Monday, June 20, 2011

Yet another reason why the West hates Sri Lanka……..

Apart from feeling guilty for not being able to pay back in the form of an exclusive Tamil state in Sri Lanka for Tamils for they have been the greatest ass lickers of the Whites for generations, the White asses got some other reasons too to punish Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka has scored a magnificent victory against terrorism by completely wiping out them from the face of the earth- a feat that the White West feels terribly envious with Sri Lanka as they have horribly failed in doing so with the greatest military power ever existed in this planet leading the fight with an enormous number of innocent civilians butchered.

  Close on the heels of big triumphalism unleashed at the death of Osama Bin Laden, the latest news is that the US is holding peace talks with the Taliban.  The West led by the US went for an all out war to destroy the Taliban an almost decade ago but the Taliban is still kicking and alive.  Sri Lanka stands out as a towering example of being the only country to defeat terrorism militarily in the contemporary history. Sri Lanka also proved horribly wrong the pundits in the Western Universities in the subject of Conflict Resolution with their hair splitting theories who advocate talking peace with terrorists is the only solution. There is no doubt that Taliban will soon prove them wrong again.  So Sri Lanka has to pay the prize of doing what the mightiest military powers ever existed in the planet can't do!  

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