Saturday, March 9, 2013

The methods being followed by Muslim Fundamentalists to further their agendas are more smarter and brutal than the methods the separatist Eelamists used to make use to engage in terrorism in Sri Lanka

Some of the glaring methods used by LTTE in particular and the Eelamists in general to wage separatism and terrorism in Sri Lanka pale into insignificant when compared with what Muslim Fundamentalists have been engaged in furthering ever increasing fundamentalism in Sri Lanka .  

(1)    Ethnic cleansing and unleashing mass scale Muslim settlements: It was entirely through violence that the LTTE carried out its ethnic cleansing programme. However, Muslim Fundamentalists do the same with much subtle ways. Two much prominent methods are as follows:  

a.  By settling themselves in large numbers in localities where other communities have been living for centuries. Lands and houses are bought even by paying more than the actual prices of the properties. Then disproportionately large number of Mosques are built in the vicinity with no peace in the ears of non-Muslims for five times of a day. Slaughter houses and meat stalls selling beef make an eye-sore to the primarily Buddhists and Hindu populations.  In a short period of time the original inhabitants are forced to move out from the localities in which they used to live for centuries.

b. This is done by way of powerful Muslim politicians engaging in unleashing mass scale Muslim population settlements in lands where other communities used to live. (Those communities have left their lands of inhabitation for centuries basically due to the war. I discussed a similar example in my last post). These 
Muslim politicians also illegally grab lands belonging to the government and lands belonging to forest reserves having being cleared them with trees.

 (2)    Propaganda Machine: The propaganda machinery of Eelamists used to be and still is legendry.  But it can clearly been observed that Muslim Fundamentalists' propaganda machine has evolved into a truly awesome proportions. Eelamists were not much good at doing the propaganda in Sinhalese language except through some paid individuals and by ant-Sri Lanka sections like NGOs. But the propaganda in Sinhalese language by Muslim fundamentalist is carried out with an awesome effectiveness and efficiency.  The best case in point is a Buddhist converted to Islam named Anver Manathunga whose blog site which is engaged in disseminating Muslim fundamentalism to Sinhalese readers. There are many other similar sites being lavishly funded by Muslim fundamentalists.
(3)    Inventing a bogus history of Muslims: As exactly Eelamists did, Muslim fundamentalist are busy engaged in re-writing a fabricated history of Muslims. It is very much common to hear these days the claims to the effect that Muslims have been living in Sri Lanka during the past 2500 years. After building a Mosque on the tomb of King Dutu Gamunu in Anuradhapura, one of the greatest and venerated kings among Sinhalese, it was claimed that a Mullah had been living in the place some 2500 years ago.

(4)    Destruction of ancient Buddhist sites and turning them into Mosques: Muslim fundamentalist have made Eelamists a bunch of armatures in this department. Eelamists were, of course, hell bent in erasing any evidence of the existence of Sinhalese Buddhist civilization in the North and East. However, the damage they caused to the ancient Buddhist places of worship, strewn in the entire north and east of the country, is comparatively less when compared with what Muslim fundamentalist has been doing to them. This is very much prominent in the Eastern part of the country. The most preferred method resorted by the Muslim fundamentalists is to bulldoze the entire Buddhist sites, acres in size, leaving no trace at all.  I discussed this topic in many of my earlier posts.  The severity of fundamentalism among Sri Lankan Muslims is such that such temples are turned in to Mosques inflicting severe destruction to the sites by using methods such as pouring acids to Brahami rock inscriptions to erase the evidences. The best case in point is Kuragala. The newly built Mosques on these sites are then claimed to have been in existence for thousands years with some Mullah was in residence.

(5)    Promotion of Arabic language and turning existing Mosques into structures many times larger than they used to be: It has become a common scene throughout the country that existing Mosques are turned into many times larger making them massive and imposing structures. This is done even in places where the Muslim population concentration is smaller.  This disproportionality in terms of the number of Mosques built against the population and their new massive outlook make one wonder what the fundamentalists are up to.  It has also become a common scene that name boards in Muslim areas are fast becoming in Arabic language. Names boards from street names to Schools are fast becoming Arabic. Muslim fundamentalist have resorted to make use of the Language too which is one of the most effective methods in imposing of an alien culture to a society which they consider as infidels'.    

The above discussed are the most prominent and glaring instances in which Muslim fundamentalist have resorted to make Sri Lanka mono-ethnic Muslim enclave. There are many other ways such as Halal certification aimed at finding a source of funds to reach this goal. Some of the methods are so subtle that they are hardly noticed by the gullible public.

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