Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New wave of Indianisation is underway: though it’s a case of history repeating itself!

Apart from many a ways that India has long been engaged in destroying Sri Lanka from creating the LTTE up to again in a devious plan to divide the country through so called 13th Amendment, new forms of 'Indianisation' of Sri Lanka has been well underway for quite a sometime. This new threat seems to have totally been ignored by the Sri Lankan authorities. The Indian projects currently underway in the country, many of them acquired by using arm twisting methods, totally employ Indian nationals depriving employment opportunities to Sri Lankans.  (The contractors, again Indians, pay fourfold big salary to an Indian laborer that of a local laborer.)
There is no mechanism on the part of SL authorities to check whether these Indian nationals return to their country. Some local residents in the Eastern districts claim that most of those Indians remain in the country for longer period of time though most of the projects are over. Most of those laborers are from Kerala and Tamil Nadu states who can easily mingle with local populace as they speak similar languages and bear similar physical features of residents in those districts. (A case in point is the Kalarawa Bridge built crossing the Yan Oya in Kuchchaveli Division in Trincomalee. The most of the laborers were from Karala state of India). There are many such projects underway and in pipeline particularly in NE areas. Conditions in Sri Lanka is many a times better for those people who live in deplorable living conditions in their respective sates even without enjoying basic facilities: the vast majority of population live even without basic facilities for instance water. Electricity is not a commodity for them but a luxury!        
On the other hand there have been reports of many cases of Indians working in Colombo and suburbs illegally. As in the above case SL authorities have no clue about them: leave alone whether they return to India. As has always been the case Sri Lankans do awake in their deep slumber when things are out of control. One thing is quite clear, with so many devious plans slowly but steadily underway India is back again in its old business of turning Sri Lanka to another Bhutan.

PS: I would say this is again a case of history repeating itself. Migration from Sothern India to SL's North East was one of the most common ways of Tamils settled in SL apart from those came with invaders and brought down by colonists especially to Jaffna to cultivate tobacco. (Most of the Jaffna population is descendants of South Indians brought down by Dutch and Portuguese). The sheer scale of South Indian population influx in NE Sri Lanka caused virtual extinction of original Sinhalese civilization their leaving only Sinhalese Buddhist archeological monuments strewn entire North and East but vastly destroyed now. 

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Anonymous said...

My dear Rebel,

This sort of movement of people and vanishing of cultures is common in every place. It happens in India too. We have a huge influx of migrants from Bangladesh. Indian culture has completely vanished from places like Multan, Lahore and Karachi.

Don't get paranoid about such things. India is least bothered about Lanka. We are mired in our own issues and problems. We don't have any hedonistic designs on any country. We have a big country and we are trying to improve the living standards here.

Moreover, what you have written about Kerala is wrong. All villages and remote corners of kerala have electricity and the living standard is much better than srilanka.