Monday, February 23, 2009


A photo posted in the Tamilnet after the LTTE's first air attck on 26th March 2007- "The smiling Sun God" flanked by the "Air Boys"
TAF Black Tiger pilots with LTTE leader
A photo posted in the Tamilnet after the latest "air attack" which resulted in shooting down both palnes involved in the attack.
- Please note the desperation written on the "Sun God's face. The two unfortunate "Air Boys" seem to have been the only saviors for the "Sun God" .
Thanks to the SL's correct politiaco- military leadership plus detrmined and brave armed froces, the monumental myth of this century- the invincibility of the LTTE was exposed to the world. All Sri Lankan's should be greatful to the all those who were invloved in exposing this myth, mainly spread by NGOs/INGOs and their masters spearheaded by Norway.

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Udaya Kalupathirana said...

haha..did you see how constipated the Sun Goat appeared to be in the pix with the last of the Takaran 'Air force' pilots...?