Wednesday, July 28, 2010

“All Tamilians in Sri Lanka are happy with the government as it treats everyone equal”- Asin Thottumkal

 A good slap on the faces of Tamil Nadu racists!
Asin braved many threats from the so called "Tamil Nadu actors" even with her home being laid siege. But she was undeterred and displayed a remarkable solidarity with Sri Lankans.
 Though she is non-Sri Lankan I would say she is more "patriotic" than most of our own hypocritical cowards.     
The so called "International community" and other opportunists who shout from roof tops that Tamils are discriminated in Sri Lanka have even never dared to visit Sri Lanka and see in their own eyes how Tamils are treated over here. Asin has witnessed it in her own eyes and seen the reality.
Most of the security related grievances that the Tamils had to face due to the war are no longer in existence. As discussed in one of my previous posts other so called "grievances" of  Tamils have been addressed by the successive Sri Lankan governments with Tamils enjoying as equal rights as other communities in Sri Lanka.   
It is the poor victims disillusioned by the bogus Tamil history in Sri Lanka or the 'Tamil Homeland' fantasy who are in the forefront spreading the monumental lies about Sri Lanka.   


Anonymous said...

"have even never dared to visit Sri Lanka and see in their own eyes how Tamils are treated over here"

Reading your post, it seems you have never bothered to speak to Tamils in Sri Lanka and understand what they think and feel.

It's true they may not want a separate homeland, but things aren't exactly all rosy hued for them either.

Rebel of Kandy said...


I do speak with Tamils from North and East, mostly with lower strata’s of the society. There is no difference of the problems that they now face and the problems that Sinhalese face from the southern part of the country. Of course, during the war time they did speak about the problems that they faced with regard to security related issues.

Yes, indeed, they do not need a homeland which is a fanciful creation of the Vellala Jaffna elite created to meet their political aims based on a bogus history. What an ordinary Tamil from North and East wants is as same as what an ordinary Sinhalese from South does. As I discussed in the post over the years successive governments have, despite a high intensified war, been able to meet the needs of the Tamils or address the so called ‘grievances’ of the Tamils. An ordinary Tamil man enjoys as same rights as an ordinary man from south part of the country enjoys.
And also after the war it has been a super accelerated development activities which are underway in the areas. It is the anti-Sinhalese Tamil Diaspora disillusioned by a bogus history and the so called ‘International Community’ supportive to the LTTE who still talk about the ‘grievances’ of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Most of them have never visited Sri Lanka and bothered to speak with an ordinary Tamil with an unbiased mind as Asin did.