Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On that “Rally” after the “Vigil”

 As I discussed in one of my previous posts, the so called "Rally for Unity" too held last 28th was organized and largely attended by none other than same "Dollar Kakkas" who did similar thing called "Candle Lit Vigil" in Tummulla some weeks ego. The photos taken during this so called "rally" tell this in style.  But this time around these "Kakkas" have done some homework having learnt lessons from the "Vigil". They have been able to bring in some notable personalities who include Professor Rajiva Weijesinhe, Dr. Dayan Jayathilaka, TNA MP M. A. Sumanthiran, Rev. Baddegama Samitha (the only Buddhist monk in the event) , UNP Parliamentarian Bakeer Marker, some Christian nuns and  a few others.

One of the prominent words found mentioning in the placards written in Sinhalese was "Vividathwaya" or  "Diversity" in English. The placards say to "Respect the Diversity". These "Vigils" and "Rallies" are organized following the restlessness and agitation seen among the Buddhists in the country as a reaction to the ever growing Muslim Fundamentalism. (This phenomenon is not confined only to Sri Lanka but other Theravada Buddhist countries such as Myanmar and Thailand too). As exactly these "Dollar Kakkas" did while the Ealam war was raging by portraying to the world the LTTE as "freedom fighters" and the "sole representative of the Tamil people" while completely turning a blind eye towards LTTE's merciless atrocities, this time around Muslim Fundamentalism is nourished by demonizing Buddhists as "Ethno-religious Fascists". The very fact that Muslim Fundamentalism annihilates the "Vividathwaya" or "Diversity" and breeds fascism is conveniently forgotten by these Kakkas. They turn a blind eye to the very fact that it was this rabid racism on the part of Muslim Fundamentalists that stimulated Buddhists in Sri Lanka to be restless.

As I said in my last post, Buddhists have been pushed to the wall. The fascism by Muslims starts from Buddhist temples and archeological places being bulldozed and turning into Mosques to the ethnic cleansing unleashed in the form of non-Muslims' traditional places of habitation being mass-populated by the huge Muslim expansion.  This is the same story in other countries such as Myanmar and Thailand.

So these "rallies" or "Vigils" are not aimed at creating "Inclusive society that protects diversity" as the placards in the "Rally" want to highlight. Rather they would nourish Muslim Fundamentalism in Sri Lanka which is viciously aimed at allegedly creating mono-ethnic Muslim enclave in Sri Lanka.            

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Growing restlessness among Theravada Buddhist countries against Muslim Fundamentalism is due to Buddhists being pushed to the wall!

It can be observed that there has been an ever growing restlessness among Buddhist populations in countries such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand-three countries following Theravada Buddhism. Buddhists following the Theravada Buddhist tradition is known throughout the history as the most accommodative and the least aggressive communities in the world. The level of tolerance among them is such that they even do not react to their adversaries or tormentors even if they are pushed to the wall.  Then what did make the Buddhists in those countries restless to the level even to be reactive in certain instances?

This near insane tolerance level among Theravada Buddhists has been taken for a good bloody ride by the Muslim Fundamentalists in the respective countries. The strong reactions taken by the followers of  other faiths in the world namely Hindus, Christians and Jews against Muslim Fundamentalism have checked the Fundamentalists' destructive path to a certain extent and have been making maximum effort to keep the Muslim zealots at bay at the expense of great cost to their own societies. This has resulted the least reacting societies to have been at the brunt of the receiving end by the Muslim Fundamentalists with multiplied times destructiveness being unleashed against societies such as Buddhists.  

What has been experiencing by Sri Lankan Buddhists in the forms of their temples and archeological places being bulldozed and turning into Mosques to the ethnic cleansing unleashed in the form of their traditional places of habitation being mass-populated by the huge Muslim expansion is not different to what has been happening to the Buddhists in Myanmar's western Rakhine State and the Buddhists in Southern Thailand.  The huge Muslim expansion and Fundamentalism unleashed in these South-East Asian Theravada Buddhist countries by illegal migrant Muslims have pushed the latter to the wall.

