Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Introducing the True History of Sri Lanka

Gam Vaesiya from Canada has initiated an innovative way of introducing Sri Lanka's true history to the world. All the Tamilinized names of places are mentioned in their original names in his latest article posted in Mawbima Lanka News. This is indeed a good initiative. Hope all the writers who wish to let the world know the monumental myth of so called Tamil homeland will follow suit.
The names found mention in his article are Illupikavai (Meepathota or "Madhupatheetha of the Mahavamsa),Poornaryn (Punranna), Elephant Pass (Alimankada),Paranthan (Puranthaenna), Iranamadu (Ranamaduva), Killinochchi (Giraanikke),Puthukudirippu (Aluthkulissa), Mullaitivu (Mooladoova), Palaamattalan (Palaamassla), Aluthmassala (Puthumattalan), Vael-butu-gala (Vellamullivaikkal) and Bellanvila (Vellankulam).
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This will not only shatter the bogus Eelam history rewritten by Tamil Christian and Vellala elite of Jaffna to attain their political aspirations but also to open the eyes of misguided Tamils who have been living in a dream world of Tamil Eelam which has never existed.
The evidences of a flourishing Sinhalease civilization that existed in the North and East in Sri Lanka is strongly supported not only by original Sinhalease names of those places but also the ruins of places of worship, royal palaces, tanks, meditation caves etc scattered throughout the NE of Sri Lanka in thousands.
Despite being vandalized and destroyed beyond recognition some of these places are still intact. One of the unique characteristics of the Sri Lanka history has been the hard evidences such as the existence of ruined sites being corroborated by the written evidences which have perfectly been recorded.
This has hugely paved the way to clearly understand not only the Sri Lanka’s history but also to unearth the India’s history. Sri Lanka’s written historical records perfectly corroborate with the ancient sites in India too. Therefore, Indian historians are greatly indebted to Sri Lanka’s historical records. Until Sri Lanka’s historical records proved it, the existence of the emperor Ashoka the Great of India would have been a mystery.


tinker777 said...

this is very interesting! how come we never read anything similar before? but i assume LTTE is/was actively changing place names for this reason...
good one Rebel,thanks for this!

Rick said...

Please see:


It has even Portuguese, Dutch Maps showing the Sinhala place names.

bodhi said...

go to
for all the sinhala names for the tamilized place names.

Anonymous said...

The Tamilinized names of places PAGE NOW NOT THERE in in Mawbima Lanka News .