Thursday, July 22, 2010

The cat is out of the bag! Navanethem Pillay is to do the final touches to Ban Ki- moon’s grand design against Sri Lanka!

Today's The Island's editorial tells the story in style. The cat is out of the bag! Ban Ki- moon has revealed that the expert panel appointed to 'investigate the "war crimes" allegedly committed by the SL security forces at the final stages of the war' is under Navanethem Pillay's Office. One should not be a rocket scientist to fathom what Moon is up to. 
·      Navnthan Pillai has been a staunchest opponent of Sri Lanka harboring a strong hatred against her present government that defeated the terrorism and fascism. She did her best from Geneva to save the Prabhakaran and his cohorts at the final stages of war.  She has virtually become the mouthpiece of the anti Sri Lankan-Tamil Diaspora. Her outbursts against Sri Lanka are well known. So expecting a fair judgment for Sri Lanka from any committee or panel even having a distanced connection with her is a mere day dream, leave along if it is under her.

·      The other panel members' anti Sri Lankan stance is well known. Their track record with regard to Sri Lanka is well described by the Island's editor as follows.

(1)    Marzuki Darusman: Marzuki Darusman was part of the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) involved in a presidential commission that probed some alleged violations of human rights in Sri Lanka. These eminent persons had a row with the government and left in a huff. Darusman is, therefore, prejudiced against this country.

(2)    Steven R. Ratner: Steven R. Ratner is of a similar mindset. He, in a book co-authored with Jason S. Abrams, Accountability for Human rights: Atrocities in International Law-Beyond the Nuremberg Legacy, advocates that the ban on apartheid be invoked in relation to some countries including Sri Lanka, which he refers to by innuendo.

(3)    Yasmin Sooka: Yasmin Sooka, a former Truth Commission member, is the executive director of the Foundation for Human Rights (FHR) in South Africa. Her outfit is heavily dependent on EU funds for survival. The EU has allocated a whopping 25 million Euros for one of its programmes. She is, therefore, beholden to the EU, which is leading a war crimes campaign against Sri Lanka from the front.

And also

(4)    Richard Bennett, the person who has been handpicked as the head of the staff of the expert panel is a trusted lieutenant of Pillay. He had been the Representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal until his latest appointment
·    So it is very much clear that 'appointment of the panel' is just a Trojan horse to give a legal status to a 'report' which will come out soon. The 'report' has apparently been already prepared with the support of anti-Sri Lankan forces: LTTE supportive Western nations and Anti-Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora etc.
The most ridiculous part of the whole story has been that not only this grand plot against Sri Lanka's main architect's impartiality which is before a big question mark but also his integrity too as was widely reported in the media yesterday.


Anonymous said...

if you read allegations made by former head of UN Department for Oversight, against Ban Ki Moon and his advisors then you will understand well how the UN works and why Ban wants this panel to work out desperately!
great blog.keep up!

Anonymous said...

Fully agree- the UN is the first living lie that needs to be exposed for what it is- US allows the good guys, of which I must admit, there are many, to get jobs, and to believe they are working for a just cause. I am dead against a western order that calls for all the rest of the world to comply with 18th century human rights. Love your blog! Nilmini