Friday, December 24, 2010

Who are the Tamil asylum seekers in the West?

Answer to this question is obviously known to many among Sri Lankans.  The truth behind the individuals who seek the asylum and the circumstances in which this claims being sought have mostly been overlooked due to the intensity of the propaganda of the LTTE supports and Tamil racists world over.  The primary reason given to the authorities in the Western countries who seek the asylum is that they seek the asylum to escape the 'persecution by the Sinhalese and the Sinhalese government'.  Anyone living in Sri Lanka would understand whether there is any truth behind this claim. Given the sheer fraudulent manner in which whole this operation goes on it is not exaggeration to say that this is one of the biggest rackets being in operation involving Sri Lanka.
A fairly large number of so called asylum seekers are those who lived among the Sinhalese, worked with them and having enjoyed most of the benefits provided by the Sri Lankan government. This is especially in the case of the free education in the school level and the University level. Most of the so called asylum seekers have got their university education from the universities outside the North and East studying together with Sinhalese with no discrimination whatsoever meted out to them. Closely observing the faces of the most of participants of the demonstrations against Sri Lanka holding the LTTE flags also reveal this truth.
The mere questioning of law enforcement authorities or taken into custody on suspicions during years of war or any other petty reason are taken as the Trojan horse for this racket. Anyone who is closely following this racket would realize that a faire number of those worked in the INGOs and NGOs have also found refuge in the West. Notable number of them are the heads of the local NGOs set up to 'protect the rights of the women or the poor'.  One would realize the real scenario If probed a little deeper the real background behind those individuals.  All of them have looted millions of money that came in the name of poor people.  Or either they have engaged in other anti-social activities.
A friend of mine working in an NGO was recently asked by a foreigner when she was on a foreign tour why the Tamils in Sri Lanka are being burnt to death by the Sinhalese even after the war is over.  On inquiry about the source related to the news she was told that that it was one of the reasons given by the asylum seekers to the authorities of his country. This suffice to understand the sheer intensity of the propaganda machine of the LTTE supporters.
So it is clear that the asylum seeking of Tamils is just a game of economic refugees who have taken an excellent opportunity to tarnish the name of Sri Lanka.

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