Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The latest Cabinet meeting held in Giranike (Killinochchi)!

How ironical! The so called 'Political Headquarters' of the 'Thamil Eelam' has turned into the venue of  the latest cabinet meeting of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Almost one year back mere mentioning of such an event was a laughable day dream for many. The very same place was once boasted to have been the abode of the office of the "Political Head of the Thamil Eelam" who once boasted that he will turn Sri Lanka's capital into living inferno.  
I feel this is an apt occasion to throw some light how the place name Kilinochchi was coined from the original Sinhala name.  As has been the case with many places in North and East of Sri Lanka, the original Sinhala name Giranike has been Tamilinized as Kilinochchi.  The following quoted piece of description in an advertisement by the Commercial Bank in a national news paper of its opening of a new branch in the last month there says it in style.      
"The parrots (Gira in Sinhala) who came in flocks perched on the Nika Trees (Vitex negundo) that grew in abundance there and it was why the place was named "Giranike".
In Tamil parrot is called "Killi" and the Nika tree is known as "Nochchi". Through the combination of these two words, the name Killi-nochchi was coined".
Archeological evidences including stone inscriptions once strewn in the area and now destroyed as well as the descriptions in chronicles including Mahavamsa and Deepavamsa say that this area was once a vast complex Budhdhist monastery in which thousands of Arhats were residing.      
 The Eelam Day Dreamers fantasized by a Bogus Tamil history in Sri Lanka had been under the illusion of having this place to be the "Political Head Quarters" of the future 'Thamil Eelam'. It was a common scene a couple of years back that hordes of Eelam supportive Western lackeys were going in procession to this place to worship the 'Leaders of the Eelam government'. Unable to bear the  catastrophic proportion of turn of events,  Eelam supportive Western lackeys now have resorted to arm twisting of Sri Lanka with economic embargoes and appointing 'Advisory Committees' to 'investigate' the so called 'war crimes' allegedly committed by the Sri Lankan armed forces.  
However, It is heartening to see how the people there who had for long been at the gun point of the so called freedom fighters now enjoy the real freedom with the dawn of peace thanks to the enormous sacrifices made by our valiant security forces.


magerata said...

Thank you for the information. Now it is the task of us to comfort and convince those people who were under guns of LTTE for so long. Even though they were fooled into thinking paradise for them, Eelam was a paradise for a selected few, even though it was only for a while. Now the same elements are spending millions in their lobbying to tarnish Sri Lanka, while the people in the north barely manage to live, thanks to Sri Lankan government.
It is up to us to show our fellow Sri Lankans, what is their so called freedom fighters are up to.

Anoshan said...

U sucker
just get in to some reliable books written by any foreign writer despite sticking to the sucking liars of SL. According to excavations and manuscripts Sinhala was an anonymous language till the 11th century, and tamil is the language that is called as brahmi letters by the so called owners of Sri Lanka, sinhalese.Even the books u mentioned says that the rulers till Devanampiyatissa were Hindus.

So not to post any blog that doesn't have valid facts.
this is a kind request

Rebel of Kandy said...


You seem to have terribly been unsettled by getting to know the hash truth. The effect of it has been such that you have gone to the extent of warning me not write them anymore. And also the language you used betrays that very fact. A poor victim among the blind followers of the bogus Tamil history and the Tamil Homeland fantasy! It seems these unfortunate victims are yet to understand that the fabricated history of the Tamils is just a product of the Vellala Tamil elites from Jaffna, manufactured to meet their political goals. The half of those elite was even not born in Sri Lanka.

It is the very books written by so called foreign writers who have distorted the true history of this country resulting in disillusioned Tamils living in a ‘homeland’ fantasy. The Sinhala language is a direct derivation of Brahami letters. The next evolutionary stage of the Brhami letters was the early Prakrutha, which is an early from of Sinhala. Stone inscriptions are found in Brhami, early Prakrutha and Prakrutha characters of which evolution can easily been recognized. By saying that ‘tamil is the language that is called as brahmi letters‘proves the depth into which you have fallen in the abyss of mythical Tamil history. It is a clear indication to understand the extent to which the bogus Tamil history has poisoned and disillusioned the minds of Tamils.

The day
Tamils accept the fact that their history of them in this country does not go beyond the 16th century and the bulk of them were brought to this land as a laborers by the colonialists, the cure for their disillusionary fantasy will be found. The best case in point is the fact that the Jaffna Tamils are the descendents of the laborers brought from the South India by Portuguese and Dutch to cultivate tobacco.

The unbroken history of the Sinhalese is well documented in chronicles perfectly corroborated by the stone inscriptions and the archeological remains still being found in North Eastern part of the country in particular and other parts of the country in general. Lexicological evidences too, as described in my present post as well my previous posts, are in abundance to disapprove this fantasized Tamil history. The unfortunate truth is that the bulk of these evidences are no more as they have been destroyed or turned into Hindu Kovils in fear of exposure of the mythical history of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Sankalana said...

like the post as well as your reply to Anoshan.Pl. go ahead.