Sunday, November 8, 2015

Did Venerable Sobhitha do a U turn?

Some years back Venerable Sobhitha's political activism was portrayed by many anti-Sinhalese Buddhist elements as being an "extremist monk". This portrayal was such strong that one of his pictures, taken while making a fiery speech, found its way to the cover of the professor Tambiah's book- "Buddhism Betrayed?". The book, published in 1992, was yet another brilliant example of time tested and highly successful demonizing campaign against Sinhalese Buddhists.               

It is, however, interesting to see how Venerable Sobhitha was seen by many patriotic Sinhalese Buddhists by the time his passing away. He was seen as one of the prominent figures aligned with the anti-Sinhalese Buddhists forces such as the Western Christian Imperialists, their stooges here and Eelamist who are against the Sinhalese Buddhists. He was accused as having received a large sum of money from the NGOs held bent to demonize the Sinhalese Buddhists. He was one of the biggest pillars of strength of the present Yahapalana regime and played a huge role in ousting the former president Mahinda. 

Did Venerable Sobhitha do a U turn by selling his soul? Or Was he confused with his ideologies? Or Did he become a paid agent of the anti-Sinhalese Buddhist Forces? The history of Sinhalese Buddhists replete with betrayals of the community by both lay persons and Buddhist monks will decide the niche inherited by Venerable Sobhitha!