The photo taken in Myanmar tells in million words what an unfortunate state of affairs that beleaguered Buddhists have to undergo due to Muslim Fundamentalism!  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A classic example of how Eelam propagandist DBS. Jeyaraj is demonizing Sinhalese-Buddhists using the anti-Muslim Fundamentalism sentiments in Sri Lanka.

As I discussed in one of my previous posts, Eelam propagandist DBS. Jeyaraj (and hordes of others) has got a field day to demonize Sinhalese Buddhists making use the prevailing anti-Muslim Fundamentalism sentiments in the country.

How an incident that has taken place in Gampola in the Central Province is twisted to attack the majority community is a classic case in point to show Jeyaraj's nasty intentions.

Exploiting the situation to the hilt the heading of the article does the job with a devastating efficiency. The very fact that adding the two words "Muslim Owned" to the headline, though the incident is seemingly not ethnically related at all, the writer scores what he aims at in flying colours.                        

While claiming that it was not clear who the perpetrators were, the incident, an attack on Muslim owned shop by the owner's rival group, is portrayed using his journalistic skills as strongly connected to a work of BBS. The report carries a tone heavily blaming the BBS as a perpetrator for alleged attacks against Muslims. And then the Deputy Minister from Gampola ( a Muslim) who says that the incident isn't politically related but 100% personal is heavily criticized. The following quote from the article tells Jeyaraj's intentions in style.

"Cader Hadjiar aroused much anger when he stooped to the extent of declaring publicly that no Mosque had been attacked in Sri Lanka which was a statement totally contrary to the prevailing situation".

Here Cader Hadjiar is the Deputy Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy. In this quoted sentence "contrary to the prevailing situation" part suggests to a gullible reader who is not well informed about the prevailing true situation in Sri Lanka ( most probably to a reader living in a Western Country) that there have been spate of attacks on Mosques in Sri Lanka or to say more precisely attacking Mosques has been a daily occurrence in Sri Lanka. Has there been any incident connected to a Mosque except the incidents related to an illegal Mosque in Dambulla and building of a Mosque on the tomb of King Dutugamunu, one of the most venerated kings of the Sinhalese, some time back? Yes, a similar scenario would have prevailed in countries like India or in the USA given the fact that the sheer number of Mosques mushrooming disproportionate to the Muslim population in the country leave alone the incidents that bulldoze Buddhist temples and archaeological sites to build Mosques on them.

 (Protests by the Buddhists against Illegal construction of Mosques in Buddhist archaeological site in Kuragala and the vandalism of it by Muslim Fundamentalists are portrayed as attack against Mosques by Buddhists while sweeping under the carpet the fact that the court has given its judgment to demolish the illegal mosques on the site. While the true facts are covered up, a false and fabricated history of Muslims in the country is highlighted as exactly has been the case with Eelamists)                              

Jeyaraj says that the mainstream media is yet to report the incident. How could an incident which has taken place on 16th April (02 days back) miss by main stream media in the country if it was such a sensitive incident like Buddhists attacking a Muslim owned shop?  The incident that happened connecting to Fashion Bug a few weeks back in Piliyandala too would have faced the similar fate then.  

This is how Eelamist cum anti Sri Lankan Buddhists and pro Muslim Fundamentalism propagandists like David Buell Sabapathy Jeyaraj living in cool climes like Canada reports (and has been reporting for decades) incidents purely aimed at demonizing Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Who were the anti-BBS "demonstrators" in Thummullalla?

The above question is answered in style by this Video Clip.

How do members of a mass protest organized against a bunch "Ethno Religious Fascist Organization which has been terrorizing a beleaguered Muslim Minority" have their language of communication English? This demonstration was claimed to have been "a mass of Buddhists against a bunch of racist Buddhist". How can English become the language of communication among a group of average Buddhist in Sri Lanka, the vast majority of whom speak Sinhalese Language?

