Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do Tamils belong to a superior race ?

Considering the superfluous and extra terrestrial status being demanded by Tamils one tends to wonder whether Tamils belong to a superior race than other communities in the country. First it was ridiculous fifty –fifty demand for parliamentary representation despite being the composition of Tamils in Sri Lanka is less than 13 %. This was followed by various demands leading to an exclusively mono ethnic separate sate in 2/3 of the country for a 13% minority who migrated or brought to the country by the colonists a few centuries ago. The latest ruse has been the demand for a Tamil version of Sri Lanka's national anthem. Canada is the one and only exception in the world where National Anthem is not sung in one language.  Other larger democracies in the world with so many multiple communities sing their National Anthems only in one language.     
Following is some quotes from an article appeared in the Island paper (15.Dec.2010) by Mr. Mano Ratwatte from the USA in response to the latest rant made by old and sick Karunanidi of Tamil Nadu.   For easy reference I have added the name of the country in front of related examples given by the writer.
India –"First of all, he should realize the Indian National Anthem is written and sung in Sankritized Bengali and includes words written by the greatest Bengali Laureate, Tagore. It is not sung in Telugu, Malaylam, Tamil(60 million and approx 6% of Indians), Kannada or other Dravidian Indian regional languages and nor is it sung in Marati, Gujarati, Ori, or any other regional state language"
USA –"The National Anthem of the USA is in English. It has approximately 15.8% persons of Hispanic or Latino origin. Sri Lanka has approximately 13% Tamil speaking Sri Lankan Tamils. The US National Anthem is sung only and only in English officially.
Every American is expected to sing it in the official language of the nation: English, not even native Americans be they Navajo, Cherokee, Sioux, Pawnee or any other original indigenous population whose lands were conquered are allowed to sing it in any language other than English".

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