Tuesday, June 28, 2011

D.B.S. Jayaraj: a top Eelam Propagandist!

D.B.S. Jeyaraj popularly known as DBSJ stands out as a prominent figure among the Eelam propagandists. (Daily Mirror of Sri Lanka still carries Jeyaraj's articles though his rabid Tamil racism is well exposed.) Born in Kurunagala, educated in St. Thomas Collage in Colombo he is now domiciled in Canada and had been working in The Island in Upali Newspapers and Virakeshari of Express newspapers in 1980s.( He claims that the threats from the both then SL government and   LTTE  forced him to flee for Canada)

The mythical Tamil history in Sri Lanka and bogus Tamil Homeland theory are incessantly perpetuated to for the furtherance of the Eelam project with the intention of carving out an exclusive Tamil enclave in the Northern and Eastern parts of the country. In order to achieve this goal non-Tamils were ethnically cleansed from the North and East of Sri Lanka employing mass scale slaughter campaigns. So the Eelamists such as Jeyaraj dearly clings on to the this exclusive Tamil character of the North and East though the majority of Tamils in Sri Lanka live outside North and East among other communities. (Though Jeyaraj himself being born and bred in Kurunagala and educated in Colombo). On the top of all the so called Tamil History in Sri Lanka, rewritten to perpetuate Eelam project, is a monumental myth to claim an exclusive Tamil enclave in Sri Lanka.       

  A recent article of Jeyaraj titled '165 Sinhala families settled in Tamil village Kokkachchaankulam in Vavuniya North' is a case in point to show how rabid Tamil racist Jeyaraj is. Slightest sign of re-settling of Sinhalsese who were subjected to the mass scale ethnic cleansing programme of the North and East is portrayed as 'Sinhalanization of North and East' to 'change the demographic character of Tamil Homeland'.  In this particular article the name of the village is highlighted as being Sinhalanized as 'Kalabowasewa' though the actual scenario being the exact opposite. It is clear that the Eelam gang is poisoned with their beloved project into their blood to such an extent that they are totally blinded with the Eelam myth. The particular village's original name was in fact Kalabowasewa and was Tamilnaized as 'Kokkachchaankulam' as has been the case with many Tamilinized original place names in North and East. The original inhabitants of the villages were Sinhalese. (The name Vavuniya itself has been Tamilinized from the original Sinhala word Vavnimawa-meaning where the Tanks (Vav) ends).Some of my previous posts on the subject of Tamilinization of the original Sinhalese place names can be read from the following links.








So what's wrong with re-settling the Sinhalese in one of their original villages? It is indeed the last thing that the Eelamists want as that type of moves deprive Tamils to have an exclusive Tamil Land in Sri Lanka.   

Though Jeyaraj publicly claims that he is not an LTTE supporter and has been a victim of LTTE's excesses one wouldn't fail to notice that he has taken great pains to glorify the LTTE before and after LTTE's decimation. Case in point is the article on Balraj, a terrorist leader. He deceives the Sinhalese readers with references in his article like "A little known incident that occurred in 2003 illustrates the respect and regard with which Balraj was held by some officers in the Sri Lankan army ". He also gives much prominence to the anti-Sri Lankan campaigns going on in Tamil Nadu in the idea of threatening Sinhalese. (the sheer number of responses he receives for his posts  from the LTTE supporters and his responses to them is a clear indication of how popular he has been among the LTTE supporters which betrays his identity)    

I quote below a part of my previous articles to highlight the fact that Eelamists' or their backers' agenda of pushing Sinhalese to the wall have always backfired and will continue to happen due to some historically embedded truths.

"Sri Lanka is the only patch of land that Sinhalese can live in and die. They have no other land to go as Tamils and Muslims do nor do they have brothers and sisters to demonstrate on behalf of them in all over the world at the drop of the hat. The rural Sinhalese foot soldier goes to the battle- front with one thing in his mind. If he is defeated the only place left for him is the deep blue sea. So he fights until last drop of blood. In fact there will be no peace in Sri Lanka as long as Sinhalese feel insecure. The more they are being harassed by whoever else be it Tamils or Muslims or India or the West or the USA the greater their will power to fight back to win their precious right to live in their beloved mother land. Sinhalese also do have an equal right to live in anywhere in the country be it in Giranike (Killinochchi) or Mooladoowa (Mulaitheev) or Hunugama (Chunnakam) or Samapura (Sampoor) or Vavnimawa (Vavniya) or Thambalagamuwa (Thampalakamam) or Minipe (Manipai) or Kadurugoda (Kantharodai) or Vanagamua (Vankamam) as not only those areas were originally inhabited by them but they do also have a right to live those areas as Tamils and Muslims enjoy rights to live any other part of the country.   

Sinhalese have survived more than 2500 years withstanding so many perils such as huge invasions from the South India and the West alike who were hell bent to wipe out them from the face of the earth. They will continue to fight however mightier their advisory would be. When Sinhalese are pushed to the wall, as it is going to happen again, they have fought back ferociously and preserved their race, their motherland and the religion."


Anonymous said...

this is intersting.you ahve solid arguments.
why not reach out to a more wider readership?
by the way, DBSJ has been and is a known LTTE oprative.but lets accept it he's very smart in cloaking things and also keeping away from hard line approch,thus staying away from GoSL hit lits too.

Anonymous said...

If you think DBSJ is a LTTE propagandist, it shows that you are sadly lacking in the perceptive powers to understand what he writes about.

DBSJ has consistently written against the actions of the LTTE and the GOSL.

Get your racism under control before writing a post!