Besides, who is known for organizing "Candle-Lit Protests" in the country?                        

So a lot Dollars and Euros (this time around most probably Saudi Riyal and Kuwaiti Dinar too) has again started flowing in to the coffers of the so called "Defenders" of "Rights": you name it, Many Rights under the sun!  

 We will witness more these types of "protests", "demonstrators", "media-releases" etc, etc in future. Above all, the time-tested, attractive and very lucrative project of demonizing the Sinhalese Buddhists has got a breath of fresh air: a yet another very useful load ammunition for enemies of Sinhalese Buddhists in the West, in the USA and in India to attack us.  

As exactly did in strengthening the Eelamists , these Dollar Kakkas are now strengthening the Muslim Fundamentalists in Sri Lanka completely turning the blind eye towards Ethno- Religious Fascism of Muslims in Sri Lanka.  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Eelam propagandist DBS Jeyaraj is now a staunchest propagandist for the Muslim Fundamentalism in Sri Lanka.

When reading the articles by DBS Jeyaraj in recent times it is very much clear that he has invented a pretty cleaver ploy to demonize the Sinhalese Buddhists.  The protests by Sinhalese Buddhists against the ever increasing Muslim Fundamentalism in the country, after a long slumber having pushed them to the wall with no alternative left, are being portrayed as Sinhalese' supremacist behavior against a beleaguered minority: a very attractive piece of propaganda to lure enemies of Sri Lanka in the West, the USA and in India. As a typical Eelamist who misses no chance in attacking Sinhalese Buddhists when a slightest opportunity opens up, DBSJ has been relentless in his attacks against Buddhists by making use of this opportunity. He is among the first anti-Sinhalese- Buddhists writers to name Bodu Bala Sena as 'ethno religious fascist' movement by completely turning a blind eye towards the rabid 'Ethno Religious Fascism' among the Muslims in Sri Lanka.

It has long been a popular vogue among these propagandists to completely turn a blind eye towards injustices perpetrated against Buddhists while twisting the truth to fit into a story that demonizes the Sinhalese Buddhists. The latest dastardly act by Muslim Fundamentalists by setting fire to Muhudu Maha Viharaya in Potuvil in the Eastern Province will completely be ignored by DBSJ and the like and twist this newest vandalism to make a different story .

The ancient temple was several times vandalized by Muslims in the area and the lands belonging to the temple have been encroached with Muslim settlements coming up leaving only a few acres to the temple. The resident Buddhist monks were continuously intimidated and threatened forcing them to abandon the temple. Buddhists pilgrims are continuously harassed making the area a no-go-zone for them.

Similar fate hasbefallen to the Kuraga Temple in the Sabaragamua Province which has been turned into a complex of Mosques badly vandalizing the site with even pouring acids to Brahami inscriptions to erase all possible traces. So has been the case of Dambulla and Anuradhapura where Mosques have been built on the sites of Buddhist temples. In Anuradhapura one Mosque was built destroying Senavirathana Privena while the other was built on the tomb of King Dutu Gamunu. These acts of vandalism and turning Buddhist temples into Mosques are justified with a bogus history of Muslims in the country as exactly has been the case with Eelamists.       

These types of rabid fascism by Muslim Fundamentalists are never highlighted by these anti- Sinhalese- Buddhists individuals who are allegedly claimed to have been writing to highlight the 'right abuses' and 'social injustice' perpetrated against the humanity.  As far as DBS Jeyaraj is concerned it is clear that he is hell bent in grabbing every opportunity that comes up to attack Sinhalese Buddhists as he and his cohorts horribly failed in  achieving their dream of Eelam by the military means. The opposition against the Muslim Fundamentalism by Sinhalese Buddhists has become a perfect launching pad for them to start their campaign from where they stopped with the decimation of the LTTE.