering of gold coins. According to one of the inscriptions this Buddhist temple/monastery has been built by king Mahadatika Mahanaga.( 9th to 21st BC). Number of inscriptions with this king's name has been found in several places in the Eastern areas of the country located close to sea. The most striking feature of the script written in the inscriptions in Pasana Pabbata Vihara is that the king is referred as Mahadatiyanaka maharaja while in the inscriptions found close to sea he is referred as 'Naka Maharaja'. This is very clear evidence that this temple is dated older than 2000 years. 

As per the inscription the king has made the temple the beneficiary of water tenure from a nearby stream. The king has also made temple's lands exempted from the land tenure which had been imposed on the people in the area. An accompanying small inscription of the first inscription says that the king Mahadatika Mahanaga has bought a land and offered to the Pasana Pabbbatha temple.

The second inscription goes on to say that a minister named Rakhaya has offered the interest he earned out of depositing five hundred gold coins in a bank. This bank is appeared to have been linked with a commercial establishment. In Sri Lanka's historical records, foremost among the inscriptions which bear the reference about bank systems is the Thonigala inscription found written during the King Kithsirimevan (299-327). However, the Punniyadi inscriptions are older dated.

The third inscription mentions about a commercial city named 'Thadavita'. It had a commercial centre named Manarama. It goes on to say that the King Mahasen(276-299) has offered what he earned from the interest depositing paddy from his own fields in a bank. 

Another inscription says that what was earned from the interest depositing something (It is not exactly clear what was deposited) in a bank in a commercial city named Thubavatiya located east of the city was offered to the Mangala Chaittya(Mangala Stupa). So it is clear that the Stupa now in ruins in Pasana Pabbatha Viharaya in Punniyadi was referred as Mangala  Maha Chaittya.  

The other inscription contains references that gold coins were offered to the temple for meeting the expenses for alms for resident Buddhist monks. As per these inscriptions it is clear that there had been major commercial cities in Seruvila area with a flouring bank system. It has been proved that all the names mentioned in the inscriptions are Sinhalese.   

By judging all the details it can be summed up that the Pashana Pabbatha Viharaya built in early centuries has evolved into a magnificent rock temple with many Buddhist monks in residence.  Archeologists are yet to read all the inscriptions which will give us more details about this magnificent temple.

However, it is pity to see the effort taken by the Eelamists , deceived by a bogus history, to eliminate the evidences of the Sinhalese Buddhist civilization that exited in the North and East of Sri Lanka.  Pashana Pabbatha Viharaya is just one example of thousands of such places in the North and East that could not escape the wrath of Eelamists.                                 
 Source: Pacheena Passa- Uttara Passa-Nagenahira ha Uturu Palathe Sinhala Bauddha Urumaya by Venrable Ellavala Medhananda Thero.  

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The latest Cabinet meeting held in Giranike (Killinochchi)!

How ironical! The so called 'Political Headquarters' of the 'Thamil Eelam' has turned into the venue of  the latest cabinet meeting of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Almost one year back mere mentioning of such an event was a laughable day dream for many. The very same place was once boasted to have been the abode of the office of the "Political Head of the Thamil Eelam" who once boasted that he will turn Sri Lanka's capital into living inferno.  
I feel this is an apt occasion to throw some light how the place name Kilinochchi was coined from the original Sinhala name.  As has been the case with many places in North and East of Sri Lanka, the original Sinhala name Giranike has been Tamilinized as Kilinochchi.  The following quoted piece of description in an advertisement by the Commercial Bank in a national news paper of its opening of a new branch in the last month there says it in style.      
"The parrots (Gira in Sinhala) who came in flocks perched on the Nika Trees (Vitex negundo) that grew in abundance there and it was why the place was named "Giranike".
In Tamil parrot is called "Killi" and the Nika tree is known as "Nochchi". Through the combination of these two words, the name Killi-nochchi was coined".
Archeological evidences including stone inscriptions once strewn in the area and now destroyed as well as the descriptions in chronicles including Mahavamsa and Deepavamsa say that this area was once a vast complex Budhdhist monastery in which thousands of Arhats were residing.      
 The Eelam Day Dreamers fantasized by a Bogus Tamil history in Sri Lanka had been under the illusion of having this place to be the "Political Head Quarters" of the future 'Thamil Eelam'. It was a common scene a couple of years back that hordes of Eelam supportive Western lackeys were going in procession to this place to worship the 'Leaders of the Eelam government'. Unable to bear the  catastrophic proportion of turn of events,  Eelam supportive Western lackeys now have resorted to arm twisting of Sri Lanka with economic embargoes and appointing 'Advisory Committees' to 'investigate' the so called 'war crimes' allegedly committed by the Sri Lankan armed forces.  
However, It is heartening to see how the people there who had for long been at the gun point of the so called freedom fighters now enjoy the real freedom with the dawn of peace thanks to the enormous sacrifices made by our valiant security forces.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Unarmed terrorists in Sri Lanka

