Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Essay competition in memory of Indira Ganhdi for Sri Lanka’s students: the last thing Sri Lankan students should be asked to do.

The very idea of conducting an essay competition in memory of Indira Ganhdi among Sri Lankan students is ridiculous and the stupidest thing one would expect.  Instead the younger generation of Sri Lanka should be aware of the monumental damage caused by this politician from India whose actions destroyed the country for 30 years. She was the architect of the separatist war in Sri Lanka by training, arming and harboring the LTTE and other separatist groups from Sri Lanka. It was again her son Rajeev who rescued Prabakaran who was about to be eliminated by SL forces in 1987. It was again her son who forced on us so called "13th Amendment", a stepping stone to divide the country.  The mother and son lethal combination, 'Cow and Calf 'as put by president Premadasa, spelled doomed to Sri Lanka's very existence.

One of the topics for the easy competition reads as 'India as a world power in the 21st century; Expectations of Sri Lankans from India today'. This sounds as if younger generation is forced to learn that what small country like Sri Lanka should expect from her Big Brother. The Sri Lanka-India Society conducts this competition. 

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