Sunday, May 24, 2009


The Sunday Times of 24th May reports a news item of great important for the national security of Sri Lanka. Authorities including Prof. Rajeeva Wijesinhe have expressed their concern with regard to a yet again a plot connected with I/NGOs.

The elimination of the LTTE is over in a significant percentage but it’s a common knowledge that a significant number of the LTTE carders and the relations of the top LTTE carders have sneaked into the IDP camps. They will remain a great threat to the country’s security and the stability.

Here again the detrimental effect of the I/NGOs will come to play a very crucial role. As the article very rightly highlights the I/NGOs will play a leading role in smuggling these people out the IDP camps. The insistence of the I/NGOs to enter the camps in vehicles is a part of this grand plan. The sheer huge number of the agencies (52) working there speaks volumes the danger that may pose.

Plans may well be underway to send abroad the smuggled out relations of the top carders who found dead. These individuals can effectively be used to strengthen the disinformation campaign which is underway now internationally to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka. The bogus stories of atrocities committed by our armed forces to the civilians will be a hot cake for those who are hell bent to teach a lesson to SL government. Forerunners of this campaign will be the Western Governments who tried their best to save the LTTEs from its certain decimation.

As in the very first post in this site pointed out way back when the attack on the Anuradhapura Air Base took place, I/INGOs were linked with many activities of the LTTE. This will continue to happen in future too.

PS. Even at the moment a great damage to SL government is underway though authorities have not paid the adequate attention on it. These I/NGOs workers spread exaggerated stories about conditions about the IDPs and facilities available. The recent example is the spreading bogus stories relating to disappearance of children in the IDP camps and rape cases of the IDP women by the Armed Force.

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