Saturday, June 26, 2010

Unarmed terrorists in Sri Lanka

The latest post by Peramune Rala titled 'Population jihad, case study from Eastern province' prompted me to write this post. His posts have been real eye openers with ground breaking revelations. His latest post discusses a very important issue which will create an unimaginable scale danger to the country in the near future-the huge population growth of Muslims. As has been highlighted by many concerned observers with raised eye brows, in few years time there will be many adverse outcomes of this phenomenon.  Though this is common to other part of the country too it is quite apparent in the Eastern province. (And this has not confined to Sri Lanka along too)
One of the quite visible outcomes of this has come to the public limelight in the form of mass scale land grabbing happening in the Eastern Province. A few examples will suffice to realize the great danger that lay ahead.  This uncontrolled population explosion has led to the encroachment and grabbing of lands belonging to the State and lands belonging to other communities leading tensions among the them.  These lands include lands belonging to the department of forest and department of archeology etc. And also lands belonging to Sinhalese and Tamils are encroached or grabbed in an unprecedented scale. The brunt of the damage is born by the poor Sinhalese as they are the minority in the province especially in the Ampara District. Incidentally, they have become unfortunate victims of discriminations by the racist Tamil and Muslim government servants in the districts.  Most of the cases poor Sinhalese are intimidated with death threats and are driven from their ancestral lands. This is the same case of the many Buddhists archeological sites and temples. Those lands are grabbed with the politicians' support. This happened in a greater scale when the Muslim fundamentalist Minister Ashrof was in power. The best case in point, as known to many, is Deegvapi. What happened in Deegvapi is history now. But what is unknown to many is the fact that the land grab which became the limelight of attention to many on those days goes on in the same scale as before. The vast numbers of acres of land in Degavapi has been grabbed now.  But the department of archeology is in deep slumber, perhaps due to a couple of reasons: The political support behind this land grab is so strong that the officials at the department are in a helpless situation or the officials at the   Archeological department are being bribed not to take any actions or the intrusion of Muslim officials into the department of the archeology in the Ampara district.
 A few more examples will suffice to realize the great danger that lay ahead.  A few years ago Vanagamua was flourishing Sinhala village in the Akkaraipattu DS division in Ampara District.(this village is a Purana Village ).But now the village name has changed into " Vankamam", a highly populated Muslim village with few mosques. This happened in less than 05 years time.  This is the fate of many other Sinhala villages in the Eastern province. The population growth among the Muslims is such that many acres of lands belonging to the department of forest have been grabbed resulting in mass scale deforestation in Kuchchaveli (Kusalaveliya) in Trincomalee. Just before the war started Kuchchavlei was a small fishing village with a few mud thatched houses. At present Kuchcaveli is a highly populated Muslim area with many thousands families. And also   Kanthankudi in the Batticaloa district was reported to have been the area with the highest population density in the whole South Asia. This was reported about two decades ago.
This intentional population growth by Muslims aimed at becoming the Majority community in Sri Lanka is surely setting the stage for the next terrorists' war though it is unarmed for the moment.

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