Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mrs. Amirthalingam’ s expression of gratitude to the Police officer who killed her beloved husband’s assailants: a story of bizarre irony of fate of Eelam proponents

Media reported recently that the wife of late Amirthalingam had expressed her gratitude to the police constable who shot dead the three assailants of her husband killed 21 years ago. It is a bizarre irony of fate that a wife of a staunchest proponents of Eelam expressed her gratitude to a person belonging to the community who Eelamist's consider as their arch 'enemies'-the Sinhalese. Above all, he was from the Sri Lanka police whom Eelamist refer as the 'occupational Sinhala army or police who are hell bent to kill Tamils'.    
Amirthalingam's wife was also an ardent supporter of the Eelam dream. She was once heard declaring in a public meeting held in Jaffna in late 70s that the Sinhalese should be skinned to death and then their skin should be used to make shoes.  What a bizarre turn of events! For Amirthalingams the LTTE terrorists were "our boys". 
The Sinhalese police officer displayed this daring act knowing very well that his life was at a great risk. The assailants and the target are both consider the latter's protector as a one from their arch 'enemies', the Sinhala community. The Sinhalese policeman could have easily fled from the scene leaving the two parties to settle their scores having known very well that both the assailants and their target were perusing a same goal-achieving the Eelam.         
Mrs. Amirthalingam came to Sri Lanka in a gap of 21 years and made a visit to the house of the Sinhalese policeman/bodyguard who shot dead the three LTTE terrorists who killed her husband. Her son had also accompanied her to the policeman's house in Kegalle and both the mother and the son had reportedly broken in tears while embracing him as if they saw their own affectionate son/brother after a long period of time. Mrs. Amirthalingam had reportedly thanked President Rajapaksha for elimination the LTTE. The LTTE monster created by Amirthalingams turned towards them and eliminated most of its creators along with thousands of Tamils of whom they claim to have been the sole representatives. It is the same Sinhalese 'enemies' who saved them and paved the way for their creators to return to their motherland without fear of blown by human bombs!     
Sri Lanka's armed forced displayed the similar type of courageous and humanitarian acts on numerous occasions sacrificing their own lives and limbs, the latest being the world's largest rescue operation when they rescued the thousands of Tamil civilians at the last stages of war when the so called 'guardians' and the 'protectors' of the Tamils used them as a protective shield risking their lives. The history of the conflict is replete with similar daring and humanitarian acts on the part of our security forces but they are swept under the carpet by the Eelamists in order to furtherance their Eelam dream.  

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