Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thamil Eelam Grandma Brigade

The picture shows some members of the Thamil Eelam Grandma Brigade are in a training stint. They will soon be deployed in manning the LTTE FDLs and subsequently in the offensive operations against the SL army.


Anonymous said...

elakiri macho meka,apita gehuwoth me geenunta duwanda herapiti denda wenawa

Anonymous said...

Stale News

THis was reported on tamilnet some time back

tinker said...

stale or not , a good one...wonder when will they strike?
jokes apart, what a sad situ...even the elderly are not spread by the LTTE.
but VP's parents live in Madras, on a GoSL pension.

Senkadagala Sinhaya said...
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Dulanka said...

where are the human rights people?these people probably taken by force?hope somebody save them before we make meat out of them.1 artilary is all need,how can they atleast walk to the battle field?tamils in europe and america want eelam,people here have to die.
me ganunta haramiti madhi,wheel chair ona

eLhamza said...

ahh,,,,,how funny,silly,cruel and brutal?

why cant thy spare the lives of the elderly.poor people,where are the god damn human rights organizations?