Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On that “Rally” after the “Vigil”

 As I discussed in one of my previous posts, the so called "Rally for Unity" too held last 28th was organized and largely attended by none other than same "Dollar Kakkas" who did similar thing called "Candle Lit Vigil" in Tummulla some weeks ego. The photos taken during this so called "rally" tell this in style.  But this time around these "Kakkas" have done some homework having learnt lessons from the "Vigil". They have been able to bring in some notable personalities who include Professor Rajiva Weijesinhe, Dr. Dayan Jayathilaka, TNA MP M. A. Sumanthiran, Rev. Baddegama Samitha (the only Buddhist monk in the event) , UNP Parliamentarian Bakeer Marker, some Christian nuns and  a few others.

One of the prominent words found mentioning in the placards written in Sinhalese was "Vividathwaya" or  "Diversity" in English. The placards say to "Respect the Diversity". These "Vigils" and "Rallies" are organized following the restlessness and agitation seen among the Buddhists in the country as a reaction to the ever growing Muslim Fundamentalism. (This phenomenon is not confined only to Sri Lanka but other Theravada Buddhist countries such as Myanmar and Thailand too). As exactly these "Dollar Kakkas" did while the Ealam war was raging by portraying to the world the LTTE as "freedom fighters" and the "sole representative of the Tamil people" while completely turning a blind eye towards LTTE's merciless atrocities, this time around Muslim Fundamentalism is nourished by demonizing Buddhists as "Ethno-religious Fascists". The very fact that Muslim Fundamentalism annihilates the "Vividathwaya" or "Diversity" and breeds fascism is conveniently forgotten by these Kakkas. They turn a blind eye to the very fact that it was this rabid racism on the part of Muslim Fundamentalists that stimulated Buddhists in Sri Lanka to be restless.

As I said in my last post, Buddhists have been pushed to the wall. The fascism by Muslims starts from Buddhist temples and archeological places being bulldozed and turning into Mosques to the ethnic cleansing unleashed in the form of non-Muslims' traditional places of habitation being mass-populated by the huge Muslim expansion.  This is the same story in other countries such as Myanmar and Thailand.

So these "rallies" or "Vigils" are not aimed at creating "Inclusive society that protects diversity" as the placards in the "Rally" want to highlight. Rather they would nourish Muslim Fundamentalism in Sri Lanka which is viciously aimed at allegedly creating mono-ethnic Muslim enclave in Sri Lanka.            

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