The latest post by Peramune Rala titled 'Population jihad, case study from Eastern province' prompted me to write this post. His posts have been real eye openers with ground breaking revelations. His latest post discusses a very important issue which will create an unimaginable scale danger to the country in the near future-the huge population growth of Muslims. As has been highlighted by many concerned observers with raised eye brows, in few years time there will be many adverse outcomes of this phenomenon.  Though this is common to other part of the country too it is quite apparent in the Eastern province. (And this has not confined to Sri Lanka along too)
One of the quite visible outcomes of this has come to the public limelight in the form of mass scale land grabbing happening in the Eastern Province. A few examples will suffice to realize the great danger that lay ahead.  This uncontrolled population explosion has led to the encroachment and grabbing of lands belonging to the State and lands belonging to other communities leading tensions among the them.  These lands include lands belonging to the department of forest and department of archeology etc. And also lands belonging to Sinhalese and Tamils are encroached or grabbed in an unprecedented scale. The brunt of the damage is born by the poor Sinhalese as they are the minority in the province especially in the Ampara District. Incidentally, they have become unfortunate victims of discriminations by the racist Tamil and Muslim government servants in the districts.  Most of the cases poor Sinhalese are intimidated with death threats and are driven from their ancestral lands. This is the same case of the many Buddhists archeological sites and temples. Those lands are grabbed with the politicians' support. This happened in a greater scale when the Muslim fundamentalist Minister Ashrof was in power. The best case in point, as known to many, is Deegvapi. What happened in Deegvapi is history now. But what is unknown to many is the fact that the land grab which became the limelight of attention to many on those days goes on in the same scale as before. The vast numbers of acres of land in Degavapi has been grabbed now.  But the department of archeology is in deep slumber, perhaps due to a couple of reasons: The political support behind this land grab is so strong that the officials at the department are in a helpless situation or the officials at the   Archeological department are being bribed not to take any actions or the intrusion of Muslim officials into the department of the archeology in the Ampara district.
 A few more examples will suffice to realize the great danger that lay ahead.  A few years ago Vanagamua was flourishing Sinhala village in the Akkaraipattu DS division in Ampara District.(this village is a Purana Village ).But now the village name has changed into " Vankamam", a highly populated Muslim village with few mosques. This happened in less than 05 years time.  This is the fate of many other Sinhala villages in the Eastern province. The population growth among the Muslims is such that many acres of lands belonging to the department of forest have been grabbed resulting in mass scale deforestation in Kuchchaveli (Kusalaveliya) in Trincomalee. Just before the war started Kuchchavlei was a small fishing village with a few mud thatched houses. At present Kuchcaveli is a highly populated Muslim area with many thousands families. And also   Kanthankudi in the Batticaloa district was reported to have been the area with the highest population density in the whole South Asia. This was reported about two decades ago.
This intentional population growth by Muslims aimed at becoming the Majority community in Sri Lanka is surely setting the stage for the next terrorists' war though it is unarmed for the moment.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mrs. Amirthalingam’ s expression of gratitude to the Police officer who killed her beloved husband’s assailants: a story of bizarre irony of fate of Eelam proponents

Media reported recently that the wife of late Amirthalingam had expressed her gratitude to the police constable who shot dead the three assailants of her husband killed 21 years ago. It is a bizarre irony of fate that a wife of a staunchest proponents of Eelam expressed her gratitude to a person belonging to the community who Eelamist's consider as their arch 'enemies'-the Sinhalese. Above all, he was from the Sri Lanka police whom Eelamist refer as the 'occupational Sinhala army or police who are hell bent to kill Tamils'.    
Amirthalingam's wife was also an ardent supporter of the Eelam dream. She was once heard declaring in a public meeting held in Jaffna in late 70s that the Sinhalese should be skinned to death and then their skin should be used to make shoes.  What a bizarre turn of events! For Amirthalingams the LTTE terrorists were "our boys". 
The Sinhalese police officer displayed this daring act knowing very well that his life was at a great risk. The assailants and the target are both consider the latter's protector as a one from their arch 'enemies', the Sinhala community. The Sinhalese policeman could have easily fled from the scene leaving the two parties to settle their scores having known very well that both the assailants and their target were perusing a same goal-achieving the Eelam.         
Mrs. Amirthalingam came to Sri Lanka in a gap of 21 years and made a visit to the house of the Sinhalese policeman/bodyguard who shot dead the three LTTE terrorists who killed her husband. Her son had also accompanied her to the policeman's house in Kegalle and both the mother and the son had reportedly broken in tears while embracing him as if they saw their own affectionate son/brother after a long period of time. Mrs. Amirthalingam had reportedly thanked President Rajapaksha for elimination the LTTE. The LTTE monster created by Amirthalingams turned towards them and eliminated most of its creators along with thousands of Tamils of whom they claim to have been the sole representatives. It is the same Sinhalese 'enemies' who saved them and paved the way for their creators to return to their motherland without fear of blown by human bombs!     
Sri Lanka's armed forced displayed the similar type of courageous and humanitarian acts on numerous occasions sacrificing their own lives and limbs, the latest being the world's largest rescue operation when they rescued the thousands of Tamil civilians at the last stages of war when the so called 'guardians' and the 'protectors' of the Tamils used them as a protective shield risking their lives. The history of the conflict is replete with similar daring and humanitarian acts on the part of our security forces but they are swept under the carpet by the Eelamists in order to furtherance their Eelam dream.