Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a sorry state of affairs the diaspora Tamils have been subjected to go through!

This article appearing in Asian Tribune graphically explains the sorry sate of affaires that the expatriate SL Tamils have been subjected to go through. It speaks volumes how the poor Tamil diaspora's hard earned money is being looted by the LTTE cohorts. They continue to fool them by spreading the myth that the VP is still alive. The latest joke has been that VP is going to re-emerge when the right time comes while the LTTE's new "leadership" in exile claims declaring a week of mourning that their "incomparable leader" had "attained martyrdom". It is indeed very sad and disappointing to hear the pathetic state of affaires that the poor diaspora Tamils being subjected to go through. Even at the last stage of the battle when the LTTE's entire leadership was about to be decimated money has been collected to "buy missiles to kill large numbers of soldiers". Tamils here and abroad have indeed been taken for a good bloody ride by the so called "sole representatives of Tamils" who are now going to continue the struggle from abroad!


tinker said...

fooled by the LTTE? are you sure about this?

Just Chillin' said...

It's sad :( power has corrupted them. It's really hard to let go when you reach that kind of level of insensitivity :(