Sunday, October 21, 2012

Muslim’s population explosion and fundamentalism will exacerbate Sri Lanka’s problems!

At present there is a hardy a day passes without an incident caused by the population explosion and the fundamentalism by Muslims being reported in Sri Lanka. These incidents include destroying, building of Mosques on the destroyed historically important Buddhist temples and mass scale land grabbing belonging to such temples. Though this has been happening for many years it has intensified in recent years in many folds due to some obvious reasons.  Following are some of the recently reported significant incidents involving destroying or land grabbing of such temples

(1) Bulldozing and destruction of Muhudu Maha Viharaya (Eastern Province)

(2) Destruction of an ancient Dagaba in Akkaraipattu (Eastern Province)    

(3) Illegal Mosque built in the Dambulla Sacred Area (Central Province)  

(4) Destruction and converting vast complex of Buddhist monasteries in Kuragala into a series of Mosques (Sabaragamuwa Province)

 (5) Destruction of Senavirart Pirivena in Anuradhapura (North Central Province)

 (6) Destruction of Devangala Viharaya (Eastern Province)

(7) Building a mosque on the tomb of the king Dutu Gamunu (North Central Province)

(8) Destruction and land grabbing of Dakshina Maha Viharaya of Deegavapi temple complex in Ampara (Eastern Province)

These incidents are reported in the Eastern Part of the country in particular and other parts of the country in general.  The population explosion of the Muslim community is clearly one of the obvious reasons for this situation. As the recently concluded census report says the Muslim community's population increase is 04 times bigger than other communities in the country. As it is known to everyone this population explosion is aimed at achieving an extremely chauvinist intention:  becoming the predominant community in the country as shortest period of time as possible. One of the other reasons for this situation has been ever increasing fundamentalism among the Muslim community in Sri Lanka.            

The funniest part of this state of affairs has been when something degrading to Islam is reported in any part of the globe local Muslims come to the streets in en masse in protest while they are merrily engaged in persecuting any type of crime to other religions of the country, especially Buddhism making use of tolerant and accommodative attitudes of its followers.                      

This extremely intolerant and destructive path of the Muslims will many folds increase in the coming years as there is neither a halt to the Muslims' population expansion nor is even a distant possibility of Muslim fundamentalism being eliminated. It seems that the fate befell on the Buddhist populations and heritage in present day Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the Maldives and some parts of India would be inevitable to Sri Lanka's too.


Anonymous said...

Great post.interesting facts and thought provoking..I'm certain this Post will be followed by a deluge of criticism accusing you of being 'anti-Muslim' Islam hater Sinhala Nationalist etc.
But there has to a more open discussion about the issues you've raised here on the mainstream media soon or else this will continue until yet another 'Dambulla" and then again the Muslim propaganda machine will cry to the world they are victimized in SL.

AmarathungaS said...

i like the analysis and factual presentation in this blog..may be you should try to publish in print media for wider readership.

Pyinnyardhika Alinkara said...

This responsibility comes to the Buddhist majority of all countries. We need to be organized as the Nations Of Buddhist Countries for the support of each other.....

Anonymous said...

Boycott muslim businesses peacefully ,no violence and no hate speech.

Anonymous said...

why cant we just chase them away...Hambaya kiyanne jara sathek