Friday, April 5, 2013

Eelam propagandist DBS Jeyaraj is now a staunchest propagandist for the Muslim Fundamentalism in Sri Lanka.

When reading the articles by DBS Jeyaraj in recent times it is very much clear that he has invented a pretty cleaver ploy to demonize the Sinhalese Buddhists.  The protests by Sinhalese Buddhists against the ever increasing Muslim Fundamentalism in the country, after a long slumber having pushed them to the wall with no alternative left, are being portrayed as Sinhalese' supremacist behavior against a beleaguered minority: a very attractive piece of propaganda to lure enemies of Sri Lanka in the West, the USA and in India. As a typical Eelamist who misses no chance in attacking Sinhalese Buddhists when a slightest opportunity opens up, DBSJ has been relentless in his attacks against Buddhists by making use of this opportunity. He is among the first anti-Sinhalese- Buddhists writers to name Bodu Bala Sena as 'ethno religious fascist' movement by completely turning a blind eye towards the rabid 'Ethno Religious Fascism' among the Muslims in Sri Lanka.

It has long been a popular vogue among these propagandists to completely turn a blind eye towards injustices perpetrated against Buddhists while twisting the truth to fit into a story that demonizes the Sinhalese Buddhists. The latest dastardly act by Muslim Fundamentalists by setting fire to Muhudu Maha Viharaya in Potuvil in the Eastern Province will completely be ignored by DBSJ and the like and twist this newest vandalism to make a different story .

The ancient temple was several times vandalized by Muslims in the area and the lands belonging to the temple have been encroached with Muslim settlements coming up leaving only a few acres to the temple. The resident Buddhist monks were continuously intimidated and threatened forcing them to abandon the temple. Buddhists pilgrims are continuously harassed making the area a no-go-zone for them.

Similar fate hasbefallen to the Kuraga Temple in the Sabaragamua Province which has been turned into a complex of Mosques badly vandalizing the site with even pouring acids to Brahami inscriptions to erase all possible traces. So has been the case of Dambulla and Anuradhapura where Mosques have been built on the sites of Buddhist temples. In Anuradhapura one Mosque was built destroying Senavirathana Privena while the other was built on the tomb of King Dutu Gamunu. These acts of vandalism and turning Buddhist temples into Mosques are justified with a bogus history of Muslims in the country as exactly has been the case with Eelamists.       

These types of rabid fascism by Muslim Fundamentalists are never highlighted by these anti- Sinhalese- Buddhists individuals who are allegedly claimed to have been writing to highlight the 'right abuses' and 'social injustice' perpetrated against the humanity.  As far as DBS Jeyaraj is concerned it is clear that he is hell bent in grabbing every opportunity that comes up to attack Sinhalese Buddhists as he and his cohorts horribly failed in  achieving their dream of Eelam by the military means. The opposition against the Muslim Fundamentalism by Sinhalese Buddhists has become a perfect launching pad for them to start their campaign from where they stopped with the decimation of the LTTE.                  


Anonymous said...

"Eelam propagandist DBS Jeyaraj is now a staunchest propagandist for the Muslim Fundamentalism in Sri Lanka." - says Bodu Bala propagandist

Patta Pal said...

Just picking up on your Comment on Muhudu Maha Vihare.

I have been for many years (over 15) and also during the middle of the conflict years braved hazards and visited Arugambay and have always dropped in on Muhudu Maha Vihare, in Pottuvil and Magul Maha Vihare in Lahugala.

I have noticed over the years the encroachment of the Vihare by the people who live around.

The Vihare is sorrounded by a densely populated Muslim community and there have been pressure simply out of space to encroach.

I have also found it distinctly difficult to get directions each time I go there, as there appeared to be some reluctance on the part of the locals to acknowledge the existence of such a place!

Due to the maze of roads in the area it is easy to get lost trying to get there!

However I DO NOT hold it against the Muslim community AT ALL.

It is the duty of the Sri Lankan Government to protect its places of Archeological Interest. It has been listed as such forever, and the Department HAS NOT used their resources in properly securing its boundaries.

If there are laws in this Country they must be enforced, and if they have encroached on state land, then it is a simple case of enforcing the law.

It is not up to you to let your racist comments foul the universe with hate, just because there are few fundamentalist Muslims, that the Muslim community owe as a duty to their community to get rid of, just as much as the Sinhala people who are Buddhist should not tolerate fundamentalist hate mongers such as yourself, a small number in a sea of practitioners of a more tolerant belief.

It is better to use your brain in solving a small problem, rather than multiply it by using your tongue or pen in a distasteful act of character assassination of Jeyaraj, who has contributed immensely to the debate on ensuring that we are bound by laws, and justice not hatred and bigotry.

We may not subscribe to all that DBSJ believes in, but to call him as one who gives into Muslim Fundamentalism is way out of line, and displays your utter ignorance of his writings.

I am sure you can be more persuasive in making your case in effective use of language and not display the utter antithesis of Buddhism you seem to display.

I would be wise to seek counsel from a Buddhist first before you write any further.As you are a traitor to Buddhism.

davee said...

DBS jeyaraj is propaganda writer ,he tries to get visitors to his blog by headline grabbing acts....but we buddhist must be united and safeguard our intersts through uplifting our community...muslims around the world are dying through bomb blasts and other acts killing themselves ,the whole world knows they are a bunch of losers...just boycott them.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Patta Pal. The middle path of Buddha does not seem to exist. Opinions are polarised , no reflection on the inflammatory impact of words. You can blame the anonymity of cyberspace for some of this spouting but those who do this day in and day out intone body politic are better confined to Mulleriyawa.