Monday, June 13, 2011

Chanel -04 Video is a fake! It’s a recording of gruesome execution of Sri Lankan Army soldiers and Naval ratings taken prisoner by the Tamil Tigers!

Mr. Mahinda Gunasekara in an article in the Sunday Island on 12th June proves with evidences that the Chanel -04 Video which is allegedly claimed to have been "extra-judicial killings in Sri lanka" during the final stages of the war "could well have been a recording of gruesome execution of Sri Lankan Army soldiers and Naval ratings taken prisoner by the Tamil Tigers, which they doctored and presented to the UK TV station in their attempt to frame the Sri Lanka authorities for war crimes committed by them".       

The article quotes an article appeared in Asian Tribune by one of the world's leading experts on digital video systems and former head of Cisco's Global Broadcast and Digital Video Practice division Mr. Siri Hewavitharana who proves with evidences that the video was indeed a fake.

I quote below some paragraphs of the article which shed more light to prove that it was indeed LTTE's handiwork who are the masters in these types of fraudulent crafts.
"The presence of another video carrying the same horrific scenes of execution where the voices recorded at the time clearly speak Tamil words has been uncovered, which was shown on the community channel Boston Lanka News Edition of June 14, 2010. The Channel 4 video, on the other hand, where the Sinhalese sounding voices are somewhat less clear and sounding artificial appear to have been dubbed later. We understand that the Sri Lankan authorities have submitted a copy of this other video to the parties concerned for their investigation. The link to the related news edition to access the second video is:"
"The above news item is further evidence of the Tamil Tigers executing Sri Lankan security forces personnel who were in their custody during the latter stages of the war.Tamil Tigers executed and burnt Sri Lankan soldiers taken as prisoners of war Excavations of the mass grave in Kilinochchi where the bodies of 26 Sri Lankan soldiers executed by the LTTE are believed to have been buried, have now been completed, the police said.

The mass grave is believed to be of 26 soldiers who were taken as prisoners of war by the vanquished terrorist group and kept for years before they were executed when the military forces were approaching the Tiger territory last year.

The police yesterday said some human bones along with powdery residues believed to be of ashes and bullets have been recovered from the grave.

According to four LTTE suspects who were allegedly involved in the killing and are in custody now, the soldiers had been imprisoned at the Victor Base Prison at Vallipuram in Mullaitivu for more than three years.

The LTTE suspects had told the authorities that 8 Army soldiers and 18 naval ratings had been tortured from 2006 in a torture chamber at a location 10 kilometers away from the Mullaitivu highway. When the security forces were approaching, the fleeing Tigers have executed the prisoners of war on 6th January 2009 and burnt their bodies in the mass grave."

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